Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Salvage hates me, and DO NOT USE SOMEPAGE.COM

SOMEPAGE.COM HAS A TROJAN SET TO AUTOLOAD ON ITS FRONT PAGE! DO NOT USE SOMEPAGE.COM. You should be OK if you do not use Internet Explorer, but just in case. You should do an extensive virus scan to see if you have been infected.

Wanted to get out their first. has a trojan set to auto-download if you view the site on IE 6 or 7. It uses a Real Player exploit. For more information go to this thread on the Blue Gartr forum, and to help fix any problem that you may have already go to this thread also on the Blue Gartr Forum.

Ok, with that out of the way, I have to say that there is something very wrong with the game right now. It is inconsistent and I have no idea how to replicate it but some mobs that con as Impossible to Gauge are having issues with damage and TP use. I had previously witnessed this in Limbus on the birds floor in Apollyon and with Seiryu and Despot. The higher damage is tough but you can deal with that, but last night we have seen what others have seen on Long-Bowed Chariot. It was using TP moves far more often than it should AND it was using them back-to-back. Last night we had three WHM, 2 RDM and a BRD and they still couldn't keep up with the amount of damage that the Long-Bowed Chariot was doing. We ended up wiping at 13% with this. There were several times when I had several seconds left on both Ichi and Ni just because it was using the TP moves so quickly. This had never happened to us before but others have reported it, and they reported it before our run on Sunday which had a normal LBC. So, this problem is not consistent and it is not predictable. :( Salvage hates me.

Versus also did a large Bahamut v.1 run last night and We made the naked run out to Bahamut's island and luckily got a wyvern's scale on our first kill. Completing Bahamut will let everyone be able to do Apocalypse Nigh and more importantly get access to the Ouryu fight. We are sitting on two Cloud Evokers right now, but those really wont last that long. So as an LS we are going to need to start spamming ENM's for those Cloud Evokers. As for Bahamut, the fight was kind of weird. The tanks pulled it to the side so that it would decrease the risk of a errant Mega Flare, but it was a sloping side, and I think that it caused a weird problem where Bahamut was able to use its flail move without there being anyone behind it. After a while, and a few positioning adjustments, we had everything under control. Our tanks did a great job in the fight, and didn't even die to Giga Flare. I went as the back up tank and even got to do a little bit of melee DD, but I did take a Mega Flare while meleeing and got taken out of the fight, LOL. Great job as the back up tank, but it didn't matter because neither Yukenado or Raikoh really had much of a problem at all with damage even with the Flares. So we should be looking at an Ouryu fight soon, and I might be looking for Earth Resist gear. LOL

I wanted to toss in a few of the screenshots from Ultima the other day that I forgot to upload before. First, we had a weird thing happen at the end of the fight. We were fighting it in our normal place, with mages up on the ledge and the tanks and melee on the small ramp. This is the place that we killed it (actually Jess killed it with a Drain LOL) but it jumped to the center of the room and died exactly on top of where the chest spawns. I thought that was a bit strange. The second thing about Ultima is the rewards! And here is the screenshot of Raikoh and Crlmsonking in their fancy new incredibly red pants!
And for today you get the extra bonus of some of Elfie's french humor, and apparently my new job under his tutelage.


Anonymous said...

you do not need Bahamut 1 to do Ouryu you fucking retards.

Omoikitte said...

That was somewhat rude. Since our ultimate goal is Bahamut V.2 in The Wyrmking Descends, and I am rather particular abouth things in my ls, we did indeed need to have my ls past Bahamut V.1. Not in the least so that we could go do the next bc after it. While technically you might not have to kill Bahamut V.1 to go kill Ouryu, you certainly need to kill him to go kill him in The Wyrmking Descends, and there is little point in getting a Monarch Orb if you can't use it. Think a little ahead before being a blatant ass about your comments. Not everything is clear cut obvious.