Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Q & A w/ R3.

I get to spout off all the time about what I think about things without people asking or even really caring. So I decided that it would be interesting to find out what you really care about that you would actually like to hear about from me. There are lots of questions that could be asked about my classes, the game in general, VanaFest, or FFXIV. But you don't have to stop there, you can ask me any questions about myself, my interests besides FFXI, what I do in my non-FFXI spare time or even what my favorite foods are.

You can even ask me how old I am and if I really did go to high school with Adam and Eve...

So if you feel interested or compelled to ask a reasonable question feel free, and if you feel the need to ask a silly, insulting, revolting or even age-based question, I will answer those too, in the appropriate manner, as long as you also ask a reasonable question.

This should be fun. :)


Qtipus said...

How do you feel about getting your ass pinched?

Iceblazek said...

Why isnt there more Iceblazek related content in your blog?

Anonymous said...

how old are you? :P

oh btw DD posted up my App plz go take a peek lol

Blake said...

When FFXIV comes out will you be playing that or are you going to stick it out with XI?

Also, which MMOs did you play back in the day when you were hanging out with Jesus?