Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dynamis-Windurst is looooong.

I stopped on my way home from work to get Chipotle, which was really yummy, but also meant that I didn't have a lot of time to get ready for Dynamis-Windurst. I grabbed my Drg gear (I was still on War from the night before because I had been shopping) and headed out to Windurst.

Two randon tangents here:

First, gear. I have a TON of it. I tend to keep alot of things on my main in general, but its getting harder and harder to justify and I have to send more and more gear to mules. I have gear for Drg and Nin, Drg has basically two sets of gear, acc and WS. Nin on the other hand has more, I have evasion gear, acc/TP build and WS. It gets kinda crazy after a while. Now, that is what I have just for my two 75 jobs. I also have gear for my Sam, and now for my War, finally I have gear in my inbox for my Whm and Blm. The higher level that I go, luckily the more the gear will over lap. But, its going to get crazy eventually, especially with Rare/Ex gear. I need more inventory slots. :(

Second, I have the sweet, sweet Sarutabaruta outpost. When you combine this fact with new good warp Taru in Whitegate, you have instant outpost warping from Whitegate. All for one shiny little Imperial Silver Piece. No more waiting for a boat to Windurst. I just need Ronfaure, now. :)

Back to Dynamis. Windurst is SO long, and no matter how well you do at the beginning (and we were doing well) or how many people you have (we had 50+) you are always trying to get that last NM to pop the boss with just a couple of minutes left. We finished the boss with something like 3 minutes left, but we pulled it out and got the win for Biblo and a couple of other people that needed it.

After that we helped out Bare to get Impulse Drive for his Drg. Along the way in SSG, there were the normal RMT's camping the Angel Hair NM's. A couple of new ones I haven't seen yet, but that didn't surprise me much. While we were running around to get the Ornemental Door, I saw one them flee hack and then pos hack right in front of me. I made a GM call and apparently I wasn't the only one to see this happen because the GM said they were already reported. At least that is one more RMT gone from the game.

Finally, Omoi and I went to get my AF weapon for War. The quest was pretty easy and the Razor Axe looks to be a pretty decent weapon for the level. The Dmg isn't that high but the delay is low and the stats are nice so I will definitely be off handing it until I get my Viking Axes at 48.

Versus has Kirin today, I hope that Vesp gets his Osode finally. But I probably just jinxed it. LOL After that I need to help Az and Iceblaze to finally get Diabolos done. Hopefully I can get some War levels in before Omoi goes on vacation for two weeks.

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