Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Yes, Gordor it is in fact 2006, not 1986. The use of the term "face" died with Michael Jackson sequined gloves and Flock of Seagulls haircuts. It was more of a time when Jump, Jumping to Criss Cross was contemporary. This, fortunately is not that time. And your denials, your evil, evil denials of perpetuating this crime against sanity are now disproven this this shocking piece of evidence. May the truth shine upon your lies, and expose your love for the '80's.
Ok, so now I have a temporary solution to my screen malfunction, one that is quite suitable for me for now. So hopefully that will not consume my time, and distract me from bringing you the highest quality in bloginess. The ultimate solution did take some time away from the game last night, but I did get to have a little bit of fun here and there. Some of that fun came at other people's expense, in fact at one person's expense, even if unintentional. Poor, poor, Lilkahty, I MPKed you well... LOL Ok, so it was a total accident, but I did MPK Lilkathy. I was hanging out while EP and Omoi were leveling DRG and BLU together on Colibri. I was about to leave, so I pulled a Colibri and stood next to them, ready to Mijin Gakure onto it so that could kill it afterward. The only problem was that Omoi and EP took too long to kill their Colibri and Lilkathy, being the nice person she is, healed me and took hate while I was distracted. And it killed her... LOL Yeah, total MPK. I felt so bad about it that I took a picture of her dead body in rememberance. I think that Tama yelled at me for a while for that one. XD

After that, EP finished up getting some XP with Omoi, then Omoi wanted to level some more after that so we grabbed Ice, Vesp, Eji and Kalgar and headed out to the Mire. The Mire was almost empty when we showed up. It was so nice and clean and empty, and then slowly they poored in, more and more of them, the never ending groups of parties, the slowing of XP, the annoyence of stolen mobs and the converse, the overclaiming BRD that gets their party wiped and then begs for a raise. This is the world we live in now, I wonder if people even check what the zones are like before the go to them. I mean 50 people in the mire is about at absolutely best 20 people too much, and yet they keep coming. Well, we stuck around until Omoi got 69 on her DRG. One more level and we will be sharing gear. LOL. Good thing she bought me all that good gear. :) I got my 8th merit in this party. I dont know what I am going to do with it yet. I might go STR. I might go Katana, or Great Katana, or Archery, or maybe even Polearm. I doubt I will do Polearm or Great Katana because I dont need it really, because its already an A+ so I can either eat meat already or I will still need to use Sushi. I just dont know yet, we will see. I might put it into Overwhelm or other SAM merits, but since I want to go mostly SAM/RNG I might not do that either.

After that Omoi needed to leave so we regrouped and headed out to Mt. Zhayolm to fight Trolls. Higher base XP but its going to be hard to get above chain 5 most of the time. Oh well, XP is XP. I got to switch over to SAM because Izman stepped in on his PLD. I was having fun with my Soboro, 3 weaponskills per mob is really nice. And I have finally readapted my macro set to work well with the new SAM abilities. I can tell you this, haste is something that I like alot with my Soboro, and Hasso provides in spades. I am now itching to level my RNG, to get it up to sub level, then I will need to level Archery alot. Its only a little over 100 right now, and I need to get it to 230, which is also a good reason not to put merits into Archery because those 16 levels would only bring me to 246, just under a B rating. I just dont know if it would be worth it. I will just pile on ranged accuracy gear and pray that Sidewinder lands LOL.

Oh and I had another run in with Feiwong. Apparently he has purchased Riverwind too. Too bad for Feiwong that I knew Riverwind, because he was in Versus for a while before he gave away/sold his account the first time, and apparently it has been sold again.
Feiwonged for your enjoyment.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Feeling less sick, but my computer took a dump last night. Working things out, then posting more later.

Ok, back.

