Thursday, February 25, 2010

Morning in Vana'diel: Fade to Black.

My BLM has slowly been improving. My half or more resists have gone down a lot as I have increased the merits I have in Elemental Magic. And that has been my highest priority for a while now. Since we have moved over to BBQ, I have been very occupied with some very interesting and new events, but that has left me with less time than I have needed to get the merits that my BLM really needs to fill the proper BLM role. I have gotten my Elemental Magic up to 6 already and I am sitting on enough merits for 7. It is pretty shocking how much the merits make a difference in the quality of my nukes when it comes to damage and resists. I am still pretty far below the requisite level needed to assure a good resist rate on most HNMs but I am definitely working on it.

The problem I have next is which way do I go? Enfeebling or Potency. I thought this was going to be a tough decision, but it turned out to be pretty easy. Enfeebling is a great option for soloing but it is also very good for low-man and other events where I could be kiting or dealing with sleeping masses of mobs. I was thinking primarily of Sea but it is also useful for Einherjar. The problem is that the uses we limited. With Potency though, you know you are going to get a damage boost whenever you drop nukes on things. And in the end that effects everything I do. So it's definitely Potency for me, and then maybe even more into AM2's before I go back to Enfeebling.

Still gonna be a ton of merits that I need, but I will get there.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good news and bad news.

The good news first. The new update is a lot closer than I expected it to be. Coming in mid-March will be the Mid-March Version Update! Original name of course, but I am not too concerned. I am not going to do my normal dissection of the sole picture that they provide in the update teaser because I always end up being wrong or creating something random whole cloth. The obvious pictures include Synergy, Missions and Campaign. So we will know we are getting at least that much. You can speculate on exactly what is happening in the picture on the right, but I have done all the eye-squinting I feel compelled to do to figure out what the hell is happening.

The bad news isn't really bad news, it's bad reporting of news. As everyone has probably already heard, there is a rumor floating around that FFXI is shutting down this year. As Omoi would say this is "utter claptrap". The initial report was in reference to a blog that doesn't now and may have never existed from a "high ranking HR SE employee". There are so many problems with this rumor and it's source that it is a joke to start with, never mind the reality of the situation and statements from SE questioning the credibility of the statement. I mean, come on, if you are going to make up a rumor at least have it coming from a more credible source than the HR department.

The point I want to make here is not that the rumor was picked up by the interether, but that it was posted by a semi-credible website and that website didn't even take the 30 seconds to Google the report to see if there was any credibility behind it. Thankfully, our friends at Limit Break Radio posted a list of evidence disputing the claims of that semi-credible website.

I mean it is one thing to post a rumor, but to post it without any research, especially posting AFTER the freaking head of Square Enix had already squashed the rumor just makes you look like a toolbox.

Playing WoW doesn't mean you are qualified to report on the entire MMO industry...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Morning in Vana'diel: Internet has problems; SE to blame.

So the "Walk of Shame" saved us a Salvage run last night. Both Clubber and I were the fuck ups of the century and didn't get our soap for Limbus (we both checked the NPC before we could get the soap and weren't paying attention when it denied it) and we didn't get our Salvage tags, and while running back to pick them up the server message came up and said that POL was going down. So, while we both did completely ruin our Limbus run, we did manage to save some points by delaying the Salvage run enough to prevent us from going in.

So being a fuck-up can be helpful sometimes... but we won't talk about Limbus though. >.<

I don't know if it was even entirely SE's fault the POL servers were having connection issues. I have been having intermittent internet issues all day and I know other people have been too. This is what you call connecting two completely unrelated things. :)

In another one of my "I just don't get it" moments, I was looking at the thread about the POL connection issue on BG and noticed that some people would declared their hatred of SE and their crappy game for having connection issues to the game that SE makes that they are being denied. Maybe it is a higher form of irony that I don't just get, but I thinking that is the kind of cynicism that goes so far that it comes back around again. If you hate everything about SE, and SE has problems letting you connect, and you hate them for that, then... like... shouldn't you like them? Confusing to me, that's for sure.

So basically yesterday was a complete waste for me. I fucked up and couldn't do Limbus, then I fucked up and saved us from doing a Salvage that we would have missed anyway. I hope that I can actually play FFXI tonight instead of just running around to places and not doing anything of importance.

Also wanted to mention something about my Q & A post. You guys suck. I didn't get one good question. Not one. I suppose that if you read this blog you pretty much know a lot about me anyway, but I thought someone would at least be interested in something different.

