Thursday, April 30, 2009

Job recap? You hate it, I love it.

Ok, this post is for me, not you. Everyone hates the recap post but I am going to do one because I haven't done one in a while and because the post that I really want to do I am saving up for Kallo to do on LBR if he ever has me on.

Nothing much has happened to my melee jobs. The only thing of not is that I have now completed my merits on MNK and SAM. I haven't really gotten anything new at all for either of these jobs for a long time. The only thing that I am really looking at is a Cuchulain's Mantle which I haven't really thought too much about because the cost is still too high for it's use to me right now.

My WHM has been pretty lucky lately though, I got a brand new Goliard Chapeau which is causing me to have to redo all of my macros for WHM, which is a joke because I just have a curing set and a resting set right now. I really need to work on my WHM macros considering how often I use my WHM now, which is pretty often. Omoi hates me on WHM because I still tend to run ahead of the party or alliance as if I was the tank, but I have never really been one to follow others or wait for instruction. :)

My BLM is now 69 (and I just bought my scrolls up through 70) and my gear has pretty radically changed for that in the last couple of levels and next level I will finally be forced to get the Einherjar pieces I have been putting off picking up. I will get to those tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For all the Robs...

I make Rob sad when I don't post so here is a post for Rob.

Anyway, I am still overwhelmed by my work right now, it's much less free time that I am used to so much less blog writing time.

May as well do a quick update, but I do want to note I wrote a big long blog entry about trying to get a Yoichinoyumi that got nuked by the Gods of the Interweb. That makes the baby Ringus sad.

Ok, lets see. Where to start. I haven't really "accomplished" much lately because I have been busy with in game events and stuff. I have gotten my leathercrafting to 74 and once I get to 75, I can finally try to make some Marid Leather without having them explode.

I have done a bunch of ANNM so far but the rewards have really tailed off. I think SE uses some kind of averaging system for rarer drops and right after an update you will see a bunch of different rare drops but the longer it has been since a server reset the less certain items drop. You can observe this anywhere in the game really but it is really obvious with really rare drops like the Imperial Wootz Ingots, Star Sapphires and other rare drops in the ANNM's. The first couple of days after the update we got a bunch of these but since the week after the update we haven't gotten anything major at all.

Honestly, I know I have lived with this system for a long time, but I don't think it's very good. You should have the same chance for anything to drop no matter how many times you do it. I understand the need to regulate drops over time, and I have no idea what SE's system is based on, but I do know that it changes over time. I think it is only fair to the players that it be the same no matter when they do an event. Maybe they want to increase reports of potential drops after a major update, but I don't know why they would want to increase the hype then only lead people to frustration after the fact.

I have a lot of gil-based ambitions right now, but I don't really have the gil to back it up. I hope this Marid Leather thing goes well because nothing else I have done has really been that helpful for collecting the gil I need for everything.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hopefully, I wont be here much longer...

I am sitting in the office of the place that is working on my car. I expected this to take an hour tops and it has already been 2 and a half hours. This freaking sucks. My battery is about to die so I can't even stay on for very much longer.

I am going to start working on a new RNG post on Monday. And no it is not "on the cheap" that is still on the back burner because of time and lack of knowledge. I am going to discuss the benefit of trying to get a 5-hit build while using an E-bow. Using a S-bow it is actually pretty easy to achieve if you have Skadi legs. With the E-bow it is a little more difficult. The problem is that to take real advantage of a 5-hit build you need to be to anticipate using it at 100TP and even though some people claim they can hit anything while eating meat and full WS gear and that anyone that can't sucks, I think that is overstating the situation a bit. And they are ass monkeys.

I think that to use a 5-hit build is probably the best increase in damage you can do considering the trade offs. Some people claim you shouldn't do it straight up because /WAR and about 20 Ranged Attack is better than /SAM and a 5-hit build. Now I haven't parse that, but I can't really think of a way a sane person could say that. What you eat really doesn't effect the situation all that much, but if you eat meat and then store to 150 TP before shooting for the increased accuracy then you are basically wasting the benefit of a 5-hit build. So you really need to go with Sushi to do this in anything more than an XP party.

This is all going to lead to some place that you may not really want to be in. Meaning the mob is going to be eating your face if you are firing off Sidewinders every 5th shot. So the problem with a 5-hit build for RNG with an E-bow or an S-bow may be rather problematic either way. If you have to hold your TP to prevent the mob from killing you 2 minutes into the fight then you can just pitch the benefit of a 5-hit build out the window...

But there is a solution to this problem...

A very expensive solution...

A very expensive solution that I am considering...

