Thursday, February 18, 2010

POL News: Free range lottery!

So to celebrate 8 years of FFXI and a way for everyone to enjoy the VanaFest in Japan, SE have released a NOMAD Moogle Bonanza, not just a regular common garden moogle bonanza, this one is loose and roaming free. To be drawn live at their VanaFest.

It all feels a bit random, and it is a good gimick to drum up interest in an event 99%of the non-Japanese player base will not be attending. I have to say, the reward for winning this is pretty darn nice. If you are that one person, you will get to pick your very own mythic or relic weapon.

I am sure there has been some negative backlash against this from those who actually sweated the blood to get theirs the hard way, and there is a good chance that the person who wins one will get sneered at a little for just wafting into a relic, unless the ultimate irony happens and it goes to someone who already has one.

Anyway, if you DO want to enter, get your skates on as you only have till the 21st to sign up for it! To drool over the rewards and provios, check out the POL article about it.

Oh, did I mention there is only 1 winner? ^.^

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