Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Totally badass.

And there we have our first completed set of Salvage gear! Congratulations Omoi! Finished up the Ares's Mask today! Have a lot of work today, nothing really interesting has happened, and I spent most of yesterday drunk and embarrassing myself to the LS. So, after work is cleared up I will be working on Dragoon On the Cheap again. But this was too important to not mention today! Congratulations to Omoi!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm awake, I'm awake!

Actually, I have just been busy at work, and last week I tried to get Dragoon On the Cheap done but that didn't go as planned. With the excuses out of the way, lets see what has been going on for the last couple of days.

The luckiest person I have been around recently has been Ninjafox. Last week he got a Freya's Mask, and this weekend he got Freya's Gloves. Even with these though, he still doesn't have the 25 to make them yet so we are going to try to get them from the bosses in future runs. The Zhayolm Boss can't avoid two different people that need boss drops. :( The other insanely lucky person is Omoi, who has received another Usukane 35 piece, the feet, from a pop happy bee Rampart in Bhaflau. And here is the crazy part, everyone else already had the Usukane pieces or the completed piece. So we killed the rampart at about 65% after it had popped 2 bees that dropped the Usukane feet.
Outside of Salvage and normal events, we did a little bit of skilling up, and for it Pot let me use his Kraken Club, and I was getting insane skill ups with it! That Kraken Club is super-sweet, and Pot is definitely lucky to have it, and I was lucky to be able to skill up with it. :) After that we did some ZNM's, Nuhn specifically, which is probably the weakest of all of the tier 3 ZNM mobs, and also drops some great gear. The first one was popped by Omoi and she got exactly what she wanted, the Oracle Pigaches for her BRD (which also happened to hit level 75 yesterday, yay!). They are not only great feet for BRD and have great MP on them, but like I have mentioned before they are also great for resting MP. Very lucky for her to get them on her first drop but Omoi is pretty streaky on things like that. Either she gets something on the first drop or it takes forever for her to get something. The Nuhn's also both dropped Enkidu's Mittens one of which went to Samuraisoldier, the other went to me. I was going to give them to Ninjafox because he can use them for his THF, but he told me not to worry about it, so I have them now, and I will be able to use them for my NIN! :)

In game news, the talk of the town is the level sync system, which is on-balance really good for the game. The benefits are obvious because it makes people not have to worry about being unable to build a party. The main detriment is that it may make it harder for people that are seeking on unpopular jobs to get parties because there is a wider range of levels to find better jobs. I think this is countered somewhat by the fact that people are probably going to basically use this with friends, or they are going to use it to get levels closer together not to complete build parties with crazy level ranges. And unpopular jobs are unpopular, so its not like they are going hurt that much more really. There are other complaints but they are generally wrong-headed. The first is that people will be inviting 75 BRDs to level at all levels now. The simple solution is to just say no to those invites. This is one of the those complaints where people lose all perspective and say something is bad because it might slightly annoy them while it is hugely beneficial to everyone else. The second complaint that is at least partially wrong is that it will hurt crafting. Assuming you mostly set the level sync at the lowest level, then there will still be one person in the part that will need the gear that crafters will be using. The only way that it would hurt crafters is if the number of people leveling decreased, and this will likely have the opposite effect. In a party with 5 level 75's and 1 level 35, the 35 will still have to have level appropriate gear, while the 75's won't need the 35 gear anymore, but they wouldn't need it anyway, because they are already past level 35. It might actually have a positive effect on crafters depending on how good level 75 gear is compared to level synced gear, and people that are leveling with lower level friends might choose to buy better lower level gear. The only place that it will hurt crafters is people that buy gear for level capped stuff, but most people either rent this stuff from the AH or they already have it in storage. It's not really an active part of the economy.

Off to work on Dragoon On the Cheap.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome back.

