Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All that has transpired... (that sounded really noble for what I actually did yesterday)

Started leveling War, which was really nice. I am rocking two mythril axes, which is probably gimp for my level, but there were no Combat Caster's Axes, and I was already late from dinner. So I just had on some pretty crappy gear. Now, yes, I know I am level 41 and should be using Great Axe instead of Axes, but whatever, I was sub-tanking and needed shadows, and I like the Axes, so there you go. And my GA skill was 3 at the beginning of the night. Skill up time is a comin'.

Anyway, leveled with Omoi/Kira and Rygar last night. Went from 39 to 41 in pretty short order, the party was mostly Omoi/Kira, Rygar, me and 3 JP's. We did get a monk at the end that had a macro for eating food, which we all found just a tad bizarre, but harmless.

Now, I want to say something about Puppetmaster (Rygar was leveling his Pup with us last night). I dont know what people are taking about when they say Pup is gimp. Just more stupid elitists that believe the only thing that matters is peak damage on weaponskills. Rygar was using flash all the time, which saved a ton of MP, and doing pretty good damage. Of course the elitists dont know how to add either, just like they dont know how to add when figuring dragoon damage. I want another Kuftal Tunnel burn party please. Subbing nin sucks for dragoon but its definitely better than dying.

But then again, who am I to talk. I am leveling those elitist jobs as we speak. Nin and War, "burnz" party, Yes, Please.

A note to Biblo: Get a move on leveling your Nin! Hehehehe.

Going to spend the better part of the day hiding from work and doing some preshopping for War. I get to get my AF weapon for War which I hear doesn't completely suck. Also going to try to do Diabolos for Az and The Iceblaze today.

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