Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Grasshopper. (I'm beginning to see a trend here.) (Laziness Part Duex)

Two skipped posts in a week is bad news. :(

Lets get to business. Yesterday's pictures were interesting one's but nothing like the ones that I posted today, so lets get those out of the way quickly. First, I got to 16 on Dancer, which really isn't much of an accomplishment and I also mentioned it before. My next major accomplishment will level 20 where I will get my first "Steps" move and I will be able to switch my sub to NIN and use two daggers for TP gain. Ultimately, I believe the faster swings and higher skill from the daggers will better facilitate TP build, and sure the shadows are nice, but if I don't have good ways to spend my TP then it may not be worth much if I am doing less damage. Well, I will have to test it out when I finally get there. Hopefully I will be able to level it a bit more over the weekend. Interestingly enough, while I was soloing up to 15 in Konschtat Highlands I did see something I had never seen before, but SE had mentioned that was there if you look for it. Grasshoppers! I know its a bit lame but honestly, they are pretty neat when you do see them in game. I saw them in the morning hopping between a couple groups of tall grass.

Bah, again with the incomplete entries, I will right some more when I get to my next office. :(

Ok, so no chance last night, so just going to pick it up from today as if nothing happened. :)

Anyway, on to Salvage. We had a pretty decent run, though there was some mistakes, like when I linked three gears and MPKed half of the people on the run. :) Anyway, we added in the third floor QQTH for the first time in a long while and we were well rewarded. Thats the first Macha's coat that we have gotten. The lots on it were very poor, LOL but in the end Achikasama ended up with a nice new level 35 coat. It was at Ninjafox's insistence that we do this and really it didn't take much longer than just killing the few extra mobs we were going to kill anyway. We are now pretty much always taking the South route on the third floor, which is good and bad. It is good because if we need them there is more magic to be had on that route in general, and because the Psycheflayer NM is on that route which will be dropping Eternalpain's Macha's Crown. The real problem is that on the South route the chests that the mobs drop tend to have fewer good items like Barbarian's and Fanatic's Drinks. Those two drinks alone basically let us rip through the Archaic Chariot with a limited amount of time left. Without them, it probably takes 3-4 minutes to kill the Archaic Chariot, with them it probably takes just over a minute, if not less. That being said the South route is also a bit easier, because the Archaic Ramparts don't spawn mobs like Goobbues and Mandies and I believe that the south Ramparts don't aggro (but I could be wrong on this). The problem with this is that the Goobbues and Mandies drop very nice stat cells (STR and CHR) which are needed for boss runs. It's a very weird balance. Anyway, because of my bad pull we didn't have enough time to try the Psycheflayer, which kind of defeated the purpose of heading to that side. >.< So we just killed the QQTH then moved up because we could always just get more subjob cells on the next floor. Now, I think I still over farm the fifth floor and I definitely need to adjust my strategy for 5th North versus 5th South. 5th North there is a need to clear out pretty much all of the gears and ramparts because when the second rampart spawn the Goobbue we have found it easier to kite it because it either generally is hard to sleep or it just plain resists it.

Man, I can really ramble if I feel the need to talk about something. Anyway, we also were able to down the Archaic Chariot on the fifth floor, netting us only our second piece from the most giving mob in the zone. We have more Qiqirn drops than we have Archaic Chariot drops at this point. The Freya Ledelsens went to Ninjafox. After the Chariot we went back around and killed the Qiqirn Astrologer on that floor just before time ran out. Sadly, no drop.

So congratulations are in order for Achi and NF on getting the hardest part of their new gear!

Finally, I wanted to mention that I finally got my desktop up and running again. The game runs so much better now, and I can't believe how much better my graphics are. If I had remembered them being this good I would have gotten my desktop fixed a long time ago. LOL


The angry worker bee said...

This message is coming from all those not on "Vent":

It is really frustrating when a important part of a event is left out to us because it was said on "Vent" onry. It is also frustrating when we have a important thing to say but gets ignored because we are not on "Vent". This forces us to ask in Linkshell chat (which sometimes also gets ignored)..........then we send you
a few /tell's (which sometimes gets ignored)......................
then we send you a "message" from the friends list.... still no reply... We know it is not easy leading a event, but with the LS website is also down it seems like sometimes there is no way getting a answer from or point across to leadership. Please take this into consideration in future events.
Also I apologize for sticky'ing this on your Blog but as you can see all other means were used.
You are probably saying to yourself that you don't think this happens or see this ever happening, but it does. This is why I am posting this message. Feel free to delete this message from your Blog after reading. Thanky.


Ringthree said...

Don't worry, I know who this is. :) I did get your message, but with Omoi not around and trying to run and plan things and not trying to be as late as I have been, I did forget to reply. I thought I had said that we were doing the same one we were supposed to do on Thursday a couple of times in LS. I am sorry I didn't say which one exactly in LS chat. What I am thinking often isn't translated into explaining that to everyone else, especially when I am hurried. This doesn't have anything to do with Vent really, it has to do with me not doing my job fully. I should have at least responded to your message after the run. I am sorry that happened and I will try not to let it happen again.
~BAM, thats my promise!

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Omoikitte said...

We want text, we want text! *sets up a picket line*