Friday, December 21, 2007

This is what (Omoi and) I have been doing all this time. :)

Omoi and I have been working on this for about two weeks now! I am going to post it on the BGwiki when I get home tonight! :)

I hope that everyone finds it helpful, it was fun to do even if I drove Omoi crazy! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Salvage piece #2

Finally got our second win on LBC. ^.^/ The fight went very well even considering we got at least 3 different Homing Missiles while tanking not counting the others that may have gotten off while the mages were kiting. LOL But the nice thing was this this was the first time we got a win after a Homing Missile. LBC was still trying to be insane though, it used 3 TP moves back-to-back. This isn't your normal below 25% TP spam. This is 3 TP moves done without any delay in between, not even one single attack. Actually, as it turned out it wasn't so bad because as it gets that low it can hit for more than the AoE moves. I felt that I was doing a much better job of tanking in general, and Smoosh did a great job with tanking on his first LBC tanking ever. Eternalpain was absolutely awesome, providing something like the last 10% of the mobs damage and provided a ton of support throughout the fight. Skur and Omoi did a great job as always on healing and keeping Smoosh and I up even after the second and third Homing Missiles where everything went crazy. Crimson and Ninjafox were kept incredibly busy but even with a lack of MND cells, they were still landing debuffs with regularity, and paralyze was kicking its ass for most of the fight. Ailee amazingly didn't want to kill anyone after the run, so it had to go well. ^.^/ LOL She was great, dealing with a thousand and one things at the same time, even if she claims that BRD is an easy job. Akanea as usual was a large part of our damage just from SATA'ed WS's and helped to recover from those Homing Missiles, while Hellz did the same in a smaller way but helped out a ton with Angon making everyone else that much more effective. But finally, I wanna say Iz really saved the day, he was awesome at back up tanking, one time saving Skur while he was kiting and three times quickly collecting LBC so that Smoosh and I could get hate back quickly. We had a ton of time, and by the time we got everything pooled and ready to leave we didn't even see the 10 minute warning. I am thinking that next time we do this we will rush through the first couple of floors then try to do the 10 Archaic Gear and if we get the Dormant Rampart to spawn we will do that also, depending on time.

Our drops even completed a set! Ninjafox turned in his pieces last night for his Skadi's Jambeaux after we got a set of Freyr's Ledelsens from LBC last night, so he will be able to pick them up today. He gt his Freya's Ledelsens just recently from Archaic Chariot and I have no idea where he got the 15 feet but we have never even done Dekka so it wasn't with us. Crlmsonking got the Ea's dastanas so all she will need is a good drop on Archaic Chariot also to get the two hardest parts for her hands. 15's are so easy to get that I don't even consider them in planning until after we get the 25 and 35 for the set. Can't wait for Saturday for our next run! :)

As I mentioned above, LBC was broken again last night, but it isn't just LBC, its many different mobs. I used to think that it was just Impossible to Gauge mobs, but this just happened this weekend. Yeah, there are no other actions between those two TP moves, and they happen back to back. This is not normal, and most of the time I think that people don't notice it, or think nothing of it but when you are instantly killed by two Firespit's you notice it pretty quick. There is something really messed up in the game mechanics, and I can't believe they haven't noticed it yet. One of these days it's going to happen at a big mob and in a place where other people can witness it, and there will be an outcry. This is all before you consider the absolute ridiculousness of Despot right now. You can't even tank it right now, you have to bind, gravity and nuke.

In other news we did two Early Bird Catches the Wyrm KK99's yesterday. It was our first run as an LS and we pretty much destroyed it. :) I was surprised with how easy it was actually. We chain-stunned it once it started flying but I don't even know if we needed to do that as we were able to do the requisite damage to bring it down in time. I don't see why we need to even two hour it next time. We may need another healer but the amount of damage we did in such a small amount of time was well more than enough. And we didn't even get off a skillchain either time we did the fight, Hellz missed on the first one (LOL) and Glacian got Terrorized mid-way through his two-hour skillchain. Anyway, we didn't get much at all in the way of decent drops. >.< I think the best drop that we got was an Unsho. We didn't even get any of the good crafting drops. Kinda hurts the incentive to do KS99 when there are fewer and fewer good decent drops in the pool. Anyway, in classic Versus style while everyone is up and happy, I am dead on the ground.
Now, those pictures I should have had earlier but didn't put up! First is Sam's lust-worthy Askar Korazin. Second is our double leg drop from the last Omega. Raikoh and Smoosh, congrats on your new PLD pants! LOL Third, our first Jailer of Hope, which dropped nothing of importance. LOL I think I will be able to talk about the project I have been working on tomorrow, lets see how much I get done and how it looks before I post about it.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Stuff.

