Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dynamis-Windurst is looooong.

I stopped on my way home from work to get Chipotle, which was really yummy, but also meant that I didn't have a lot of time to get ready for Dynamis-Windurst. I grabbed my Drg gear (I was still on War from the night before because I had been shopping) and headed out to Windurst.

Two randon tangents here:

First, gear. I have a TON of it. I tend to keep alot of things on my main in general, but its getting harder and harder to justify and I have to send more and more gear to mules. I have gear for Drg and Nin, Drg has basically two sets of gear, acc and WS. Nin on the other hand has more, I have evasion gear, acc/TP build and WS. It gets kinda crazy after a while. Now, that is what I have just for my two 75 jobs. I also have gear for my Sam, and now for my War, finally I have gear in my inbox for my Whm and Blm. The higher level that I go, luckily the more the gear will over lap. But, its going to get crazy eventually, especially with Rare/Ex gear. I need more inventory slots. :(

Second, I have the sweet, sweet Sarutabaruta outpost. When you combine this fact with new good warp Taru in Whitegate, you have instant outpost warping from Whitegate. All for one shiny little Imperial Silver Piece. No more waiting for a boat to Windurst. I just need Ronfaure, now. :)

Back to Dynamis. Windurst is SO long, and no matter how well you do at the beginning (and we were doing well) or how many people you have (we had 50+) you are always trying to get that last NM to pop the boss with just a couple of minutes left. We finished the boss with something like 3 minutes left, but we pulled it out and got the win for Biblo and a couple of other people that needed it.

After that we helped out Bare to get Impulse Drive for his Drg. Along the way in SSG, there were the normal RMT's camping the Angel Hair NM's. A couple of new ones I haven't seen yet, but that didn't surprise me much. While we were running around to get the Ornemental Door, I saw one them flee hack and then pos hack right in front of me. I made a GM call and apparently I wasn't the only one to see this happen because the GM said they were already reported. At least that is one more RMT gone from the game.

Finally, Omoi and I went to get my AF weapon for War. The quest was pretty easy and the Razor Axe looks to be a pretty decent weapon for the level. The Dmg isn't that high but the delay is low and the stats are nice so I will definitely be off handing it until I get my Viking Axes at 48.

Versus has Kirin today, I hope that Vesp gets his Osode finally. But I probably just jinxed it. LOL After that I need to help Az and Iceblaze to finally get Diabolos done. Hopefully I can get some War levels in before Omoi goes on vacation for two weeks.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why is War so uber if the gear sucks?

Ok, quickly, yesterday's recap. Got home a little late for Sky, had to stop at the store on the way home. Found out we already got Olla and MG, headed to Ulli. Faust popped, we took the second alliance to get it and beat PMSSky to it. We were about to pull quickly because we had Lucella and Omoi ready to go. Went back to Ulli for a while, it got late, sent some people to Sea and some people home, RMT got Ulli. I hate RMT so much. Its so disgusting, the greed of it all. Its illegal and immoral. I wish that SE would just change their rules to be able to ban them for repetitive behavior. I hate the buyers and the sellers and everyone in between.

Didn't get Ix'Drk to pop, we still haven't even seen the condition to get it to pop yet, which sucks.

Anyway, after Sky, we were going to try to get Diabolos done for Iceblazek and Azeryus. Az needed to get a bunch of CS's done before hand and the NM in Attowha Chasm. So we did that, and it got late so we decided to do everything up to the Diabolos fight, then put the fight off until Thursday.

Afterward, I went over to the AH and started looking at gear for my War. At level 41, Wars dont have very much good gear at all. Its sad really. I am looking at mostly Royal Squires gear and uber noob gear (Emp. Hairpin, Leaping Boots). This is what I have decided upon so far:

Main: Combat Casters Axe
Off: Razor Axe
Head: Emp. Hairpin
Neck: Spike Necklace
Earring 1 and 2: Beetle +1
Body: RS Chainmail
Hands: RS Mufflers
Ring 1: Sniper's
Ring 2: Raja's
Waist: Tilt Belt
Back: Nomad's
Legs: RS Breeches
Feet: Leaping Boots

If anyone has any better suggestions post a comment.

