Friday, February 19, 2010

Morning in Vana'diel: Internet has problems; SE to blame.

So the "Walk of Shame" saved us a Salvage run last night. Both Clubber and I were the fuck ups of the century and didn't get our soap for Limbus (we both checked the NPC before we could get the soap and weren't paying attention when it denied it) and we didn't get our Salvage tags, and while running back to pick them up the server message came up and said that POL was going down. So, while we both did completely ruin our Limbus run, we did manage to save some points by delaying the Salvage run enough to prevent us from going in.

So being a fuck-up can be helpful sometimes... but we won't talk about Limbus though. >.<

I don't know if it was even entirely SE's fault the POL servers were having connection issues. I have been having intermittent internet issues all day and I know other people have been too. This is what you call connecting two completely unrelated things. :)

In another one of my "I just don't get it" moments, I was looking at the thread about the POL connection issue on BG and noticed that some people would declared their hatred of SE and their crappy game for having connection issues to the game that SE makes that they are being denied. Maybe it is a higher form of irony that I don't just get, but I thinking that is the kind of cynicism that goes so far that it comes back around again. If you hate everything about SE, and SE has problems letting you connect, and you hate them for that, then... like... shouldn't you like them? Confusing to me, that's for sure.

So basically yesterday was a complete waste for me. I fucked up and couldn't do Limbus, then I fucked up and saved us from doing a Salvage that we would have missed anyway. I hope that I can actually play FFXI tonight instead of just running around to places and not doing anything of importance.

Also wanted to mention something about my Q & A post. You guys suck. I didn't get one good question. Not one. I suppose that if you read this blog you pretty much know a lot about me anyway, but I thought someone would at least be interested in something different.

I wanted to mention that Izman got a Pachipachio recently and has been letting me borrow it to do some eyeball testing on it. My conclusion is pretty much the same as it is with any other GKT: it's awesome for lower level, low defense mobs, but can't compete with Hagun on anything that matters. I used it in Salvage once and it was an absolute wrecking ball on lower level mobs, but it just couldn't compete with Hagun on boss damage. Once I get my parser working again, I am going to do some comparisons in Salvage and Einherjar to get more of an idea of what I am looking at.

How about that... a real post... first in a long while. :)


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It's a little soon to be complaining about not having real questions. You just came back from two months of no real content, and that was for a "die in a fire, tell me what to write for you" post. Probably most of the readers you didn't alienate with the DIAF still think you finally succumbed to old age around Christmas. :)

Ranger on the Cheap.

Recognize the middle ground. SE is horrible at customer support. They have absolutely stopped caring about FFXI in every way. Still, the game is (mostly) SO GOOD it's worth playing, even with 0.00000038% drop rates you have to work 2 hours to get to, or stand en masse in aery 3 hours a day to not claim any chance at. The "security and support" staff are the equivalent of the cop who watches 15 cars blow by at double the speed limit, then puts a bullet in your head for failing to use a turn signal. If your car gets stolen twice, it's your fault. They don't replace self-accelerating gas pedals. But if they can be kept from interfering and you don't get attacked, the game is still the third most fun thing you can do with your boots on. It's possible to be disgusted with SE and still love FFXI.