To me! Well, I am still shifting things about but I am back to being able to have pictures to post and stories to tell. Hell I might even spin a yarn or two! Let's see, let's see, shall we talk about how I still don't know if Cursna works outside of party or not even though my WHM is now level 75! :) I finally finished off buying up most of the WHM spells that I still needed last night, but I still don't have Holy, because it's really expensive, and I just don't really need it immidiately. I think I am going to bring my WHM to some Campaign after I skill up my club and staff a little bit. I think that is going to be pretty easy now, because Pot said I could borrow his brand new Kraken Club to skill up on my Monk! Congrats to Pot for being so lucky and also for being cool and keeping it for his WHM! He has been trying to get it for a long time now, and I am glad he got it because he really is going to use it. Pot is definitely pretty lucky for his WHM, but so was Elfie who managed to get Enlil Crackows along with the 25 feet from the very next run that we did. I have yet to get a pic of Elfie with his new Marduk feet, but he was very pleased to have them and it was his first complete piece from Salvage! On the very next Salvage run, which was to Bhaflau Remnants, we saw six NM bees, two of which gave us some Skadi bits the first of which went to Ninjafox! He still needs the 25 piece from Long-Armed Chariot which we will be picking on the next time we head to SSR. The second Skadi mask is going to rot for a little while because I was the one that got it and I still need to complete my Usukane Somen first, and I need to start storing up gil for the Wootz Ingots that I am going to eventually need for my Usukane body when the 35 piece finally drops. Iz had recently gotten his Ares 35 body drop and now I have a pair of spikey shouldered body guards! RAWR! Go Team Shoulder Impalement! We are starting to get quite a few completed pieces in Versus now, and as soon as Omoi gets enough gil to get her O. Ingots we will have our first complete set! I hope she gets it done soon. Speaking of Hope we did two yesterday, hoping to get our the first Hope Torque ever. And we did! Highlife was the lucky lotter and it is one of the last pieces that he needed for his RNG! Congratulations to Highlife, especially considering his consistently high level of involvement and commitment to the LS and the fact that Omega is a bitch and will never drop Homam legs for Izman and Highlife! >.<

Thats the update in one long and pretty continuitous paragraph. I am going to start working a new series of articles if I ever get a chance to finish out the On the Cheap series. I think people will like it, but one thing at a time. :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sailin' on.

I am moving right now, with limited internet, so not much to update. Good stuff from Salvage, Limbus and leveling when I get my computer at home back on.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I hate you all.

Ok, so look here, it's Thursday and writing a Thursday entry just sucks. And you guys just aren't helping! No comments! Again! It's been like two weeks without a comment! So, you are going to get one of those crappy rambling posts where I don't really have a start or an end and this is your punishment.

Ok, so now it is Friday, and we can just hate each other ok? I hate you for no comments, well except for Leanaci, and you can hate me for not posting yesterday. But it wasn't my fault really, because the fire alarm at work was being tested yesterday... FOR FOUR FUCKING HOURS. And the people testing it decided that they didn't need to tell the people that were working that the screeching insanely high-pitched alarm.

Well, since Thursday didn't suck as much as Wednesday I guess I can talk about that. We did some Sky, which was rather fruitful and then we did some Limbus which was also rather fruitful, but I mean how many times can you talk about Sky and Limbus with your blog turning into Borefest 3000? So onto Salvage, which is getting close to the repetitive, but I still like it so you will suck it up and keep reading. We did a SSR run, and the results were very nice, Elfie finally got a 35 piece even though it was not his beloved Morrigan's 35 Body piece. We got the drop from Dekka, which is the Marduk's 35 feet. We will need to do more Zhayolm to try to get not just Hiryo's Usukane head, but also Elfie's Marduk feet. Neither of which we have seen in forever, because Crlmsonking is still lacking the feet to complete her Marduk feet.

More Zhayolm tonight, and hopefully we will get something from a froggie on the way up to the boss. >.<

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Need something more.

I kind of need SE to toss me something more than just SCH and DNC merits. I knew these were coming already, and although I am not going to complain about it, more information or something new would be nice as a space filler for today's post where I don't have a lot of things to talk about. So, I think I am going to focus on something I have been thinking about for a while now, and that is what would I ask SE if I was able to have an interview with them. The reason I came up with this list is because I read other peoples questions and they just never get to the heart of the matter really. They ask the same questions over and over after SE has already said they aren't going to deal with it, or they ask questions wrong, meaning they ask questions without considering if they might be misinterpreted.

So I think I can do better? Well, maybe, maybe not, but lets give it a go.

1. The in-game graphics have been improved over time in the game, but the graphical user interface has not been adjusted at all. Are there any plans to update or modernize the GUI in the future?

