Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why is War so uber if the gear sucks?

Ok, quickly, yesterday's recap. Got home a little late for Sky, had to stop at the store on the way home. Found out we already got Olla and MG, headed to Ulli. Faust popped, we took the second alliance to get it and beat PMSSky to it. We were about to pull quickly because we had Lucella and Omoi ready to go. Went back to Ulli for a while, it got late, sent some people to Sea and some people home, RMT got Ulli. I hate RMT so much. Its so disgusting, the greed of it all. Its illegal and immoral. I wish that SE would just change their rules to be able to ban them for repetitive behavior. I hate the buyers and the sellers and everyone in between.

Didn't get Ix'Drk to pop, we still haven't even seen the condition to get it to pop yet, which sucks.

Anyway, after Sky, we were going to try to get Diabolos done for Iceblazek and Azeryus. Az needed to get a bunch of CS's done before hand and the NM in Attowha Chasm. So we did that, and it got late so we decided to do everything up to the Diabolos fight, then put the fight off until Thursday.

Afterward, I went over to the AH and started looking at gear for my War. At level 41, Wars dont have very much good gear at all. Its sad really. I am looking at mostly Royal Squires gear and uber noob gear (Emp. Hairpin, Leaping Boots). This is what I have decided upon so far:

Main: Combat Casters Axe
Off: Razor Axe
Head: Emp. Hairpin
Neck: Spike Necklace
Earring 1 and 2: Beetle +1
Body: RS Chainmail
Hands: RS Mufflers
Ring 1: Sniper's
Ring 2: Raja's
Waist: Tilt Belt
Back: Nomad's
Legs: RS Breeches
Feet: Leaping Boots

If anyone has any better suggestions post a comment.

Speaking of equipment, I dont get the Luisant gear AT ALL. Its horribly expensive, requiring a ton of really rare and better used materials. And its basically only good for 5-10 relatively quick levels, and then its replaced by RK or the Jaridah gear for a ton cheaper. Yay for RMT kiddies getting "uber" gear at level 45. Speaking of which, the stats on the gear just isn't that good to justify the expense.

Its weird, because War isn't like Drg at all. Its more about att and acc at the same time rather than all acc to make sure than your TP hits land, and then all Str to make sure that your one hit WS does as much damage at possible.

I sure would like to get a Suppanomini soon. I guess I should get on getting an Arc Pentasphere.

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