It would mean changing some things around and I don't really know what I would get rid of merit-wise at this point, and hopefully SE will just up the amount of combat merits at some point before it matters all that much.

The reason that it is a solution is because, and I am not completely clear on what causes this at this point but either Yoichinoyumi or Namas Arrow has a massive enmity reduction attached to it.

And so my wild dreams of getting a relic start again. At least this time I am starting it with a higher level craft. :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stranger in a strange land, part 2.

I don't think I really covered everything that I wanted to say yesterday, and while I did finally have something I wanted to discuss on my blog, I think I will continue this today to complete my thoughts.

Anyway, I am bound by what I do. That is not to say that I do not have friends and that I don't always do things with them, in fact, quite the opposite is true. I would kill for many of my friends and while I feel free to be critical of them and them of me in our own circle, I would never let anyone from outside of my circle criticize them and I would defend them to the hilt. But in the end, my goals are derived from in-game content. I do understand that some people do not feel that this is important, but in the end this is a game that I play with friends. For me it is not a form of instant messenger or phone call. I play this game for the objectives that it provides. The problem is that I am running out of objectives. Does this mean I want to stop playing or that I am getting bored? Not at all, in fact the opposite is true, I want more objectives and I want more things to do. I want to be entertained. Salvage was perfect for this because it was long term and repetitive but it did feel like it was possible to complete at some point in time. It was not like doing some pick up XP party or on the opposite end of things like getting a relic. I like that kind of consistency and form in function. In regards to this I think that recent SE has really been letting me down and letting down the most hard core and critical players. I understand the want to develop content for new players and for the more easy going of players, but in the end these players are transient from the start and trying to satisfy them is a nice goal but ultimate futile. FoV isn't going to fix the ADD generation, they will come and go as they please. Balancing this lighter content with hardcore content should not be hard and it should not be so difficult that you have to pick one or the other as SE is doing right now.

I don't like having to look for things to do in a game that I want to play. I should not be coming up with a game within a game just to entertain myself. This is what I am paying SE to do. I can not occupy myself for some reason. When I get bored, I tend to get cranky and angry and then after a while depressed because I feel alone. I hate being alone. I am probably a tragic co-dependent but I have never been a loner and never will be. That is one thing I have always loved about FFXI and I don't know if I ever would have gotten into MMO's if it wasn't for the need to party for absolutely everything in FFXI. It just fed my co-dependency really, which may or may not have been a good thing but what is done is done. I am hard to please I suppose. I want content that I can do with my friends and that I can drag Omoi kicking and screaming with me to do. :) I have no need for a very large chunk of the content that has been presented in the last few updates. I want the high-level areas they have promised. I want new challenges, and I want to do those challenges with my friends, not just because my friends are great but because they are great players.

Does that make me a dick? I don't know really. I had initially thought that I play with people I like to be around, but I know that I will do things with people I dislike even detest to fulfill my goals or the goals of my friends. But I don't really do that all that often. I think it may be because I can put off those that I don't enjoy being around. I am rather consistent in my friendships, and very, very rarely do I choose to stop being around someone even if I dislike them. I don't know if I am passive-aggressive, but I think I am good enough at giving a cold-shoulder when necessary and I also don't back down in the face of arrogance or stupidity. That is actually probably a good thing, I guess.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stranger in a strange land.

I have found that I can not focus on things as well as I once did in game. I think this might have something to do with completing and perfecting quite a bit of what I wanted done in game. I have full Usukane and I am not fully merited on MNK and SAM. There are a few pieces I could do with having still, but they are all purchased pieces and spending gil to buy items although necessary has never been a driving force for me.

I still find it difficult to put together time to level BLM as much as I would like. I know that Iz is a little burned out on BLM at the moment, but I wouldn't mind getting it up a little further. Part of the problem is that we are kind of in between camps, so it is getting a little more difficult to find a place to go or to get XP quickly. Another problem is that we have a lot of things we do in the mean time that consumes time that I would have had in the past for leveling and such.

Salvage for a long time was my main focus, even after getting full Usukane. There are still several Skadi pieces that I want well, pretty much everything but head which sucks and feet that I already have. The body would be very nice I think to TP in because there are many times that I really wish I had more accuracy on RNG and also because it looks really cool. The legs will be part of my RNG gear because the accuracy is almost as good as my AF2 legs, but the other stats are great and if my plan works out after reading up on /SAM and Store TP, I think I will be able to manage a 5-hit build on RNG with E bow. Finally, the hands are excellent WS pieces for RNG. If I do get all these items then I would seriously consider picking up THF again. I am also interested in getting Morrigan's gear and even some Marduk's gear too. There is something about the Salvage gear, even if it isn't that great it is still very appealing to me.