- Yes, thats a leading question but its one that finally needs to be asked properly. The graphics in the game really have aged very well if not improved, but the GUI just isn't up to snuff any longer. Adjustments, improvements, anything, just make it so we get a little more information and make it so that we can move things around a little bit more.

Going to put some more thought into the questions for tomorrow, but this is all I feel like working on today. I just want to go home. :P

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Passing the torch.

Our normal Sunday Salvage run was epic fail. It was going fine, and all of a sudden everything went wrong and it just started sucking. None of that matters though, because nothing dropped anyway. To make up for the crappy run, I suggested that we do another run last night to make up for it, because we got done with events early and Omega had given us two Homam heads. *stabbles* Anyway, we went in with 9 people which is a little more than we normally do Arrapago with but the party was very well balanced. It did get a little bit hairy during the beginning because we didn't get a second magic cell for quite a while and the mobs seemed to love using Poisonaga. After that though, things really picked up, and we had enough time to clear the entire wing on the third floor and then kill the QQTH without much concern. But then we hit another road block, none, not a single one, of the gears on the fourth floor dropped a sub job cell. So we had to kill the big Bhoot with just two people with a sub job cell, the second of which we got from a steal from the QQA previously. But things went swimmingly, and the Bhoot finally gave us what we wanted. And that was it, Omoi had a complete set of Ares gear. Well, she still needs to come up with the cash for the O. Ingots still, but the hard part is done now, she is the first person of my two groups to complete an entire set! It is honestly an amazing accomplishment, and it definitely makes Omoi totally bad ass. And even though we completed the set for Omoi, we still had to finish the run. Salvage isn't just about skill, which does have a lot to do with success, knowing what you are supposed to do, knowing how to conserve MP, knowing when to go all out, knowing where you are going and what needs to be killed and what doesn't, but it is also about luck. You have to be there when things drop, and in that respect, Omoi and I have been pretty lucky, but I think that after Omoi completed her Ares set, Salvage decided to pass the torch onto someone else... Iz! After we killed the Bhoot, we moved on and killed the Archaic Chariot, then back to kill the QQA and there it was for Iz, his first 35 piece of Ares gear. So both of the Ares pieces from this zone dropped in one night, and congratulations to Omoi and Iz! We then went on and killed the QQTH's on the sixth floor with no result and then the boss dropped two pieces we actually needed. To Ninjafox the Skadi 25 legs and to Iz the Ares 25 feet. Amazingly good run really, and it was a great rebound from Sunday night's debacle. Here is the best part though really, because in the end, when something is going to drop, it's going to drop no matter what. LOL Iz did mention that he likes his new armor more than his Haub.
Well, on to Sea and Einherjar tonight. :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

To completion.

Omoi is quite proud of herself now, but she is still a huge cheater. When you want to parse you don't leave Hasso on full time and eat Red Curry without telling anyone else before hand! XD The reason she is so into parsing as of late is because she has finally managed to finish her Ares's Cuirass! Her TP gear is now very nice, and probably better than any gear sets I have on any of my jobs. I think there are only a few pieces left that she is missing, like Homam hands and Ares's Mask. We are currently debating if she should be using Ares's Cuirass coupled with a few gear piece swaps instead of Hecatomb Harness, though we both agree once she completes the set there is nothing better than a full set of Ares's for WS. Speaking of which, she is one small piece and just a few Orichalcum Ingots from completing that full set now. Omoi was able to quickly complete her Ares's Cuirass from her 7 ingot stall with a little help from Iz and I and some hard work farming. :) We are all really proud of her and are really looking forward to Omoi being the first person with a complete set of Salvage gear! Iz was even so great as to contribute to my O Ingot collection for my Usukane Somen, much to my displeasure and disapproval. LOL We generally tend to be pretty sacrificing when it comes to helping each other with gil and gear, and Iz kind of outdid himself this time! Omoi and I will get him, oh yes, we will get him. o,..,O;

In other news, I was able to get my WHM to 74 this weekend, putting just one more level between me and the end of this long trip to get a mage job to 75. There will be two more gear changes for me then a few tweaks to make my macros correct for end-game usage of WHM. WHM is going to take some meriting because some of the tier 1 merits for it are exceptionally good. I was thinking about something for WHM recently, and that if they added a new merit that decreased the cost of a Cure spell by 5% as a merit capping at 25% for 5 merits, that would be something that would make WHM much more viable for places that people generally demand RDM or SCH. Also, if that is done and a WHM subs SCH they would be able to get it up 35% off of the MP cost of each cast. If you think that is too much then set the decrease cost to be something a little smaller. The point is that the MP pool is, in large part, part of the reason that people prefer RDM over WHM for XP. WHM has its role in other places, but even then these merits would be beneficial without being massively overpowered for WHM.