I was right about Mr. A. Nothing. Not a single thing. Truly pathetic that someone could do that then not stand up for it. Ringthree 1, Mr. A 0.

Anyway, things have been going well recently. Well, except for in Salvage, where my group is having a rather difficult time in defeating LBC. We have done it once, but for one reason or another we have been unable to beat it again. It's getting pretty frustrating. The last loss was because we didn't really have enough healing. Every time we get it to about it 30% or less and then it uses a Homing Missile and a mage or two ends up dead and we don't have enough healing to finish up the fight. Seeing LBC at ~15% and timing out several times is just getting frustrating. The good news is that we have radically improved the amount of time it takes us to get through the rest of the Remnant so we have the time to kill the 10 gears to nerf LBC, but since the very first run we killed all 10, we haven't been able to repeat it. The good thing though is that I think everyone understands the importance of killing the gears fast now. Tonight's run should be better, I think we will easily be able to take down all 10 gears AND LBC. No hate reset = assured win, especially if we can get two WHM to go.

Last night Samuraisoldier got an Askar Korazin! That thing is damn nice, I must say. With full Store TP merits, you can get a 6 hit set up with just Rajas Ring, Brutal Earring and Chiv. Chain on TP build. Then you can use anything for WS's. With this you can maintain 20% haste throughout TP build. The only problem I would have with this is that you are giving up 14~15 Accuracy from the Haub (or in my case +17~18 Accuracy from the Haub +1) which may be problematic depending on the situation. If I ever get an Askar Korazin, I would probably finally give up my Katana merits for Great Katana merits for two reasons. First, I would need the extra accuracy from the merits to make up for some of that which is lost from the Askar Korazin. Second, I don't need the Katana merits really, LOL. They are very nice for when I use NIN on Colibri, but I don't do that very often anymore. I usually go as SAM or MNK for those parties. Everywhere else I use Sushi on my NIN for XP or use meat in other places where accuracy isn't in demand.

If I have the calculations correct, you will need 47 Store TP during TP build to be able to not use the Askar Korazin during WS's. Now the problem with this scenario is what happens when I finally get a Justice Torque? This knocks down the Store TP during TP build to 46, which means that for WS's you will have to use something more than the normal Rajas Ring and Brutal Earring. So that may mean giving up the Rutter Sabatons for Hachiman Sune-ate for WS's. At least until I get Usukane Sune-ate. I love to dream don't I? LOL Usukane Sune-ate are total sex and man I want a set of those.

I am working on something neat right now, but I don't want to disclose it before I get it done, but in the next couple of days you should have something new and pretty sweet seen here.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Anonymous said...

LOL, Well, I have my first truly negative comment left on the blog. Shall we discuss? Lets. This was left yesterday, by our aforementioned friend Mr. Anonymous:

you do not need Bahamut 1 to do Ouryu you fucking retards.
Now the first half of this incredibly succinct and illuminating comment does provide some semi-useful information. I, in fact, did not know the minor detail that Bahamut version 1 was not required before doing the Ouryu fight. Does this mean that we, as an LS, did not need to do Bahamut version 1 for the members of my LS? Hardly. It is still required for two future events, Apocalypse Nigh and for Bahamut version 2. Thus, the need to do Bahamut version 1 for the LS would have still existed if I had known this fact ahead of time or not. I have no problem admitting that Mr. A is correct in his assertion that Bahamut 1 was not required to do the Ouryu fight, no matter how completely irrelevant and useless his comment may have been. It is always nice to gather new information because it may be helpful in the future for planning events. So, Mr. A, thank you very much for that. But Mr. A, your vision (along with your grammar skills) appears to be incredibly limited, almost to the point of being blind. Bahamut v.1 may not be necessary to do Ouryu, but I ask you Mr. A, what are we doing Ouryu for if it is not to move onto Bahamut v. 2? Are we to believe that you think our goal should be to collect Tutelary's and DRK JSE materials? Is there a distinct reason that we should not do Bahamut v. 1 first? I know that you can do Bahamut v. 1 right before Bahamut v. 2, but Mr. A, is there a reason that you are so adamant about providing your information? Is there a reason that we should not do the Bahamut v. 1 first? Of course there is not, but I am sure that if Mr. A's level of intelligence can be equated with his grammar skills that this thought is well beyond their mental capacity.