The problem for me is that Salvage is now winding down. My group still goes, but the press to do it is not as active as it once was. Celestria and Blaize are taking a well deserved break from Salvage but consistent tempo of 5 Salvage runs a week used to keep me focused. 3 runs a week doesn't seem to have the same pressing need as it once did. The other thing is that we used to use Salvage as kind of a base point for doing other things like ZNM's or anything else we had planned. It just now feels much less focused and organized for some reason. I think part of my problem is that I go through cycles of enthusiasm and burn-out, but when I was burned out in the past I could rely on other people to help pick me back up. Right now, I am worried that I am going to fall behind or that people are going to move on without me. It's a bit paranoid I guess, but without the structure we had before, I guess I feel like I am just floating in space and relying on other people to pull me back in to do things. That is not how I normally exist as a person, so I am left feeling lonely even when friends are around me.

Meh, /emo.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Soooooo... guess I reconsidered.

Turns out ANNM and Augments don't suck. This update was actually pretty win.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bitching and moaning.

I am completely and utterly disappointed in yesterday's update. In an attempt to not force anyone to listen to me rant about it, I am just going to leave it at that.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The difference between you and me.

I am very frustrated with this update. I feel like we have been sold a bill of goods. I feel like we were promised the world and just given mere trinkets for Manhattan. Now, before Omoi yells at me for being a pessimist again, let me explain why my complaints are legitimate and why others complaints are not.

I am a very optimistic person in general, but I am also very cynical. It is a very weird combination. I have many hopes and I think that puts me squarely in the optimist camp, but I do understand the nature of people and the world and that can cause people to think that I am quite negative and pessimistic. So, that is probably a complete contradiction but it is my general view of life and it works for me.

The problem that I have is that I think that most other people complain too much. I can be long-winded, but I usually have a limit on the number of total complaints I have. I do tend to dwell quite a bit, but that is because of my general feeling of an issue and my inability to let go of an issue.

Anyway, I am dancing around the point. Let's get to the meat of the matter and explain the difference between "your" complaints and mine.

You: The Square Enix Security Token is a rip off!

Me: Look dumbass, you aren't in high school anymore and you can afford the $10 to start with, but that misses the real point. SE has to be losing their ass on these things, but they know that they will save a lot more money on not having to deal with people complaining to them about losing their accounts.

You: Square Enix is RMT for adding the Gob Satchel to the Security Token!

Me: No, just no. First of all, SE is allowed to make money on their game, always have. If you think this is RMT, then stop paying for your account because your definition of illegitimate transactions is so broad that you would include any process for paying for the game, including your account. Second, as I mentioned above, SE is probably losing their ass on these things, the only way they can balance that is by having everyone use them so they can decrease their customer support for lost accounts. The best way to do that is to include an incentive so large that everyone will want it. This is only logical, if you can't accept that then I can't deal with you because you are completely illogical.

You: ZOMG, next they are going to sell E. Bodies!

As for dealing with the ZOMG soon they will be selling E. Bodies! Again, retarded. First of all, they aren't. This is a specific scenario that to external logical analysis makes sense to both the players and SE. They have never sold any gear that makes any kind of difference to in game mechanics. You may say that the Satchel does that, but again I will say that you have to give up logic completely to ignore the fact that in the real world then need to provide an incentive to get these things in the hands of the players.

Ok, now that I have smashed my very own strawmen, lets get down to my complaints, because for the first time in a while I am quite disappointed in the update notes so far. This is especially upsetting considering the fact that it started off so well. The reason it sucks is not because of what is coming or what is missing it is because of the short-term promises that have gone unfulfilled.

Example 1) Summoner Avatars? Seriously, I could give a shit less about SMN Avatars but why promise them and not deliver? I mean it has been forever since they got a new Avatar and they should be getting something. Why mention something that could be available relatively easily and then not deliver? It's not even like you are going to give them something new or devastating that none of their other Avatars don't already have.

Example 2) Northlands? Why hold out on these? We haven't had a decent end-game area added in the game since Wings was released. This is supposed to be our new area, this was supposed to be the high level area that SE had promised in more than one interview. Why not add it now? I have ranted about this before, but seriously, the last interesting thing added to the game was Einherjar. SCNM's were OK but nothing really that important. There are no "large-scale-events" as they like to put it that have been added. When are we getting the Northlands? When are we getting the Walk of Echos?

Now, those are real complaints. Bitching about paying $10 for something you can choose not to use? That is worthless.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Longview weekend.