Lastly, I finally got my code entered to get my Harpsichord and I have placed it in my Mog House, and every 22:00 I get to have a little bit of a tune from it and it is quite peaceful.
Actually, that wasn't lastly because I did want to talk a little bit about my crafting which I have hated in the past but as of late I have been very much enjoying and I can't really figure out why. Well, maybe it is because I have a little bit of gil that I have made myself for the first time in a while. Normally, I don't like blowing things up when I am crafting, I find it very frustrating, but I have found a place where I just don't care that much about it because it is cheaper to do than to try to find a replacement. Currently I am level 49 in my leathercrafting, and I generally like to skill on things that are actually reasonably balanced in cost, effort and skill up potential, but there is a big gap that I am looking at from the Ram Mantles that I used to get to 49 and the Tiger Leathers that I want to get to 61 on. So I have just be collecting Tiger Hides and praying to the great leathercrafting gods in the sky. :) And so far it has been going quite well, as I have only used 10 Tiger Hides, but have gotten .8 so far and gotten 3 Tiger Leathers out of it to boot. This might not seem like a good deal, but when you think about it, it is actually quite hard to .8 out of 10 synths, but in reality its not 10 synths. I break a whole lot as evidenced by only having 3 Tiger Leathers, but in fact I break far more than that, but I am only losing crystals, tea leaves and water, all of which are insanely cheap. To do this reasonably, I have had to go to Sandy to get advanced snyth support to make the gap only 8, but in the end that is a much more decent gap, and after .2 more I will be able drop it to a 7 level gap and that should mean I don't break nearly as much but still get those huge .2+ skill ups from having such a large level gap. :)

Maybe some more crafting tonight, I think, but definitely some Limbus and Assaults. :)

Friday, August 08, 2008

Less Izman.

Iz had to skip Salvage last night, so he fails, and doesn't get mentioned at all in the blog today. Wait...


Salvage sucked anyway, we didn't get a single HP cell outside of one in the starter chest. I did a bit of farming and crafting afterward because it totally bummed me out. I don't mind when Salvage pieces don't drop because I know they will drop eventually, but I get really frustrated when we don't get what we need to do what I want to do. I was really grumpy during the run last night. It wasn't a great day all around. I was even late getting home even when I left from work a little early.



Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Izman.

There. Iz said that the blog needs "more Izman" and now it has it. ^_^ He's going to punch me now, probably in the face, with a baby. :) Anyway, yesterday was another pretty boring Wednesday but we did some ENM's and then I did some leveling of my Leathercrafting which ended up at 45. It's still a little profitable, but not as much as when I was NPCing Corsettes, but the Ram Mantles are now 4 levels away and they require less Ram Hides to craft which is beneficial for my skill ups. After Ram's I will have an 11 level gap to get to anything that I want to craft because of price and availability of the materials to bridge the gap. So I will be spending a good amount of time when I am crafting in Sandy. :(

Well, at least today I can go over some of the other things that have been happening recently. As I have already mentioned I got my Hikazo Kabuto which rounds out all of the pieces I need for my Usukane Somen, but I still need the over 2 million gil for Orichalcum Ingots. I could buy... 1 today. LOL But I like having a little bit of money honestly, which I have for the first time in a while. I am also helping to donate some money to help Omoi finish off her Ares body, which she has been working at for quite some time, but has stalled out a little bit because she has been leveling BRD quite a bit to help out with Salvage. I think that she has or is going to have enough gil for two more ingots soon, which will put her at 9 ingots.