Yeah, so I am feeling alot less sick. I actually ate food today, which is an improvement from over the weekend, but I am now definitely losing my voice. After personal health, their is computational health, which is not going so well. The screen in my laptop is currently dying, it will only work on the lowest brightness setting and then sometimes it still dies and I have to restart my laptop. The gambit of emotions that shot through me last night after my screen failed was quite similar to those of a wild hyena. I was displeased, and also vividly aware of the tenious strength of my life line to the world of Vana'diel. So today, I oredered a PS2 copy of ToAU and a new computer. :)

My screen still works on a very low light setting, which just sucks really bad. I figured it was time to get a decent desktop anyway, I had been looking at them for a while, and I got a 21" Widescreen Flatscreen HD Monitor. So the snapshots for the blog will only get better. :)

Ordering my new computer and dealing with stuff at work has been kinda consuming all of my time today, so I am sorry about the lateness of this and I will make up for it by posting again tonight, then again tomorrow. I had a decent weekend, up until last night, and I have alot to go over.

See you tonight. :)

orz So I just tried to get on again, and my screen died again. And I lost this post again... for the third time.

So the quick recap.

Exp party, 30-32, JP. Ultimately normal JP players are better than normal NA players. Say what you want to defend NA players but if you are just in a regular xp party, JP players are 9 times out of 10 going to be paying more attention to what is going on. Truthfully that is what makes all the difference in an XP party, paying attention, as the little differences will make a bad party good and a good party great. Omoi helped me solo (yes, I know how do you solo with a PL LOL) to get to 33.

Assaults, many. Ok, so I finally have enough missions done to get to level three, but I need the Warhorse Hoofprint to get to start them.
This is the walls mission, this one is getting to the point where its just easier to beat down all the walls. The Qiqirn we being annoying and not dropping bombs, so the first mission we literally just had to knock down all the walls. Oh well, it was still fun. On Sunday we also did the Mamool Ja tier 2 which is fun, its just like a burn party. Kill all the Mamool Ja and you win. An easy 700 points.

Aht Urhgan mission, a few cutscenes. I am getting pretty intrigued at this point with what is going on in the storyline. The puppetmaster seems to be a bit more important than I orginally thought. And Gessho is making a more pronounced appearance since the fight on the Black Coffin. With the puppetmaster spying on us, I was beginning to believe that her plans for us were more sinister than they first appeared. And then I catch them doing this... and the term sinister just doesn't seem to do the job anymore.
... Yeah.

RSE. So I was going to get my RSE legs for my RNG and COR, headed on down to the Gusgen Mines. Yeah, you may not think its creepy, but with the sound on, man that place is just weird. Ghosts, weird noises and that siren... enough to drive a man crazy. And when you finally get a key, and you finally find the chest, this is what you find. A kitty! <3 Kitty!

We also had a nice field trip out to Fei'Yin to help Kirameki get mission 5-1 done. Now... one would think that Omoi would have some of this barding things down so far, but... some one forgot to sleepga the skellies. Hehehe, well, after the first try things went alot smoother, and interestingly enough the teleport that we got to Vahzl was from Ashira who also needed 5-1 done, so she tagged along and Chummy came too.

After the 5-1 mission, Vesp wanted me to help out getting him some spells, we started in the new areas on the Wamoura for Cannonball, which he needed to be able to self-chain Light. So we headed over to Mt. Z and beat up on some Wamoura. Here is what I have concluded about learning Blue magic, and this may not come as a surprise to those that already know it, but if the mob uses the spell you need, if you kill it immidiately afterward you will have a much higher chance of learning the spell. Afterward, we headed over to fight some of the puddings to get some random spell he needed. It was pretty cool because the volcano was erupting and it was nice. I got a really nice screenshot of it but that will come later, in the mean time here is a nice picture of us taking down a Pudding.
Finally, Omoi was dying for her Dark Mezraq, which she is now totally attached to. Lukeboxwalker synthed it for her, and I must say she looks mighty fine with it on.

I covered alot of what I did very quickly today but I did want to show you two more screenshots that I made over the weekend. I like them alot because they really nice and are part of my collection of nice pictures.

