Tuesday, June 23, 2009

POL News: Wings takes flight.

I don't know how many of you have been following the Wings of the Goddess storyline, it is certainly a lot more convoluted in its presentation than previous expansions incarnations. Personally I rather like the broad arching missions, with the quest driven city specific storylines intertwining about that both co-existing and dependant on the other to be pushed forward. You can select to only follow 1 path, or take all three. The stories are exciting, and you really do get quite an interesting mix, from the rather romantic San d'Orian story, to the political thriller of the Bastokan storyline and the all out action packed Windurstian tale.

With the July update we see more of this story unfurling, while the bc's haven't always been hard to progress this, and nothing on the scale of CoP, I am enjoying the new direction in storytelling that has come out with each progressive expansion (although I have NOT done Crystaline Prophecy and don't really consider that in the same league as these full expansions) and found this one particularly inovative in its presentation. There are NO excuses for not doing these! Stop being a slouch and go enjoy some entertaining diversion.

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Anidrall said...

I have to completely agree with you. The WotG missions are, in my opinion, one of the greater storylines in this game. I've yet to complete any of the others though but from how far I am in on the others Wings really hits the mark for me. The truth is that people probably won't do them until they see the reward at the end, if there will be on that is :(