Of the things that I have skipped over I think getting my Faith Torque is the most substantial drop that I have gotten that I have not mentioned. This is a better piece than I think I originally estimated, because of the additional attack and base damage bonuses (I think still LOL). I am now even closer to my perfect MNK set-up, just need to complete Usukane Somen, need to get the 15 and 35 Usukane body pieces and finish that, get a Smart Grenade, get an Ethereal Earring and then some day in the distant future upgrade my rings. The other piece of gear that I kind of skipped over because of it's lesser importance so I kind of just phased it out of my mind, but I finally got my Ninja Tekko +1 made. Finally, a decent hands piece for Blade: Jin during the day! Now you can see why I wasn't that pressed to get them done. :)

Tonight is going to be fun that is for sure. Sea, Einherjar, Limbus then Salvage. Fun and really, really busy. Looking forward to it. Off to work on Dragoon on the Cheap.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


When you are fighting a mob, and you have no treasure in the pool then the treasure menu option doesn't even appear. But when you kill a mob there is a moment when the battle menu is still up but the mob has died. If that mob drops something, there is a moment that you can see the treasure tab before the battle menu disappears. And since some mobs can either drop something or nothing, if you see the treasure tab pop up you can know that it drops before the text even scrolls by. Last night, I wasn't even really paying attention to the battle menu, but calmly and surely Izman said "Treasure" and about a thousand questions raced through my mind. Were there any cells that people didn't lot? Does this guy drop a 15? Could it just be Alexandrite? I already knew the answers to these questions before I asked them to myself, but I asked them anyway to just confirm that it really did happen. And it did. The mob in question? Hammerblow Majanun. The "Treasure"? I don't really know how I finished the run with a mess in my pants. Probably more later. :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Do what now?

Servers were down much longer than expected yesterday, so I don't have a lot to show from yesterday. That coupled with the fact that I had some rather important issues to deal with at work means that I am not going to have to post today. Tomorrow will be better. :)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Imperfect just like everyone else, I do it perfectly.

A great lyric from a great band that never made it because of the assassination of an entire genre of great music by a 40 year-old rip-off artist. Anyway, perfection is sometimes defined by an ending that perfectly fits a theme for an event. In the case of Salvage, and specifically our Zhayolm Remnants runs, perfection comes in the form of this: I mean seriously, come on, we have gotten double drops of everything except Hiryo's Usukane 25 Head. We are tossing 25's at this point, because of the total lack of Usukane head, well, at least once we do finally get Hiryo's Usukane 25 Head we will not have to do Zhayolm boss for a long time, and we can kill both frogs without worrying about having time to kill the boss too. :) Last night though was much faster than normal in Zhayolm Remnants so I think everyone is getting better at learning to move fast through the zones so that we can kill everything and still have time for the boss.

I have been farming a bit here and there trying to get my leathercraft to a reasonable level and making a bit of gil in the process, and while doing so I have happened upon Stray Mary at least three times now, and I don't know if this makes me particularly lucky but I have gotten a Mary's Horn that I will use for my BRD when I finally level it. I feel semi-bad about claiming Stray Mary, but I tend to spam wide scan while I am farming and it's popped up three times that I have been able to claim, but that also means that someone is killing sheep to try to spawn Stray Mary and I have been getting the claim. I don't know, it may make up for the years and years of not claiming crap in this game, and I think that Mary's Horn may be the first ever rare drop that I have ever gotten from this game from an NM that I have claimed and killed myself. :)

Over the weekend we did some good ZNM's recently, including some tier two and tier three spawns, which actually resulted in some of the gear that a bunch of us have been looking for recently. First, our main goal has been to try to get Izman some of those sexy Aurum feet for his WAR, which required killing Armed Gears. This time it was much quicker and tanking Armed Gears with NIN/DRK is so much easier than with NIN/WAR. Iz was on PLD/NIN and we very easily duo tanked it. And this time we finally got Iz his new feet. They are, I believe the best feet available for WAR. There are pieces that have more haste and are far more expensive but in the end there are no pieces that have this much accuracy and attack WITH the haste and none of the other alternatives are anywhere as obtainable as the Aurum feet! Get these for your WAR! They might look a little retarded but it's not like Dusk feet look good on Elvaan anyway.