Now, lets focus on the second half of Mr. A's comment; and I even have to use "comment" loosely because that string of words barely fits the term. "you fucking retards" is not a very nice thing to say. Honestly, if Mr. A had just left the piece of informational material about the requirements for the Ouryu fight I would have happily accepted it and might even have been able to use it beneficially. But, I sense a tiny bit of anger in Mr. A's comment. This anger could come from any place really. Perhaps they are a disgruntled former member of Versus? The plural nature of "retards" suggests this might be the case, but again the elementary verbal skill displayed in the comment does not give me a lot of faith in any kind of grammatical interpretation. It could be a reader of any of the forums that I generally post on, where in many cases, bluster and herd mentality is favored over thought and reasoning. I definitely do not want to group and tag all of the posters in the forums with this idea, but those that are capable of having a decent discussion will do so, and those that can not end up leaving comments like Mr. A's. It is never the intelligent posters on those forums that cause problems, but rather those that cling to the intelligent posters that they admire and take their points as gospel without independent thought or really any understanding of the arguments being made. I enjoy forums because in many cases I can engage others in the constructive practice of evaluating differing views, strategies or gear selection. Also, it could be anyone that I have personally angered or wronged over the years. Even though I have done very little to intentionally harm anyone in this game, I know there are some people will dislike me for whatever reason that they have fabricated for themselves to justify their anger and divert their attention from the issues that are their true concerns. I suppose I tend to be a lightning rod for this anger, and I accept this fact just as I accept other inevitabilities that I do not like in a world that I do not have control over, even if I wish it would not be that way. Finally, it could just be a blog stalker that truly thinks that not knowing the irrelevant factoid about the requirements of the CoP Wyrm BCNMs makes me and whoever else they choose to dislike that associates with me "fucking morons."

My quick psychoanalysis? Mr. A is likely not the kind of person that makes discoveries such as the requisites for these fights on their own. Generally, people like that take actions to provide the information because they are the kind of people that will take the lead to find the information first. So, likely, this person is just a person that tends to glean from others what they can, but their own inferiority issues forces them to then use that information to make them feel superior over others. Often times this kind of person will even claim that they were the first to something or find some bit of information, when they know that they are not, just to further prop up their own lagging self-worth. This kind of person will tend to let others do the hard work for them while being greedy and selfish about the rewards they incur, and then claim the work of others as their own. They are likely to be rather boastful and full of bluster but in the end very needy for attention, all the while fearful of the repercussions of their actions when others are not around to validate them. Also, it is more than likely that Mr. A has a small penis, but hey, Freud said that, not me.

My analysis could be completely wrong, but it was fun to engage in a bit of conjecture.

So, to you Mr. A, I leave you with three thoughts.
1. If you are going to leave moronic comments, I would suggest that you at least make them relevant and insightful, or at the very least, use punctuation and grammar above the skill level of an 8 year-old.
2. It's probably not a good idea to leave moronic comments in a place where you have little to no rejoinder. You are only setting yourself up for a fall, as I get to spend a whole blog entry making you look like an utter douche bag with a small penis.
3. I may or may not be correct about your penis size, but if you make moronic comments and don't sign your name, then I am positive that you are a gigantic fucking pussy.

Perhaps next time you decide to post the diarrhea that spews from your mouth you could at very least make it poignant. Hell, yesterday I was complaining about game mechanics, and even the mentally retarded would have latched onto that to leave an obnoxious comment. "Fail Moar," "Learn to play," or a plain old "You suck because you can't beat LBC so you are blaming the game," would have been a much better criticism than pointing out the most incredibly irrelevant point of the entire post.

