Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Our Comprehensive Guide to the July 2009 Update.

The July 2009 Update is just around the corner so we have put together this guide to all the information we have about the coming update, including information about missions, job changes, events, equipment and even the Moogle Kupo d'Etat scenario! Stay tuned for any new information!

The July 2009 Update for FFXI is looking to be a decently balanced update with additional zones that we have been promised for a while. The much anticipated Campaign body pieces will become available after getting the new Campaign ranks. The two new zones - Beaucidine and Xarcabard - look to be very Campaign oriented and if the development team fulfills their promise, they will be oriented to high-level players. The "Union" system is being introduced to Campaign and the rewards look to be potentially pretty damn sweet. New Wings missions are being added, but it doesn't look to be too many. Moblin Maze Mongers is getting an NPC-style addition. Finally, there are currently unannounced Job Adjustments.

Our complete and comprehensive coverage of the July Update is listed after the break!

Update Information

Wings of the Goddess Missions

→ Two new missions added.
*"A Traitor in Our Midst!" and "The World Will Choose..." both listed as titles in the update notes.

New Areas

→ Beaucedine Glacier (S) and Xarcabard (S) will be opened.

Job Adjustments

→ Ninja
*Two new Job Abilities are being added: Yonin and Innin.
*Mijin Gakure will now not cause weakness after being raised. Ninja's that use Mijin Gakure will be at 50% health after being raised.


→ Beaucedine Glacier (S) and Xarcabard (S) are available for Campaign conflicts.
→ Two new Campaign medals will be available.
→ New equipment - including Campaign body pieces - will become available via purchase with Allied Notes with requisite Campaign medal.
→ "Union" system introduced.
*The Union system is an open, campaign-based battle system.
*Success under the Union system will yield rewards including Dynamis currency, synthesis materials, and spoils of the Beastman Confederate. Treasure will be distributed via caskets after each battle.
*Participation is required, and rewards will only be awards based on a minimum level of participation.

Moblin Maze Mongers

→ A new Maze Voucher and Goblin companion added.
*Goblin companions will be able to level up and specialize similar to NPCs.
*Goblins initial start as the "All-Rounder" then other job options include "Walloper" melee, "Barrager" ranged attacker and "Spellslinger" mage.
*Each Goblin job will have unique special abilities.
*Maze Runes that enhance your Goblin companion added.
→ New augmented gear unique to MMM added.

Site Coverage

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Square Enix POL Announcements

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