Monday, August 28, 2006

Damn, that pot moves fast.

Versus has been rapidly explanding its operations in Sea, as have other LS's recently. Last night we got Jailor of Temperance to spawn for the first time. Now, this is probably pretty newbie for LS's that have been doing Sea for a while, but did pretty well for only 13 people. We had no idea what to expect and I was kind surprised that it actually popped on the second PH, considering Limit Break were in Sea for hours before we showed up. They were farming Ghrah M Chips with almost an alliance, in which there were three DD's with E. Body o.O; They are definitely pretty impressive.

Borin got the Axe and we go our first virtue drop, we have had pretty good luck on drops so far, and we have a Jailor of Hope set after just basically three days in Sea. We also did Ix'Mnk with 1 organ, but it was our first mob that didn't drop anything.

The Jailor of Temperance fight was just damn fun, and we learned a ton. I think we are ready to move onto Faith and Fortitude. Damn, that pot moves fast...

Anyway, I also did some leveling this weekend (shocking really). Got thief to 37, and glad to be done with it. Sent the rest of that equipment back to a mule and I hope to not see it again for a long time. Also, leveled Sam a tiny bit before Dynamis, but had to leave early to get to Xarcabard on time. I really need to focus on Sam just to get it done. I am pretty damn close now. Its a good thing I left early too, because it turned out to be a very good Dynamis run, because I got these for only 17 points:

That was a nice little pick up, Bg said he uses them full time because its hard to remember to swap them in and out when you are in xp "burnz." I will probably do that, too bad I can't sell my O's Kote, because I still need them for Sam.

I have not had a Wyrm piece drop in an Outlands run that I have been on yet. I hope it does soon. >.<

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