Friday, August 25, 2006


Where do I stand?

I want many different items in the game, its the general motivation of most players in the game. If they weren't motivated by item accumulation then what is the point, right?

Then why do I feel guilty whenever I get items that my friends or members of the LS also need? Why do I feel guilty when I want to get items that others also need?

You can not play the game without greed for items, and you can not live without guilt the other way around...

There has to be a balance, why can't I find it?

Oh, well, this comes with the territory I suppose. I have dealt with it to this point I will deal with it again.

I think this may be why I enjoy leveling so much. I dont have to worry about gear while I am leveling, I dont have to worry about anything but the next skillchain, the next magic burst, the next pull. There is nothing like seeing xp roll in, its a visceral feeling. The absense of concern outside of the current mob. I love the fight. Its nice to be around people who appreciate you, no matter the job. In Versus we have most of our skillchain openers as Dragoons. I can give the technical reason that we have this (they can sub war and not miss 50% of their opening WS) but its irrelevent, because the idea in Versus is that everyone fights. And if its your first night in Versus, you have to fight.

I had a conversation with a person that shouting about a Limbus LS in Whitegate last night. I said I might be interest and they asked what jobs I had available. I said Dragoon 75 and another 75, but that I would prefer to come as Dragoon. They seemed non-plussed. Now, I do not hold it against them, because I dont know what other jobs had applied to the LS, and I have no pressing need to do Limbus. And I do love to play my Ninja, I like both equally well. But I do find it funny that people are willing to give up on things because of "perceived" usefulness. Getting War to 75 will be pretty easy for me, I will basically only have to buy axes, I have the rest of the gear I need already from Drg, Nin and Sam. And I already have a bunch of end-game weapons from the activities I have already done. The question is, does that make me a good War? I doubt it, I will still have to learn how to play.

I want to level all my jobs to 75, and then tell people that I would prefer to come as Dragoon. People need to be forced to realize that a bad "job uber" is not better than a good "job gimp." Almost all of the people that I hang around know this already, or at least they do a good job of humoring me.

We shall see.

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