I am now eagerly awaiting the wonderful responses from Mr. A which will likely include nit picks about how I have some typographical errors in my post or that I must be gay because I am obsessed with talking about their penis. Perhaps a tirade in which they proclaim their encyclopedic knowledge of the game, how they have soloed every HNM in the game and how I must suck because I have not done the same. Or maybe we will see nothing at all because this is a place were they have no friends to validate themselves.

What we will probably not see is Mr. A apologizing for leaving the moronic comment, admitting that their comment was so irrelevant as to define inane, or signing their name.

In the end though, I have to thank you Mr. A because I was on the game for less than 10 minutes last night and I was going to have just about nothing good to post today. Without you, this post wouldn't have been half as exciting. Thanks! ^.^/

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Salvage hates me, and DO NOT USE SOMEPAGE.COM

SOMEPAGE.COM HAS A TROJAN SET TO AUTOLOAD ON ITS FRONT PAGE! DO NOT USE SOMEPAGE.COM. You should be OK if you do not use Internet Explorer, but just in case. You should do an extensive virus scan to see if you have been infected.

Wanted to get out their first. has a trojan set to auto-download if you view the site on IE 6 or 7. It uses a Real Player exploit. For more information go to this thread on the Blue Gartr forum, and to help fix any problem that you may have already go to this thread also on the Blue Gartr Forum.

Ok, with that out of the way, I have to say that there is something very wrong with the game right now. It is inconsistent and I have no idea how to replicate it but some mobs that con as Impossible to Gauge are having issues with damage and TP use. I had previously witnessed this in Limbus on the birds floor in Apollyon and with Seiryu and Despot. The higher damage is tough but you can deal with that, but last night we have seen what others have seen on Long-Bowed Chariot. It was using TP moves far more often than it should AND it was using them back-to-back. Last night we had three WHM, 2 RDM and a BRD and they still couldn't keep up with the amount of damage that the Long-Bowed Chariot was doing. We ended up wiping at 13% with this. There were several times when I had several seconds left on both Ichi and Ni just because it was using the TP moves so quickly. This had never happened to us before but others have reported it, and they reported it before our run on Sunday which had a normal LBC. So, this problem is not consistent and it is not predictable. :( Salvage hates me.

Versus also did a large Bahamut v.1 run last night and We made the naked run out to Bahamut's island and luckily got a wyvern's scale on our first kill. Completing Bahamut will let everyone be able to do Apocalypse Nigh and more importantly get access to the Ouryu fight. We are sitting on two Cloud Evokers right now, but those really wont last that long. So as an LS we are going to need to start spamming ENM's for those Cloud Evokers. As for Bahamut, the fight was kind of weird. The tanks pulled it to the side so that it would decrease the risk of a errant Mega Flare, but it was a sloping side, and I think that it caused a weird problem where Bahamut was able to use its flail move without there being anyone behind it. After a while, and a few positioning adjustments, we had everything under control. Our tanks did a great job in the fight, and didn't even die to Giga Flare. I went as the back up tank and even got to do a little bit of melee DD, but I did take a Mega Flare while meleeing and got taken out of the fight, LOL. Great job as the back up tank, but it didn't matter because neither Yukenado or Raikoh really had much of a problem at all with damage even with the Flares. So we should be looking at an Ouryu fight soon, and I might be looking for Earth Resist gear. LOL

I wanted to toss in a few of the screenshots from Ultima the other day that I forgot to upload before. First, we had a weird thing happen at the end of the fight. We were fighting it in our normal place, with mages up on the ledge and the tanks and melee on the small ramp. This is the place that we killed it (actually Jess killed it with a Drain LOL) but it jumped to the center of the room and died exactly on top of where the chest spawns. I thought that was a bit strange. The second thing about Ultima is the rewards! And here is the screenshot of Raikoh and Crlmsonking in their fancy new incredibly red pants!
And for today you get the extra bonus of some of Elfie's french humor, and apparently my new job under his tutelage.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Safety or speed.