Mt. Zhayolm:

Tomorrow will be better as I finally have my computer situation all resolved :)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Dead again.

Still not feeling well, and apparently it is spilling over to the game:
Good day in Sky, I actually went home early from work because I was so sick, but I did manage to get online a little before we were supposed to go to sky. I was still messing about a little bit with some Aht Urhgan mission CS's when I get a tell from Elfaria saying that Zip was up and no one was around. After wondering for a second why Elf was already in sky scouting, I got ready to go and rushed up to Sky. We were able to wait for it because it looked like whoever was in Sky at the time were just at Ulli, no need to rush when there is no competition. After we got Zip we got MG, then headed down to Ulli. Faust was up, so we took him, but during this time Ulli popped and the RMT of course got him. God, they need to fix this. SE needs to stop "studying" and just ban them. The reasoning is so ridiculous, it almost appears like SE is run by sado-masochists at times. Or maybe just sadists, and we are the masochists. Anyway, after Faust, we got SC on the first pop of the second detector. It was kinda funny because SC popped as I was still pulling the detector back to camp.

After that we did a Suzaku, Seiryu and Genbu. All had pretty good drops. W. Hands, S. Kote and A. Hands being the mentionable items. No money drops, which kinda sucks, considering the fact that I am running low on gil and its getting harder and harder to make gil with the economy so screwed up. I know I shouldn't expect my income to come from sky drops, but it is nice to supplement my normal (non-existant) income with sky drops. On Suzaku, we were having trouble with something, dont know if it was an undispelled Feather Barrier or just Suzy being Suzy but after about 50% it took a while to get it down, and that was the point at which I died in the pretty picture you see above.

I did mention that I was doing some mission CS's before going to Sky, and one of them was just hilarious. Considering how easy the new TAU missions are I dont think I am spoiling anything by posting pictures of the CS's but in case you are not this far along, I would suggest that you skip the next two pictures.

Well, apparently Shantoto is in Aht Urhgan checking things out in much the same way that Trion was also snooping about. My guess is that Volker will be next, if not Cid himself. I could see it being Cid coming to check out the new magics of the empire or something. Volker just doesn't seem right for the role in this storyline because he is much too somber, while Cid is much more bubbly and with how the storyline has a humorous edge to it, I can see him being a much better player in the story arc so far. Shantoto showed up with one of Windurst's own "automatons." The Cardian's definitely appear to be more indepedent than many of the puppetmaster automatons. Even the ones that appear to be independent in the palace. The Cardian's though appear to be less intelligent in general than the automatons, but the King certainly is capable of kicking a little ass when necessary. That definitely looks like someone that got their level back after deleveling. King of Hearts probably needs to switch off of merits (*cough* Iceblaze *cough*).

Well, after Sky, I was determined to get at least a couple of levels on my RNG, but I wasn't too hopeful after the last two parties or so in the jungles. I was still stuck at 27 which is right in between the jungles. Well, I got an invite pretty early on and headed to join my party. It was a 25-27 spread which wasn't too bad because we were able to fight Goblin's in the first jungle. We stayed there for two levels which was surprisingly not bad, considering the level spread and the level of the mobs. After the tank hit 27, we headed over to the other Jungle were the xp was much better, and I was able to get to level 30. Only seven more levels before I am done with RNG for now. I actually like it quite well, and I may pick it up again soon. Its weird, I am getting pretty good at judging distance and also figuring out when I could just stay in melee range and fire from that point.

Oh and once I got to level 28 I was able to equip my Archer's Knives. The made a TON of difference in my accuracy, I can't believe that they were so cheap. I am still going to need to get a couple more things for my COR but the farther along I got on RNG the more of the stuff overlaps with COR. Like the Noct gear, which is pretty good, and I would like to get my RSE legs which will help out with a little bit of AGI and DEX. Once I got 30 though, things really started getting crazy. I got Barrage, which gives me 75TP return and does as much damage as Eagle Eye Shot. As you can see here. And that was just the first time I used it. I can see why people use a WS, then use Barrage, then WS again right afterward. Its just ridiculous the amount of damage you could do in an incredibly short amount of time.