Speaking of equipment, I dont get the Luisant gear AT ALL. Its horribly expensive, requiring a ton of really rare and better used materials. And its basically only good for 5-10 relatively quick levels, and then its replaced by RK or the Jaridah gear for a ton cheaper. Yay for RMT kiddies getting "uber" gear at level 45. Speaking of which, the stats on the gear just isn't that good to justify the expense.

Its weird, because War isn't like Drg at all. Its more about att and acc at the same time rather than all acc to make sure than your TP hits land, and then all Str to make sure that your one hit WS does as much damage at possible.

I sure would like to get a Suppanomini soon. I guess I should get on getting an Arc Pentasphere.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All that has transpired... (that sounded really noble for what I actually did yesterday)

Started leveling War, which was really nice. I am rocking two mythril axes, which is probably gimp for my level, but there were no Combat Caster's Axes, and I was already late from dinner. So I just had on some pretty crappy gear. Now, yes, I know I am level 41 and should be using Great Axe instead of Axes, but whatever, I was sub-tanking and needed shadows, and I like the Axes, so there you go. And my GA skill was 3 at the beginning of the night. Skill up time is a comin'.

Anyway, leveled with Omoi/Kira and Rygar last night. Went from 39 to 41 in pretty short order, the party was mostly Omoi/Kira, Rygar, me and 3 JP's. We did get a monk at the end that had a macro for eating food, which we all found just a tad bizarre, but harmless.

Now, I want to say something about Puppetmaster (Rygar was leveling his Pup with us last night). I dont know what people are taking about when they say Pup is gimp. Just more stupid elitists that believe the only thing that matters is peak damage on weaponskills. Rygar was using flash all the time, which saved a ton of MP, and doing pretty good damage. Of course the elitists dont know how to add either, just like they dont know how to add when figuring dragoon damage. I want another Kuftal Tunnel burn party please. Subbing nin sucks for dragoon but its definitely better than dying.

But then again, who am I to talk. I am leveling those elitist jobs as we speak. Nin and War, "burnz" party, Yes, Please.

A note to Biblo: Get a move on leveling your Nin! Hehehehe.

Going to spend the better part of the day hiding from work and doing some preshopping for War. I get to get my AF weapon for War which I hear doesn't completely suck. Also going to try to do Diabolos for Az and The Iceblaze today.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Damn, that pot moves fast.

Versus has been rapidly explanding its operations in Sea, as have other LS's recently. Last night we got Jailor of Temperance to spawn for the first time. Now, this is probably pretty newbie for LS's that have been doing Sea for a while, but did pretty well for only 13 people. We had no idea what to expect and I was kind surprised that it actually popped on the second PH, considering Limit Break were in Sea for hours before we showed up. They were farming Ghrah M Chips with almost an alliance, in which there were three DD's with E. Body o.O; They are definitely pretty impressive.

Borin got the Axe and we go our first virtue drop, we have had pretty good luck on drops so far, and we have a Jailor of Hope set after just basically three days in Sea. We also did Ix'Mnk with 1 organ, but it was our first mob that didn't drop anything.

The Jailor of Temperance fight was just damn fun, and we learned a ton. I think we are ready to move onto Faith and Fortitude. Damn, that pot moves fast...

Anyway, I also did some leveling this weekend (shocking really). Got thief to 37, and glad to be done with it. Sent the rest of that equipment back to a mule and I hope to not see it again for a long time. Also, leveled Sam a tiny bit before Dynamis, but had to leave early to get to Xarcabard on time. I really need to focus on Sam just to get it done. I am pretty damn close now. Its a good thing I left early too, because it turned out to be a very good Dynamis run, because I got these for only 17 points:

That was a nice little pick up, Bg said he uses them full time because its hard to remember to swap them in and out when you are in xp "burnz." I will probably do that, too bad I can't sell my O's Kote, because I still need them for Sam.

