Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting from here to there.

It really is all about how you get there. Now, I have two completely disparate thoughts that follow the same line of thought. The first is bad. Recently there has been a RDM in Sky that has been soloing Despot mobs... all day, like 24/7. I can't for the life of me remember their name now, but I think that either they are cheating. They managed to get from Despot to Zipacna last night and have Zipacna at 30% by the time that Versus got from Despot to Zipacna. So either they are RMT or they are someone that has deemed their actions OK because it serves them best. I am going with RMT for now, but I have noticed an increasing trend in the way RMT is done now. And I have also noticed a shift in NA-style RMT to JP-style RMT. Let me explain this, because its not just conjecture on my part, I have discussed this with several people about the styles of RMT. NA players, in general, just buy gil, and whether they are ashamed of it or not, I think they do it for plausible deniability. A lot of what SE has done to combat RMT has worked against the NA-sytle RMT, in that they have killed off the farmers and high-end RMTs. But now we are seeing the JP-style RMT flourish. These are the RMT that are hired to spawn and/or fight NM's for gear that a person wants. It appears that they don't really even farm for the spawn gems anymore, instead they just fight the mobs for the potential drops. Apparently, there is little shame involved in this on the JP side, while there would be for NAs. You can see this in the solitary people that solo Despot and Zipacna all day for the gems without a LS pearl on, or the people that sit AFK in parties with the RMT at Kreutzet. NA and JP, either one, both, they all piss me off. It's a cheaters way to get from here to there.

The second part of getting from here to there is completely different, but it is a discussion of a journey, this time the rough road. We have gotten pretty good at fighting Long-Bowed Chariot now, the problem that we have had on two potential win runs is Homing Missile. Honestly, this is my fault because I should have planned ahead, but last night we got LBC to 10% and would have easily beaten it if it wasn't for a late Homing Missile. So, to get from here to there, I am instilling one simple rule for myself. When planning the run, we need a back up tank. Its that easy. Preferably a PLD or NIN, but anyone with Provoke or a quick hate-get and enough defense to live long enough for Rygar and I to get hate back can handle it. It was just upsetting watching a great run and the potential for completing up to two different Salvage pieces flushed away because I didn't plan ahead. I have to say that Rygar and I are very good a moving when needed, and the mages are awesome at getting us unbound very quickly, but sometimes its just inevitable. We also didn't get any STR cells last night. Not a single one the entire run. LOL Well, it wasn't that bad but its upsetting because we could have killed it faster. So we are learning how to get from here to there, and we are doing it right.

Outside of today's theme we have some neat goings on for me. I have finally, after two years of doing Sky, won a lot on Neptunal Abj. Hands. LOL We had a really good Byakko's with N. Hands, Byakko's Haidate and a Behemoth Hide, and then a second decent one with D. Legs and another Behemoth Hide. We have finally seen a decent turn around on Haidate drops, which is good because people have been waiting a while for it. LOL We have another Byakko set and if we get at least one more Despot this week we will be able to do another two Byakko's on Sunday. Also, I was able to get a set of Faith Baghnakhs from Sea last week, which I believe I mentioned but I didn't have the screenshot for it.
And finally, don't die around Taru's... they do bad things to your face. :(

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