Thursday, February 18, 2010

POL News: Cute stuff abounds.

Do you ever actually fill in those questionnaires that SE sends around occasionally? Remember the one where they asked "What would you most like to be turned into a purchasable?"

Well, looks like the Tarutaru won. BAH! Totally should have made a plush of the gnat or leech from Zi'Tah! Oh well. The new FFXI trading arts collection features a little pantheon of luminaries from Windurst who play significant roles in the plots and storylines that revolve around Windurst and the Tarutaru race. While Shantotto is probably the one figure out of the lot to transcend beyond her original designated border, its nice to see a few of the others, like Robel-Akbel who I rather like and who is as ruthless as the Little Miss herself.

If you wish to equip yourself with this fine little treat, then swan over to the SE Shop Online to part with your valued money! Sorry $ only, no gil.

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