I wanted to mention that Izman got a Pachipachio recently and has been letting me borrow it to do some eyeball testing on it. My conclusion is pretty much the same as it is with any other GKT: it's awesome for lower level, low defense mobs, but can't compete with Hagun on anything that matters. I used it in Salvage once and it was an absolute wrecking ball on lower level mobs, but it just couldn't compete with Hagun on boss damage. Once I get my parser working again, I am going to do some comparisons in Salvage and Einherjar to get more of an idea of what I am looking at.

How about that... a real post... first in a long while. :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Real Life Happens to Other People: Obsidian Above and Beyond!

Obsidian Linkshell is most likely to be the oldest, consistently performing dynamis ls on the Odin server. It is by far and away the most successful North American dynamis shell, despite having gone through its own amount of internal turmoil it has always managed to hold together with one of the finest points system databases in FFXI.

New horizons are potentially rumbling through as the leadership takes a possible look at expanding the ls to cover a few more end game events outside of just Dynamis. An idea that grew from a small seed, it could be worth watching to see if this becomes a successful transition, Obsidian has a huge memberbase it can draw from for this, even though a large number of its members are from other endgame ls'.

While a largely casual player base, everyone has to start somewhere, most people only need a bit of experience to adapt to endgame and its various rigours. It is definately worth keeping an eye on developments to see if we have a behemoth rise from this!

POL News: Cute stuff abounds.

Do you ever actually fill in those questionnaires that SE sends around occasionally? Remember the one where they asked "What would you most like to be turned into a purchasable?"

Well, looks like the Tarutaru won. BAH! Totally should have made a plush of the gnat or leech from Zi'Tah! Oh well. The new FFXI trading arts collection features a little pantheon of luminaries from Windurst who play significant roles in the plots and storylines that revolve around Windurst and the Tarutaru race. While Shantotto is probably the one figure out of the lot to transcend beyond her original designated border, its nice to see a few of the others, like Robel-Akbel who I rather like and who is as ruthless as the Little Miss herself.

If you wish to equip yourself with this fine little treat, then swan over to the SE Shop Online to part with your valued money! Sorry $ only, no gil.

POL News: Free range lottery!

So to celebrate 8 years of FFXI and a way for everyone to enjoy the VanaFest in Japan, SE have released a NOMAD Moogle Bonanza, not just a regular common garden moogle bonanza, this one is loose and roaming free. To be drawn live at their VanaFest.

It all feels a bit random, and it is a good gimick to drum up interest in an event 99%of the non-Japanese player base will not be attending. I have to say, the reward for winning this is pretty darn nice. If you are that one person, you will get to pick your very own mythic or relic weapon.

I am sure there has been some negative backlash against this from those who actually sweated the blood to get theirs the hard way, and there is a good chance that the person who wins one will get sneered at a little for just wafting into a relic, unless the ultimate irony happens and it goes to someone who already has one.

Anyway, if you DO want to enter, get your skates on as you only have till the 21st to sign up for it! To drool over the rewards and provios, check out the POL article about it.

Oh, did I mention there is only 1 winner? ^.^

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Q & A w/ R3.

I get to spout off all the time about what I think about things without people asking or even really caring. So I decided that it would be interesting to find out what you really care about that you would actually like to hear about from me. There are lots of questions that could be asked about my classes, the game in general, VanaFest, or FFXIV. But you don't have to stop there, you can ask me any questions about myself, my interests besides FFXI, what I do in my non-FFXI spare time or even what my favorite foods are.

You can even ask me how old I am and if I really did go to high school with Adam and Eve...

So if you feel interested or compelled to ask a reasonable question feel free, and if you feel the need to ask a silly, insulting, revolting or even age-based question, I will answer those too, in the appropriate manner, as long as you also ask a reasonable question.

This should be fun. :)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Die in a fire.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. This blog still exists. Promises about when I will make my full return have gone unfilled. Your heart was broken. Whatever. I am planning on making my full return on Monday. I just have to find all the writers and get them back in the slave pens. It's not like a lot hasn't happened. We joined up with the largest LS on the server, so there are some personal things to go over. There hasn't been much in the way of major game announcements recently, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been mulling things over or haven't made any new discoveries.

I am going to try to get Omoi to let me go NIN to Limbus tonight so that I can tank it which I haven't done in a while. That was a random factoid you can gnaw on until Monday.

There, you got your update. Eat you jackals.