Well, that is it for today, I am going to try to get a bunch of things done this weekend. Like hopefully getting my RNG to 37. If I was able to do that I would be incredibly happy and I could start leveling up my Archery for my SAM. I can't wait to try out SAM/RNG in a burn party. It is going to be ridiculous.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


In the Tibetan philosophy, Sylvia Plath sense of the word, I know we're all dying. But you're not dying the way I am. I am so sick right now, I have to question my sanity for coming into work. My throat is so closed up I dont know how I am able to breath. o.o Oh well, the show must go on.

Yesterday, I had a newb party. A real newb party, as in please ignore my level 6 WHM sub for my 27 RDM, or please ignore my level 8 MNK sub for my WAR. Sure, I can understand if you dont have the correct sub job, like WHM and MNK are fine for that level as subs for those jobs, but seriously kiddies, lets level those sub jobs. Back when I started I never ever had a gimp sub job. I would always level them in advance. I did do other silly things like I leveled with a polearm while still leveling WAR to 30, and before that with just a sword and eventually a shield that Corinne gave me. LOL

Anyway, we had a good party set up, but you could tell that we were going slower because of all the underleveled subs and lack of understanding. I didn't mind but I didn't even manage to get 5k xp in something like 2 hours. Still it was fun and trying to get all the newbs together to actually start fighting things was kind of interesting. I am something like 500 xp to 28 were I will get some Archer's Knives. That should help my semi-miserable level 27 accuracy. Then at 30, I will get all new gear, which I will keep for when I start leveling COR in ernest.

I had my first Limbus run with DeadBody last night. It is a kinda small linkshell so far, we will see how it goes to see if I will stick around. It does have a nice set up though, because we basically just treated last nights run like a burn party with 7 people. 3 NIN, WAR, RDM, BRD, WHM. It was actually quite fun. We did Temenos North, if I remember correctly. It has seven floors each with a different set of Beastmen. The first floor was Moblins. They were pretty easy, just needed to worry about frypan and keeping shadows up. We were able to clean this floor completely I believe, and took the time chest.

Next came the Gigas. Again not to difficult, though one was a MNK which we just disengaged from then slept until we could fight it again. Also there was a BST mob on the floor which charmed one of the NIN's. I had a little bit of fun debuffing him. We also took the time chest on this floor, even though we almost definitely didn't need it, considering we were at close to 45 minutes of time left at this point. I didn't mind being conservative at all, because we wanted to make sure we got the win and the chip to be able to advance.

After the Gigas were the Sahagin. Nothing to write home about, they weren't very difficult, we took the treasure chest on this floor, and got MNK materials which no one really wanted. We didn't kill all the mobs on this floor because some were MNK's and we didn't really need to kill them for anything.

Floor 4 were the demons. This floor is actually pretty silly because the demons just ran up and down the halls like crazy before we pulled them. We did have to kill a SMN which like most NM SMN will summon a different avatar to try to kill us than the one that we already have slept. It knocked us down a fair bit but no one died so we were fine.

Antica were on the 5th floor. They were much easier because they come in weaker jobs, but as you can see here when they are Invincibled there is nothing really to do besides taking a load off until we can actually do some damage against them again.

With the Cryptonberries on the 6th floor we had a little more trouble. There were like 2-3 SMN's on this level and they all liked to use Astral Flow. I think two or three of us died to one of them, but it really didn't cost much time at all, and the second SMN didn't do much damage at all with his Astral Flow. We took the treasure chest on this floor too and got DRG AF, which was actually quote popular because 4 of the people in the DeadBody have 75 DRG.

And the run came full circle on the 7th floor when we had to fight Goblins again. This was again very easy, just sleepga and kill them one by one.

