Friday, June 26, 2009

POL News: Moblins Take Up Heart Surgery

Another day, another MMM update note that most people don't care about. Seriously, MMM update notes are turning into Event update notes for me. They probably require a lot of the development team's time and they contain almost nothing of interest to the greater number of players. So it is basically time wasted by the development team, that could be spent on other things like say giving ZNM gear unique models or at least recolored ones from 2004.

Enough of the MMM hate, lets get to the interesting bits. It looks like you will be able to have a Moblin buddy in much the same way that you have an NPC buddy. Don't get me started on how little interest I have in the NPC buddies. A new Maze Voucher is being added that will set up the Moblin buddy for you. Then you will need to take him through a maze with mobs that you will kill and help to level up your Moblin buddy. Your Moblin buddy will start off as a middle of the road job then after a while you will be able to pick what kind of specific job you want it to take up, tank, ranger or caster. Sounds like they kinda slapped the NPC and Puppetmaster AI onto this Moblin.

I guess there is some redeeming quality here because the rewards are Augmented items which could be very good, but it's hard to predict at this point.

Well, I guess that will be of interest to a ton of players because I know that they love their NPC's and they love doing MMM. For me, I guess I will be waiting until next week for more update notes. Check below the break to see the full update notes and don't forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think of MMM and this new upgrade!

Here are the full update notes from the POL website. I am sure that this will not be as bad as I make it out to be, and for those that love doing MMM this is probably pretty awesome. And for the rest of us, it's still early so we have a while to go before SE starts dropping the juicy update notes for the rest of us.

Not content to rest on their laurels as the foremost—and only—purveyors of custom dungeons in Vana'diel, the Moblin Maze Mongers have been working overtime on their latest Maze Voucher that will usher in a whole new subterranean adventure in the upcoming version update!

My Gobbie and I

With the new Maze Voucher, players will be able to participate in a new challenge in which they and a Goblin companion must maneuver their way through a maze teeming with fiendish foes. In order for your operation to be deemed a success, your comrade must survive the journey intact.

The Power of Gob

Have no fear, for this Goblin is no defenseless dunce! By defeating enemies that lurk in the maze, your companion will gain strength and grow into a formidable ally. Defend him from harm, but take care not to be overprotective—slay too many foes yourself, and you will find your Gobbie's growth as an adventurer stunted.

Gob of All Trades

Your Goblin companion will begin the quest with the "All-Rounder" job—well-balanced in a variety of skills, but master of none. By reaching Level 5 and fulfilling certain conditions, he will be eligible to switch to a more specialized position.

The career choices available to your Gobbie include the close-combat specialist "Walloper," the ranged attack marksman "Barrager," and the magic-wielding "Spellslinger." Each specialized job also comes with unique abilities, which your Goblin will unleash when the requisite conditions are met.

If you and your Goblin apprentice succeed in your mission, you can expect a whole slew of lavish rewards, including MMM's inaugural augmented items, special maze runes to customize your Gobbie's abilities, and much, much more!

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Thazienne said...

Just let us take our NPCs to 75. I guess it does add some playability to MMM but I won't get excited about it.