I have not had a Wyrm piece drop in an Outlands run that I have been on yet. I hope it does soon. >.<

Friday, August 25, 2006


Where do I stand?

I want many different items in the game, its the general motivation of most players in the game. If they weren't motivated by item accumulation then what is the point, right?

Then why do I feel guilty whenever I get items that my friends or members of the LS also need? Why do I feel guilty when I want to get items that others also need?

You can not play the game without greed for items, and you can not live without guilt the other way around...

There has to be a balance, why can't I find it?

Oh, well, this comes with the territory I suppose. I have dealt with it to this point I will deal with it again.

I think this may be why I enjoy leveling so much. I dont have to worry about gear while I am leveling, I dont have to worry about anything but the next skillchain, the next magic burst, the next pull. There is nothing like seeing xp roll in, its a visceral feeling. The absense of concern outside of the current mob. I love the fight. Its nice to be around people who appreciate you, no matter the job. In Versus we have most of our skillchain openers as Dragoons. I can give the technical reason that we have this (they can sub war and not miss 50% of their opening WS) but its irrelevent, because the idea in Versus is that everyone fights. And if its your first night in Versus, you have to fight.

I had a conversation with a person that shouting about a Limbus LS in Whitegate last night. I said I might be interest and they asked what jobs I had available. I said Dragoon 75 and another 75, but that I would prefer to come as Dragoon. They seemed non-plussed. Now, I do not hold it against them, because I dont know what other jobs had applied to the LS, and I have no pressing need to do Limbus. And I do love to play my Ninja, I like both equally well. But I do find it funny that people are willing to give up on things because of "perceived" usefulness. Getting War to 75 will be pretty easy for me, I will basically only have to buy axes, I have the rest of the gear I need already from Drg, Nin and Sam. And I already have a bunch of end-game weapons from the activities I have already done. The question is, does that make me a good War? I doubt it, I will still have to learn how to play.

I want to level all my jobs to 75, and then tell people that I would prefer to come as Dragoon. People need to be forced to realize that a bad "job uber" is not better than a good "job gimp." Almost all of the people that I hang around know this already, or at least they do a good job of humoring me.

We shall see.

Sky, et al.

Had Sky yesterday. Got some NM's, popped Suzaku and Seiryu. A normal day. Nothing really good dropped except for a Dragon Talon. Now we normally random off things that are under a million, but I can't see the Dragon Talon staying that cheap for that long. It used to be worth millions, but with the new ISNM's the price dropped radically. I wonder if that was SE's intention.

After that I actually did some crafting. It was a low level synth that I got from reading Gorokai's blog, didn't make to many of them, but its a decent profit considering the price of the materials and crystals. Ultimate conclusion? Crafting is still boring. Omoi and I were supposed to level Thief and Bard again but she was doing interviews with perspective Versus people, so I was a crafting.

After that we went and ran around Rolanberry Fields killing things, but it didn't go so well and we died and homepointed twice, down about 1k xp on Thf. :/

Lets see, I dont know if I am going to have a whole lot of in game time this weekend, I am going to be out and about, but I would very much like to get thf to 38, so that Omoi can start leveling Kira and with me on War. War is definitely going to be the next job I get to 75.

Things on the horizon, Versus needs to do a Swift Belt/Soboro run, and a DM run. We still need a couple of pentaspheres for that, but I know we already have 2-3 of them. We also need to do Bahamut for a couple of people, but that shouldn't take too long at all.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Do you know what a duvet is?

"Vespasian: I say let me never be complete"

Yeah, so we are all in a hunt for gear, and there is no way to be complete. Should we try?

If we dont try, what is the point?

Vesp is a wise man. And wise men often have correllaries.

