Thursday, February 18, 2010

Real Life Happens to Other People: Obsidian Above and Beyond!

Obsidian Linkshell is most likely to be the oldest, consistently performing dynamis ls on the Odin server. It is by far and away the most successful North American dynamis shell, despite having gone through its own amount of internal turmoil it has always managed to hold together with one of the finest points system databases in FFXI.

New horizons are potentially rumbling through as the leadership takes a possible look at expanding the ls to cover a few more end game events outside of just Dynamis. An idea that grew from a small seed, it could be worth watching to see if this becomes a successful transition, Obsidian has a huge memberbase it can draw from for this, even though a large number of its members are from other endgame ls'.

While a largely casual player base, everyone has to start somewhere, most people only need a bit of experience to adapt to endgame and its various rigours. It is definately worth keeping an eye on developments to see if we have a behemoth rise from this!

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