Thursday, August 24, 2006

Leveling Thief

So I got on yesterday, and decided that I needed to level Thief. So I muled for a while to get my Thief gear over, didn't take too long (I like how my mules are set up now). Omoi was going to level Kira with me, so I grabbed her and picked up two Ninjas, a Monk and a Whm. Lets just say this, Thief is WAY overpowered on bats at this level. LOL.

I was getting something like 300-400 SATA Viper Bites and 200-300 Distortions. When you do 800+ damage to an IT bat, that is just hot. No wonder Skur parsers so well in the Mire. Anyway, this party goes for a while until the Whm just stops curing. Probably feel asleep and almost got the party killed, the Whm was pretty bad anyway so no lose. Just as this happened, Dockrpto said that he wanted to level his Rdm with us and we needed a healer. So he came over, and one of the Ninjas had to go, and so did the Mnk. So we got another Nin and a Blm. The xp was great. Until...

I get a tell from the JP Nin. Level36 Experience points Too Weak.

This was right after I had this run across my screen:

Experience Chain #2 Ringthree gains 190 Experience Points...

Anyway, I let that guy go as he had been bossing Omoi around about what songs to use. After that it went pretty smoothly, no deaths and Omoi and I got level 35 and Doc got 36.

After that I went to bed. I dont know what I am going to do with this Thief gear, as its not something I plan on taking past 37 for a long time. I should probably sell it, but I will probably just keep it on a mule until I am ready to take it to 75. /sigh

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