So, we did a Proto-Ultima last night which was a solid success. Two Nashira legs for Crlmsonking and Raikoh. I was thinking about it and I believe that we have a decidedly different strategy than I believe most people have for this and most other fights. Versus, in general, tends to focus on safety in fights rather than speed. Proto-Ultima is a perfect example. When you fight Proto-Ultima you are given 60 minutes to do the fight, which is apparently just enough time to kill it with fully stacked DoT's. LOL So I see no real reason to rush through this fight. Last night we used a set up that we are very comfortable with, and that uses the huge amount of time we have available to our advantage. We have four tanks, 3 PLD/NIN and 1 NIN/DRK. The PLD/NIN's obviously do the heavy lifting, while the NIN/DRK is an extra stun until they are needed to tank. We have 2 or 3 WHM, 2 or 3 BLM and SMN, a couple of melee DD, a BRD or 2, then as many RDM/DRK as we can cram into the alliance. Stuns make this fight incredibly more bearable as Proto-Ultima uses its nasty TP moves very quickly so they are hard to stun, but even a late stun can help with recovery. Mostly, though, the extra stuns are very helpful for stunning Dissipation. Dissipation is a lucky stun at best, it goes off so quickly that even if a RDM/DRK is paying perfect attention they are not going to be able to stun it. So instead we just have everyone stun right as Proto-Ultima gets to the HP mark when it will use Dissipation. Even when you are doing this and having 5 or 6 stuns land it can still get Dissipation off because it is so fast, but we were able to stun 3 of the 4 Dissipations last night. This saves on MP in a myriad of ways, including healing for the tanks when they are Terrorized and the rebuffs that have to be reapplied to the tanks after the full Dispel. In general, we only keep the BLMs in a stun order then have everyone else just free stun as needed. This is because most everyone else that has Stun also has another role in the fight; the RDMs need to do a plethora of other standard RDM things, and the NIN/DRK may be called in for tanking which will mess with the stun order.

Now, I know many people would say that we don't need that many tanks or that many stuns and if we had more damage we could finish the fight more quickly reducing the risk of running low on MP. But I believe this is more of an excuse for the impatient rather than a good strategy, as MP with that many healers and refreshers is never really a concern. We definitely have a longer fight. Considering the normal 5 minutes of last minute comments and prep right before engaging it takes us about 30-35 minutes to go from 100% to 0%. Considering that the last 19% involves a lot of running around and with Physical and Mana Shield can vary the kill time by a large margin, I would say that this is a pretty decent clip through most of the fight. We do get small lags right before the time when Dissipation is set to go off because people are getting ready to stun, but outside of that the damage we inflict is consistent and constant. So why rush really? Our goal is to survive the worst part of the fight without having to deal with major problems, and if major problems happen, to adapt and move on quickly. The speed kill for Proto-Ultima often leaves people without a resort once the Citadel Buster phase is entered. With 4 tanks the only real risk of something bad happening is the errant Armor Buster on an overzealous mage. Even then it is something that is easily handled while recovering. As long as everyone does their job well there is no real risk in this fight at all, and in fact I would say that it is even easier than Proto-Omega.

The reason that I mention is that I tend to see the idea that speed for killing things is better than safety, and this is antithetical for me to the goals of most everything I do in the game. This does not mean that speed is unimportant, of course, but that it needs to be balanced with being able to actually win the fights that we do. If speed gets people killed and increases the chance of a loss then it is not the best course of action. It can also work against other important values. For example, TP burning Kirin, when done correctly, can be both fast and safe, but this requires a lot of support and preparation. The problem is when speed overcomes safety as a concern. When we have TP burned Kirin, we have had people ready to pull the minis immediately and deal with them fast enough that they do not become a concern for the killing alliance. I have seen this done wrong several times, and my conclusion is that if people become more concerned with the speed of doing the event, instead of actually killing the mob, then mistakes can happen. This is outside of the fact that events like these tend to be pretty exclusionary to people and that is again against the reasons that we do events. It's not just for the gear, but more so that everyone can enjoy themselves while doing the events. Events, to me, are not just a means to an ends, but more about enjoying the journey.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting from here to there.