It's a Saturday, but honestly, I have been so bad about updating my blog I should really be doing this now.

Let's start with a quick general update.

Well, Salvage is now winding down. As you may know I go with two groups, my own and Celestria's. Well, Celestria's group has obtained the last time items that we were really trying to get before ending their group/runs. They will still go with us when they have the time, but I think they would like a short break from Salvage and I can not begrudge them that, it is well deserved.

Now, for those two last pieces. I think I might have mentioned them before but let us review. After over a year in which Iz was the sole lot on Ares's Legs they finally dropped. I was in disbelief really because I just didn't think they were going to drop until after they adjusted the drop rates in Salvage, which apparently they may not even be doing in this update. If you can go this long and do Salvage as much as we do it, then you need to fix the drop rate. Iz's Ares's legs are really sweet, and I am so glad he finally has them. :) Now, the other item that we needed was the 35 for Omoi's Marduk legs (Legs being the general bane of our existence) and that was an even more epic drop situation. I have posted this before I believe but it goes with the general narrative so deal with it. :) That still amazes me really, and although I would have loved to get that Skadi body, I am just glad that Omoi got her legs and got them made that night. :) The amazing thing is that after that we started getting a whole bunch of 35's. When it rains, it pours. We got another two Marduk legs which went to Darkdawn and Qtipus. We got another Skadi body which Kallo got and is already up to 8 Imperial Wootz Ingots. Iz also got a pair of 35 Morrigan's gloves. Ninjafox is the king of missing important Salvage drops, and he missed a Morrigan's body which went to Blaize, then he missed this nice Morrigan's body which went to Iz, and Iz's BLM is only 66 right now. :) But he finally showed up at the right time and Ninjafox got his Morrigan's 35 body. Congratulations NF! Additionally, we got an Usukane 35 head for Blaize! :) I think we might have gotten a few other pieces but I don't remember right now and it's getting late so if I forgot anyone, meh. LOL

Outside of Salvage I have been doing a lot of ZNM work. I currently have a completed Cerberus set and I am working on another set. Again, learning from Celestria (you may be seeing a trend there) I have started tossing really weak mobs into Pankration so that I can build up Jettons quickly to purchase the HQ camera for more plates to turn in for Zeni. And as the title mentions, we were doing the tier 3 vampire for Cerberus tonight. If kited it really is a lot easier and can be low-manned, if fought straight up it can take a lot more people and it can be a lot harder, if not near impossible because of it's TP moves and it's love to drain everyone in sight. We are building up and preparing to do a semi-low-man attempt at Cerberus and the other Tier 4 ZNMs. I will tell you how that goes when we try it. I still need to build a fire resist set-up for this but it doesn't seem that it will be too hard to piece together. We were doing a Nosferatu when I started doing this and in general I don't know if 4 people is enough to take the vampire without a dedicated healer. I also found out that going /SAM is not good for this guy because unless you get lucky and hit Third Eye right before he summons, you are going to get hit and you probably won't be able to take more one set. /NIN is definitely the better way to handle Nosy even if you are a mage, actually, especially if you are a mage. I have my pop item for the first part of the second Cerberus set I am putting together.

It's miscellaneous time! I have a whole bunch of pictures and I can't really come up with a better way to organize them, so I am just tossing everything together. :) Einherjar is going very well for us, and we have fewer and fewer losses. There are some rooms that just appear to be impossible, but honestly I have luckily missed those for the most part. :) Taco got the M. Body, and with how often he wears it it is quite obvious that he loves it. It is actually one of the first "Kings" drop we have in the LS. I think it is actually the second. The first was an N. Head which was a lot won by someone that promptly left the LS the next week.

I have been working on the Wings missions in anticipation of the update on Wednesday. It is interesting but at times it really feels like it isn't going anywhere in particular. The CS's are definitely funny and enjoyable though, and the interactions with Cait-Sith seem like will have future meaning. I guess I will take a moment to now say that I will be incredibly disappointed if they do not open up the Northlands in this update. There are only supposed to be quest storyline extensions for this update so there may not be a storyline driven reason to open up the Northlands, but it is time that we get something new for real end-game use. There has been very, very little involved with the new expansion and end-game areas. ZNM's may have been introduced after Wings but they obviously weren't part of the expansion. I do think that tomorrow or the update day we will get the big announcement, but honestly MMM does absolutely nothing for me and although the SCNM (or whatever people call them) are decent have have a few decent rewards, there is next to nothing that is game breaking enough to justify more than event or two a month on them.

Well, that is good for today, I have been leveling BLM a little more and I will talk about that at some point.