"Vespasian: What is the point of all this gear if you never use it?
Vespasiani: If you have an item that cost 930043 million, and don't use it every time you play that job, you don't need it."

Leveling Thief

So I got on yesterday, and decided that I needed to level Thief. So I muled for a while to get my Thief gear over, didn't take too long (I like how my mules are set up now). Omoi was going to level Kira with me, so I grabbed her and picked up two Ninjas, a Monk and a Whm. Lets just say this, Thief is WAY overpowered on bats at this level. LOL.

I was getting something like 300-400 SATA Viper Bites and 200-300 Distortions. When you do 800+ damage to an IT bat, that is just hot. No wonder Skur parsers so well in the Mire. Anyway, this party goes for a while until the Whm just stops curing. Probably feel asleep and almost got the party killed, the Whm was pretty bad anyway so no lose. Just as this happened, Dockrpto said that he wanted to level his Rdm with us and we needed a healer. So he came over, and one of the Ninjas had to go, and so did the Mnk. So we got another Nin and a Blm. The xp was great. Until...

I get a tell from the JP Nin. Level36 Experience points Too Weak.

This was right after I had this run across my screen:

Experience Chain #2 Ringthree gains 190 Experience Points...

Anyway, I let that guy go as he had been bossing Omoi around about what songs to use. After that it went pretty smoothly, no deaths and Omoi and I got level 35 and Doc got 36.

After that I went to bed. I dont know what I am going to do with this Thief gear, as its not something I plan on taking past 37 for a long time. I should probably sell it, but I will probably just keep it on a mule until I am ready to take it to 75. /sigh

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Straight tanking Kirin.

I need to get thief to 37 now, and probably by next week. It looks like we are going to start tanking Kirin straight up from now on, which I really like the idea of even if it means that I will have to sit out for longer periods of time. My suggestion was that we leave in 2 sets of DD/SC makers, while the tanks can straight tank, then switch them out when we have to go back to kiting. But the DD's are going to need to sub thief if we are going to do this because we had two cases of having problems with dropping people that still had hate, which sucks, but it was the first time we straight up tanked it and everyone was still /sam.

Welcome to YANYFOK.

Yeah, so I made a blog. Might as well start.

First, I hate RMT. They drive me crazy. I make 2-3 reports to RMT a day, and I have discovered at least one thing from the whole experience, the GM's prefer to think we are naive. If you even say that someone is RMT when they obviously are the GM's get pretty abusive. I haven't been playing that long and I remember when you could xp camp Ulli. The good old days.

Second, I like this game, you will hardly ever hear me whine about my experiences with the game. Just the RMT. This doesn't mean I wont whine, but I wont whine about SE and crap like that. I mean I figure, if you dont like the game dont play.

So, lets see what did we do yesterday. I am a leader of the Versus LS. We do Sky and Sea. Did Kirin, got a Pole and D. Body. Not bad.

Thats it for now, going to see if I can get Vespasian to post on here. Vesp has a grasp on game mechanics that few others even come close to, and it would be nice to get him to post.

So, I made this post then thought I want to say some more, but I dont know if anyone even care, but screw it.

In FFXI, I have a 75 Dragoon and 75 Ninja. So I know what it feels like to get invites and not get invites. Like it matters though, I never wait for invite, I always make my own parties. People that complain about invites are the people that wont ever get anywhere. I think the last time I got an invite on Dragoon was in a jungle.

I have other misc. jobs, but I have a 61 Sam which I kinda just want to get to 75 and retire or use it only for Versus events. The next jobs I want to level are Warrior and White Mage. Warrior is kinda dependent on getting Omoikitte's second character through the Promies which everyone hates to do besides me apparently. White Mage requires leveling Black Mage which I hate. Got 14 on my Black Mage last night, still dont have any pants for it. And why didn't someone tell me that Zealot's Mitts suck for Blm ; ;

Oh yeah, one last thing I should mention, my goal in this game is to get all jobs to 75.