Friday, August 25, 2006

Sky, et al.

Had Sky yesterday. Got some NM's, popped Suzaku and Seiryu. A normal day. Nothing really good dropped except for a Dragon Talon. Now we normally random off things that are under a million, but I can't see the Dragon Talon staying that cheap for that long. It used to be worth millions, but with the new ISNM's the price dropped radically. I wonder if that was SE's intention.

After that I actually did some crafting. It was a low level synth that I got from reading Gorokai's blog, didn't make to many of them, but its a decent profit considering the price of the materials and crystals. Ultimate conclusion? Crafting is still boring. Omoi and I were supposed to level Thief and Bard again but she was doing interviews with perspective Versus people, so I was a crafting.

After that we went and ran around Rolanberry Fields killing things, but it didn't go so well and we died and homepointed twice, down about 1k xp on Thf. :/

Lets see, I dont know if I am going to have a whole lot of in game time this weekend, I am going to be out and about, but I would very much like to get thf to 38, so that Omoi can start leveling Kira and with me on War. War is definitely going to be the next job I get to 75.

Things on the horizon, Versus needs to do a Swift Belt/Soboro run, and a DM run. We still need a couple of pentaspheres for that, but I know we already have 2-3 of them. We also need to do Bahamut for a couple of people, but that shouldn't take too long at all.

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Omoikitte said...

Hehhe you know even though we did die a few times and have to home point, it was a lot of fun running around *grins* I'm sure we will improve as we progress