I ended up with 5 coins from the run, apparently not that great (like I would know) because the LS THF didn't show up in time for the run. That brings my grand total to 8 for my Brutal Earring. At this rate I should probably start thinking about buying up some coins, because I haven been putting off that brutal earring for so long, it would be nice to finally have something decent to put in that second ear slot. We got an Ivory Chip and another MNK AF material that no one wanted. The Ivory Chip is used to do another higher level run in the future.

I just wanted to say that I am trying to take some more pretty pictures for the blog. I liked the one that I took yesterday of me aiming on Lamia No.13 as it was running away, and I kind like this one. I just snap shots when I can that I think will look nice, I might just make a post of some of my favorite shots so far eventually. LOL A gallery of my work.

Well, after Limbus, Vesp seemed a little bummed out. So I asked him what he needed done, and he said he needed a couple of things including unlocking Savage Blade for his BLU. He also needed an Assault Jerkin, which lead us out to Onzozo. This was also beneficial to me as I was able to level my sword a little bit with Vesp because we could only make a level 2 skillchain, as BLU's dont get access to Swift Blade. So we ended up making Red Lotus Blade to Flat Blade LOL. I wasn't able to stay up very late because I was feeling very sick and exhausted. So I just went to bed.

Hopefully today I can get to at least 30 on my RNG, because I am heading home from work now. I will probably sleep till Sky though.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Help me help you.

Yesterday was a Versus Bomb Queen run. We had 5 people that wanted to pop, and an extra person that was trying to collect the last Bomb Queen Ash at the run, so ultimately we were going to end up doing six runs. Bomb Queen is treated very much like Mother Globe, with a few exceptions. First, you can melee the Bomb Queen without getting stunned for 5 seconds on every hit and second, the spawns like to blow up in your face. Luckily, the even if the babies explode they dont do much damage and as long as they are pulled by an outside party they wont do any damage to the main alliance as long as there is no hate linkage between the two groups (ie outside healing or support). So we all headed on down to Ifrit's Cauldron, some how managing to aggro everything from the zone to the spawn point 100 feet away from the entrance. After we got set up we popped our first Bomb Queen. The fight went very smoothly considering the only skillchain was Izman doing Savage Blade to yours truely doing Wheeling Thrust. I still much prefer going to Versus events as Dragoon, I enjoy them alot more that way. I was subbing SAM for the first time in Sky, and I found my TP build to be ridiculously good. I was, at times, out TPing Izman with a Joyeuse with just Hasso and no food. I really like SAM as a sub for Sky now. It will make it even easier to build TP on Gods, than with WAR sub, and I haven't really noticed that much of a damage hit.

We won easily and were about to get 6 Bomb Queen Rings for those that needed them. Leanaci, Venussama, Kylara, Kalgar, Eternalpain and Charlet got them. Several of our tanks have been in need of the BQ ring for quite some time. Bgalvin also pointed out to several of the members of the LS that the -75 Fire Resist does not increase the damage that you take, but the ability to get a resist on spells cast, so that using it on Suzaku is fine because you are not going to get a resist on a fire spell from Suzaku unless you have something like +100 Fire resist. So, yes, you can keep that Bomb Queen ring on while fighting fire based mobs, as long as you dont plan on resisting any of the spells or abilties they are going to use.

Interestingly enough, we were able to also go 3/6 on Avengers while we were there. I have never even seen them drop before, but I have one been on one other Bomb Queen run. I believe this is the full drop set: So Glacian, Vesp and Bg all ended up with a set of Avengers, and they are very nice considering the fact that our MNK's already have Destroyers which destroy all of the other competition. As we were finishing off the 5th Bomb Queen it started summoning one of its baby bombs, but it was killed before it could summon the baby, so we ended up with a dead Queen summoning nothing after it was dead. It was quite funny to see.

