Monday, June 08, 2009

POL News: A Warm Day in Xarcabard.

I knew that it was coming soon, but I figured it would be some time in August. I guess the work for the FFXIV announcement for E3 probably took short term priority but now that the SE team is back in Japan we finally got our next update announcement and it is scheduled for late July. It looks like it is going to be focused on the Northlands in the past, including the opening of the Northlands, missions and campaign there. Job adjustments and MMM were also mentioned, but they were not specific about it at all. Well, I am definitely looking forward to this because in a developer interview, SE mentioned that they were looking to make the Northlands different than just an open zone and that it was going to be a high-level zone. I am just glad to see some work on extending the Wings missions, and opening those new Northlands areas.

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