The next we did was a couple of Dea's for the Enkidu's legs for Kallo and Myrrial. Myrrial wasn't that lucky though, but I was as I was able to pick up a pair of Oracle's feet for my WHM resting MP set up and I will get to use it for my BRD! :) That is something I really like about ZNM's really, it's pretty easy to get people to come and help because after you have spawned a few of them then you are basically giving away some incredibly good gear to people just for helping you out to kill some pretty simple to pretty painful mobs. :) So if you are one of those people that are poo-pooing ZNM's because its too much work for the result, I think you just need to go with a few people that have already done a couple of tier 3 or 4's and pick up a couple of pieces of gear that go free lot. You don't really get to see how good this gear is until you put a lot in on it. That is when you notice something about it that stands out, and then you start getting that itch for the gear. I think part of the reason that most people don't think much of this gear is because of the nature of the stats. But I will get to that in a minute, because Kallo's Dea did go better and he got his new subligar. If this was WoW and we could name them something ridiculous they would be something like Pink Pajamas of the Utterly Undignified. :) Yes, Kallo the stats are awesome, and yes Kallo, you do look like mom didn't wash your clothes and you had to go to school in your pajama bottoms with the poop flap in the back. :D

Now, as to why you should reconsider the ZNM drops? I did the same thing that you did when I first saw the gear; I yawned and said, how is this supposed to beat what I already have? It took more than a second or third look before I started to realize how good some of the pieces are and that even if SE didn't put much thought into the design of the ZNM system or especially into the look of the new items instead of just recycling old unused gear. But since gear may be pretty or it may not but the stats are what defines it lets look at that instead. Take for example the Oracle's set all of which except for the body has +2 hMP on it which should make it of interest to mages in general but the thing about the set is that it also has high additional MP too. Why does this matter? Because a lot of time hMP gear doesn't have additional MP so that means you have to have either deal with the fact that resting in the middle of a fight or XP chain you will never be able to get to max MP. With the Oracle's gear you will be able to rest and keep your max MP at a reasonable level. And thats just the basics of the gear, each individual piece has a nice addition, like the feet have BRD skills, and the hands have Enfeebling skill. For the other gear, the Enkidu's have very nice stats but it is the first time outside of Homam gear that Blue Mages can actually call an end-game gear set their own, at least for WS's. Lots of STR to be found here even if there are other sets with more stats there is also quite a bit of accuracy to be found here to which should let BLU's use some different subs on HNM because /THF or at least some other spells besides Cannonball. The biggest surprise though is the Aurum set though. Even though the legs and hands have silly negative stats on them, the individual pieces are still very nice. Well, wait, no, the hands suck, you should be using Dusk Gloves for TP and you should be able to find something better for WS's. After the hands though, the rest is good, well, wait, no, the head is just retarded I think. It would be better with more haste, but it doesn't so it isn't. Soooo... the body is awesome... for who you ask? DRG! Even though SE has finally started giving DRG some good gear, the body is still a hard place to find something reasonable and here it is! Store TP enough to make a reasonable 6-hit set up or close to it which, as I have discussed previously, is ok for DRG, good attack, really good stats and enough DEX to actually have an impact on accuracy. That being said, it is definitely something you don't want to Jump in because of the negative VIT, and if the modifier for the Gungnir WS really is AGI then it would suck for that too. The legs are great for Steel Cyclone too and is also good for Jumps for DRG too.

The point ultimately is that the new ZNM gear is good and subtly so. You should take a fourth look at it and maybe put some time into picking some of it up or hell getting some of it free lot.

Oh crap, forgot one last thing. BLU, COR and PUP relic equipment is being added to Dynamis. Yes, I was absolutely DEAD WRONG about this. I thought for sure it would be added to a new event, and that they wouldn't wrangle with the storyline issues of adding them to Dynamis. Looking back, I think they tried but how do you make a new event that has gear equivalents to things that are already in the game and put them in a new event and have incentives for other jobs to go? I just don't know really, but I figured they had enough time to work on it as they are being paid to come up with something like that and I am paid to process books. The other things is that Dynamis was actually like the one end-game event prior to ToAU that actually made sense in the game story line. Sky, Sea, Limbus, HNM, they were all like outside of the storyline and independent, and I felt some inviability to Dynamis, but in the end if it is going to make the game play easier on the players and the designers I have no issue with it at all really.