It really is all about how you get there. Now, I have two completely disparate thoughts that follow the same line of thought. The first is bad. Recently there has been a RDM in Sky that has been soloing Despot mobs... all day, like 24/7. I can't for the life of me remember their name now, but I think that either they are cheating. They managed to get from Despot to Zipacna last night and have Zipacna at 30% by the time that Versus got from Despot to Zipacna. So either they are RMT or they are someone that has deemed their actions OK because it serves them best. I am going with RMT for now, but I have noticed an increasing trend in the way RMT is done now. And I have also noticed a shift in NA-style RMT to JP-style RMT. Let me explain this, because its not just conjecture on my part, I have discussed this with several people about the styles of RMT. NA players, in general, just buy gil, and whether they are ashamed of it or not, I think they do it for plausible deniability. A lot of what SE has done to combat RMT has worked against the NA-sytle RMT, in that they have killed off the farmers and high-end RMTs. But now we are seeing the JP-style RMT flourish. These are the RMT that are hired to spawn and/or fight NM's for gear that a person wants. It appears that they don't really even farm for the spawn gems anymore, instead they just fight the mobs for the potential drops. Apparently, there is little shame involved in this on the JP side, while there would be for NAs. You can see this in the solitary people that solo Despot and Zipacna all day for the gems without a LS pearl on, or the people that sit AFK in parties with the RMT at Kreutzet. NA and JP, either one, both, they all piss me off. It's a cheaters way to get from here to there.

The second part of getting from here to there is completely different, but it is a discussion of a journey, this time the rough road. We have gotten pretty good at fighting Long-Bowed Chariot now, the problem that we have had on two potential win runs is Homing Missile. Honestly, this is my fault because I should have planned ahead, but last night we got LBC to 10% and would have easily beaten it if it wasn't for a late Homing Missile. So, to get from here to there, I am instilling one simple rule for myself. When planning the run, we need a back up tank. Its that easy. Preferably a PLD or NIN, but anyone with Provoke or a quick hate-get and enough defense to live long enough for Rygar and I to get hate back can handle it. It was just upsetting watching a great run and the potential for completing up to two different Salvage pieces flushed away because I didn't plan ahead. I have to say that Rygar and I are very good a moving when needed, and the mages are awesome at getting us unbound very quickly, but sometimes its just inevitable. We also didn't get any STR cells last night. Not a single one the entire run. LOL Well, it wasn't that bad but its upsetting because we could have killed it faster. So we are learning how to get from here to there, and we are doing it right.

Outside of today's theme we have some neat goings on for me. I have finally, after two years of doing Sky, won a lot on Neptunal Abj. Hands. LOL We had a really good Byakko's with N. Hands, Byakko's Haidate and a Behemoth Hide, and then a second decent one with D. Legs and another Behemoth Hide. We have finally seen a decent turn around on Haidate drops, which is good because people have been waiting a while for it. LOL We have another Byakko set and if we get at least one more Despot this week we will be able to do another two Byakko's on Sunday. Also, I was able to get a set of Faith Baghnakhs from Sea last week, which I believe I mentioned but I didn't have the screenshot for it.
And finally, don't die around Taru's... they do bad things to your face. :(

Friday, December 07, 2007

Borin picking up his brother finally helped us.

If Borin hadn't gone to pick up his brother we would have wasted a Salvage run. LOL Just as Borin got back and started running out to Bhaflau Remnants we got the system message. Now that sucked because it had been a really good day before that. LOL I have no macros right now because I switched back to my desktop which I love! So, I was running around in Sea when I got home with random assortments of gear so that I could survive a hit or two from Faith on my SAM while still being able to hit it. It didn't go so well. LOL Oh well, it is nice that we have changed our schedule to better integrate Sea. I am looking forward to it! :)

Anyway, I got to make a few more macro sets, and I have to say that I really like the huge number of macro sets that we get now. I used to have to switch around a bunch of macro button just so that I could adjust to certain subs. Now, I can have 10 separate macro sets just for my SAM! :) And I need them. I have made 6 already, 2 each for WAR, THF and NIN sub. One for Soboro and one for Hagun for each sub job. This makes things so much easier for me, as I only have to flip to a different macro set instead of swapping around macro buttons and I have been able to perfectly customize my TP build and WS macro sets for each situations and even for the different foods that I am eating. It makes setting up macros fun.

