Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Stuff.

I was right about Mr. A. Nothing. Not a single thing. Truly pathetic that someone could do that then not stand up for it. Ringthree 1, Mr. A 0.

Anyway, things have been going well recently. Well, except for in Salvage, where my group is having a rather difficult time in defeating LBC. We have done it once, but for one reason or another we have been unable to beat it again. It's getting pretty frustrating. The last loss was because we didn't really have enough healing. Every time we get it to about it 30% or less and then it uses a Homing Missile and a mage or two ends up dead and we don't have enough healing to finish up the fight. Seeing LBC at ~15% and timing out several times is just getting frustrating. The good news is that we have radically improved the amount of time it takes us to get through the rest of the Remnant so we have the time to kill the 10 gears to nerf LBC, but since the very first run we killed all 10, we haven't been able to repeat it. The good thing though is that I think everyone understands the importance of killing the gears fast now. Tonight's run should be better, I think we will easily be able to take down all 10 gears AND LBC. No hate reset = assured win, especially if we can get two WHM to go.

Last night Samuraisoldier got an Askar Korazin! That thing is damn nice, I must say. With full Store TP merits, you can get a 6 hit set up with just Rajas Ring, Brutal Earring and Chiv. Chain on TP build. Then you can use anything for WS's. With this you can maintain 20% haste throughout TP build. The only problem I would have with this is that you are giving up 14~15 Accuracy from the Haub (or in my case +17~18 Accuracy from the Haub +1) which may be problematic depending on the situation. If I ever get an Askar Korazin, I would probably finally give up my Katana merits for Great Katana merits for two reasons. First, I would need the extra accuracy from the merits to make up for some of that which is lost from the Askar Korazin. Second, I don't need the Katana merits really, LOL. They are very nice for when I use NIN on Colibri, but I don't do that very often anymore. I usually go as SAM or MNK for those parties. Everywhere else I use Sushi on my NIN for XP or use meat in other places where accuracy isn't in demand.

If I have the calculations correct, you will need 47 Store TP during TP build to be able to not use the Askar Korazin during WS's. Now the problem with this scenario is what happens when I finally get a Justice Torque? This knocks down the Store TP during TP build to 46, which means that for WS's you will have to use something more than the normal Rajas Ring and Brutal Earring. So that may mean giving up the Rutter Sabatons for Hachiman Sune-ate for WS's. At least until I get Usukane Sune-ate. I love to dream don't I? LOL Usukane Sune-ate are total sex and man I want a set of those.

I am working on something neat right now, but I don't want to disclose it before I get it done, but in the next couple of days you should have something new and pretty sweet seen here.

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