Thursday, February 25, 2010

Morning in Vana'diel: Fade to Black.

My BLM has slowly been improving. My half or more resists have gone down a lot as I have increased the merits I have in Elemental Magic. And that has been my highest priority for a while now. Since we have moved over to BBQ, I have been very occupied with some very interesting and new events, but that has left me with less time than I have needed to get the merits that my BLM really needs to fill the proper BLM role. I have gotten my Elemental Magic up to 6 already and I am sitting on enough merits for 7. It is pretty shocking how much the merits make a difference in the quality of my nukes when it comes to damage and resists. I am still pretty far below the requisite level needed to assure a good resist rate on most HNMs but I am definitely working on it.

The problem I have next is which way do I go? Enfeebling or Potency. I thought this was going to be a tough decision, but it turned out to be pretty easy. Enfeebling is a great option for soloing but it is also very good for low-man and other events where I could be kiting or dealing with sleeping masses of mobs. I was thinking primarily of Sea but it is also useful for Einherjar. The problem is that the uses we limited. With Potency though, you know you are going to get a damage boost whenever you drop nukes on things. And in the end that effects everything I do. So it's definitely Potency for me, and then maybe even more into AM2's before I go back to Enfeebling.

Still gonna be a ton of merits that I need, but I will get there.


Anonymous said...

I agree, potency before enfeebling.
AM2 is a fun toy, enfeebling matters when you're solo or leveling rdm, you can go either way on those.


Tuufless said...

Whichever suits your purposes better. Knowing you, you wouldn't be taking BLM out on a solo expedition so the importance of enfeebling there is mitigated.

At least potency kicks in every time you hit a nuke macro, solo or otherwise.