Now, as for the expansion as it sits right now, I really haven't done much of the content, and I think that is because I haven't really found it that compelling as of right now, but I have also been very busy so I have only gotten to do a few things. I think that I will be able to put some more time into the expansion in the coming weeks. But even looking at other comments about the expansion it appears that Campaign was the main focus of the new areas, with little outside of that. To me that is nice for some people, but if I want XP I can get it in a party. I was just shocked at the few new rewards for people in the new expansion. Where is the new sweet gear? LOL Oh well, I will be waiting for the next update to see if it has anything more in-depth or of more challenge.

Well, this weekend should be some more Salvage and if we are lucky we might be looking at a few more completed Salvage pieces. :)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Grasshopper. (I'm beginning to see a trend here.) (Laziness Part Duex)

Two skipped posts in a week is bad news. :(

Lets get to business. Yesterday's pictures were interesting one's but nothing like the ones that I posted today, so lets get those out of the way quickly. First, I got to 16 on Dancer, which really isn't much of an accomplishment and I also mentioned it before. My next major accomplishment will level 20 where I will get my first "Steps" move and I will be able to switch my sub to NIN and use two daggers for TP gain. Ultimately, I believe the faster swings and higher skill from the daggers will better facilitate TP build, and sure the shadows are nice, but if I don't have good ways to spend my TP then it may not be worth much if I am doing less damage. Well, I will have to test it out when I finally get there. Hopefully I will be able to level it a bit more over the weekend. Interestingly enough, while I was soloing up to 15 in Konschtat Highlands I did see something I had never seen before, but SE had mentioned that was there if you look for it. Grasshoppers! I know its a bit lame but honestly, they are pretty neat when you do see them in game. I saw them in the morning hopping between a couple groups of tall grass.

Bah, again with the incomplete entries, I will right some more when I get to my next office. :(

Ok, so no chance last night, so just going to pick it up from today as if nothing happened. :)

Anyway, on to Salvage. We had a pretty decent run, though there was some mistakes, like when I linked three gears and MPKed half of the people on the run. :) Anyway, we added in the third floor QQTH for the first time in a long while and we were well rewarded. Thats the first Macha's coat that we have gotten. The lots on it were very poor, LOL but in the end Achikasama ended up with a nice new level 35 coat. It was at Ninjafox's insistence that we do this and really it didn't take much longer than just killing the few extra mobs we were going to kill anyway. We are now pretty much always taking the South route on the third floor, which is good and bad. It is good because if we need them there is more magic to be had on that route in general, and because the Psycheflayer NM is on that route which will be dropping Eternalpain's Macha's Crown. The real problem is that on the South route the chests that the mobs drop tend to have fewer good items like Barbarian's and Fanatic's Drinks. Those two drinks alone basically let us rip through the Archaic Chariot with a limited amount of time left. Without them, it probably takes 3-4 minutes to kill the Archaic Chariot, with them it probably takes just over a minute, if not less. That being said the South route is also a bit easier, because the Archaic Ramparts don't spawn mobs like Goobbues and Mandies and I believe that the south Ramparts don't aggro (but I could be wrong on this). The problem with this is that the Goobbues and Mandies drop very nice stat cells (STR and CHR) which are needed for boss runs. It's a very weird balance. Anyway, because of my bad pull we didn't have enough time to try the Psycheflayer, which kind of defeated the purpose of heading to that side. >.< So we just killed the QQTH then moved up because we could always just get more subjob cells on the next floor. Now, I think I still over farm the fifth floor and I definitely need to adjust my strategy for 5th North versus 5th South. 5th North there is a need to clear out pretty much all of the gears and ramparts because when the second rampart spawn the Goobbue we have found it easier to kite it because it either generally is hard to sleep or it just plain resists it.

Man, I can really ramble if I feel the need to talk about something. Anyway, we also were able to down the Archaic Chariot on the fifth floor, netting us only our second piece from the most giving mob in the zone. We have more Qiqirn drops than we have Archaic Chariot drops at this point. The Freya Ledelsens went to Ninjafox. After the Chariot we went back around and killed the Qiqirn Astrologer on that floor just before time ran out. Sadly, no drop.

So congratulations are in order for Achi and NF on getting the hardest part of their new gear!

Finally, I wanted to mention that I finally got my desktop up and running again. The game runs so much better now, and I can't believe how much better my graphics are. If I had remembered them being this good I would have gotten my desktop fixed a long time ago. LOL