After finishing up the Bomb Queen run, Skur asked if I could help doing the Ashu Talif assault fight for a couple of people that needed it. So I switched over to NIN and I was going to be the one that was going to kite the mobs for the fight. I barely even got my shadows taken by the Fomor mobs, while everyone else ripped them apart one by one. The second set popped and I tried to kite them but I didn't get initial aggro so that required pulling them off of other people, but it was still really easy, and they were able to kill the Captain pretty quickly. So those are a couple more people that will be able to do the new Ashu Talif assaults, where the Barbarossa's Zerehs drop. I would like those for my DRG and for my future WAR. They will also be nice for WS on my NIN until I get Byakko's Haidate or the Shura Haidate.

After that Skur, Ailee and Fuzzball were going to go do some Assaults and they let me tag along as SAM73/RNG26 with a 100+ archery skill XD. Basically I just had to not get in the way, shoot arrows every once in a while, and not have any weapons equiped. So thats what I did. I was able to get a couple of shots of on Lamia No.13 but over all I just kinda tried to stay out of the way and kited when I got hate. It was a little rough, but still pretty easy. Both Skur and Fuzzball are close to getting new items from the zone so I was very pleased that they decided to let me come anyway. ^.^/

After that I decided to go and start up the next CS's for the Aht Urhgan missions. I headed and talked to Naja again, and we went to the Palace to see the Empress. It was a very long and interesting cutscene and revealed some very interesting information about the Empress, the Vizir and even the automatons that are employed in the palace. I am beginning to wonder if they will even be a third zone in Al Zahbi because their doesn't seen to be area on the map for it, and because it seems that the gate just leads a solid wall, it does not appear to be a gate like the rest of the blockage gates in Al Zahbi. We after the meeting I received then promptly was swiped of my Glory Crown. It now appears that I am more of a cog in the story that is unfolding, unlike CoP were I was more of the main figure for the events that were occuring for at least a portion of the storyline. The title involved even seems to indicate that I am more of a message boy at this point.

Shortly after I did the cutscenes I bugged Ice to powerlevel my RNG. I did get to 27 on it, but Ice was tired and it was already really late so we went to bed. I dont know why it has been such hard going to get my RNG to at least 37. I mean I was able to get to 27 in something like 20 minutes. I just need to dedicate some time to it. I would like to be 37 by the end of the weekend. I think I can do that.

The whole time that I was doing this I was getting more random unsolicited /tells from Blazes, who admitted to being Feiwong. I dont know if there is much to comment on, I think you will enjoy them as much as I did. I have not editted anything, the only cut is because I couldn't fit everything onto one screenshot.
And then later on, he wanted to come back from his away status, and further engage in this hilarity. Also included as a bonus is the GM conversation I had immidiately afterward. Enjoy!

Oh well, I am all hopped up on goofballs today. Dayquil becaues I am getting sick, so if this post is a bit incoherent at times think of it more as the imperfections that make something home-made better than something you buy from the store. So basically, today's post is kind of like your grandmother's apple pie.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Darkness named. And its name is Feiwong.

Guess who is back? Our favorite idiot. Gil buyer extrodinare. Casino rip off artist. Cassie Earring obsession embodied in the form of shouted annoyance. Yep, Feiwong is back. Here is the funny story, and perhaps is an illustration of the distance that this dude will go to get attention from people. I had just gotten back from another Swift Belt run (which I will go into in a bit) and was about to head to Sea to check out Skur's LS fighting Faith, when I see people shouting about someone that was trying to buy a Cassie Earring. My first thought of course is that it is Feiwong back again, with a new character, which is was. Blazes appears to be his name this time, dont know if its a purchased character or its a whole new character. So after making this quick determination, I laugh about how its Feiwong back again, then head to Sea. I get to Sea a bit late and Skur's LS had already beaten Faith, so I headed out to Onzozo to help Kitty get his friend Vai an Assault Jerkin. As we are killing Toroma's I get this wonderful tell: Of course I contacted my friendly neighborhood GM, and I didn't hear from the new Feiwong after that, but my guess is that he is going to be banned faster than last time because he hasn't even been back for a week and he already has a warning against his account.

