Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Welcome to YANYFOK.

Yeah, so I made a blog. Might as well start.

First, I hate RMT. They drive me crazy. I make 2-3 reports to RMT a day, and I have discovered at least one thing from the whole experience, the GM's prefer to think we are naive. If you even say that someone is RMT when they obviously are the GM's get pretty abusive. I haven't been playing that long and I remember when you could xp camp Ulli. The good old days.

Second, I like this game, you will hardly ever hear me whine about my experiences with the game. Just the RMT. This doesn't mean I wont whine, but I wont whine about SE and crap like that. I mean I figure, if you dont like the game dont play.

So, lets see what did we do yesterday. I am a leader of the Versus LS. We do Sky and Sea. Did Kirin, got a Pole and D. Body. Not bad.

Thats it for now, going to see if I can get Vespasian to post on here. Vesp has a grasp on game mechanics that few others even come close to, and it would be nice to get him to post.

So, I made this post then thought I want to say some more, but I dont know if anyone even care, but screw it.

In FFXI, I have a 75 Dragoon and 75 Ninja. So I know what it feels like to get invites and not get invites. Like it matters though, I never wait for invite, I always make my own parties. People that complain about invites are the people that wont ever get anywhere. I think the last time I got an invite on Dragoon was in a jungle.

I have other misc. jobs, but I have a 61 Sam which I kinda just want to get to 75 and retire or use it only for Versus events. The next jobs I want to level are Warrior and White Mage. Warrior is kinda dependent on getting Omoikitte's second character through the Promies which everyone hates to do besides me apparently. White Mage requires leveling Black Mage which I hate. Got 14 on my Black Mage last night, still dont have any pants for it. And why didn't someone tell me that Zealot's Mitts suck for Blm ; ;

Oh yeah, one last thing I should mention, my goal in this game is to get all jobs to 75.

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