The subtle use of metaphor in Feiwong's insult bring a tear to the eye. The prose, the tenor, the style. It is truely breathtaking.


After that had been dealt with we killed Toroma's, preventing the RMT's from getting mobs which warmed the cockles of my heart, until we got Ose. We had been messing around so Kitty and I had two different gobs at the same time while Vai had a Toroma and Ose. :) So we killed all the adds, and killed Ose pretty quick and got Vai his Assault Jerkin. I got the Ose Whisker because no one else wanted it. I remember when they were 100k a pop. Now they are 30k. Again, more RMT ruining the game, because idiots like Feiwong buy gil like they are drinking water. I will web-stab anyone that I learn buys gil, I just need Vesp to get on that invention, and I would stab the RMT too. Right in the face.

Now back to the Swift Belt run. It went well. Very, very well. 5 Codexes, 5 Swift Belts. It was really sweet. We got everyone a belt that had brought a Codex, no disappointments, no having to immidiately plan a run to keep everyone happy. LOL We just decided to /random for who was going to go first and pop the hume and mithra because they are easier fights. Az, Venus, Izman, Eternalpain then Eji all got their Swift Belts. It was a really good day and Azy's TH2 was working in over drive.
While we were in the Sacrarium, we also tried to do the mission there for those that needed it. I forgot my keys (I always forget them >.<) so we decided it would just be easier to kill Keremet again to get the key, and we would get the other keys from the Fomors because we needed to build up Fomor hate to pop the Swift Belt NM's. So we headed to the back room of Sacrarium and killed off all the trash skeletons that lined the hallway to Keremet's room. We quickly killed off Keremet, but I got charmed and started beating up on Venussama, hehehe. Then she got charmed too, and we both got put to sleep, while Izman and Glacian finished it off. We then got the first CS for those that needed it, but didn't have time to get the mission done, and couldn't find the right room to pop the ghost NM.

Now, I would like to say that I am trying to progress in the Aht Urhgan missions with some speed and the new Assault Missions on the Ashu Talif have some really good drops, so over the weekend I managed to sneak in some time to get the first BCNM done. We headed out to the boat where the BCNM is and got a kinda weird cutscene with a spooky mithra. This lends more and more creadence to the idea that the end-game area in the new areas will be more oriented toward the undead or at least to Fomors. Fomors are undead but dont have the negative melee effects that bones do, so I could see this being the way that things are done.

Well, after we get ready to fight Gessho shows up to save the day. Gessho is kind of interesting because he doesn't seem to have a large role in the storyline yet, but I can see him getting to be more and more important as the storyline advances, it just seems like it is the way that SE tends to do storyline development. And then again we may never see him again. LOL After the CS we went into the BCNM, it was Omoi, Illy, Dia, Ceal and I. We probably didn't even need that many people, we just had the RDM kite the mobs (after and unsuccesful sleepga) around the ship while we killed off the Fomors. After the first set was dead, the second set of five popped. This time we just had the Ceal kite the Fomors while we killed the Captain. It was funny because the Captain only tried to use Vulcan Shot one time, and Gessho stunned him with some drop kick move. LOL The NPC AI is so much better than it used to be, almost too good.

After we beat the Captian, this COR in really cool AF showed up: I didn't get exactly what the motivation was at this point, I mean understand the Corsair's conflict with the empire but it seems that things are running a bit deeper than just international conflict. I mean you dont get zones of nasty fomors if you dont have a really good reason to be sticking around into the afterlife. Well after this easy as pie mission was done, we got another great CS with Gessho and the Qirin's in Nashmau. Poor little birdy, he doesn't like to be plucked. LOL.

Well thats it for today, I hope you all have good days and you dont have to see Feiwong. That dude is a douchebag.