Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Salvage piece #2

Finally got our second win on LBC. ^.^/ The fight went very well even considering we got at least 3 different Homing Missiles while tanking not counting the others that may have gotten off while the mages were kiting. LOL But the nice thing was this this was the first time we got a win after a Homing Missile. LBC was still trying to be insane though, it used 3 TP moves back-to-back. This isn't your normal below 25% TP spam. This is 3 TP moves done without any delay in between, not even one single attack. Actually, as it turned out it wasn't so bad because as it gets that low it can hit for more than the AoE moves. I felt that I was doing a much better job of tanking in general, and Smoosh did a great job with tanking on his first LBC tanking ever. Eternalpain was absolutely awesome, providing something like the last 10% of the mobs damage and provided a ton of support throughout the fight. Skur and Omoi did a great job as always on healing and keeping Smoosh and I up even after the second and third Homing Missiles where everything went crazy. Crimson and Ninjafox were kept incredibly busy but even with a lack of MND cells, they were still landing debuffs with regularity, and paralyze was kicking its ass for most of the fight. Ailee amazingly didn't want to kill anyone after the run, so it had to go well. ^.^/ LOL She was great, dealing with a thousand and one things at the same time, even if she claims that BRD is an easy job. Akanea as usual was a large part of our damage just from SATA'ed WS's and helped to recover from those Homing Missiles, while Hellz did the same in a smaller way but helped out a ton with Angon making everyone else that much more effective. But finally, I wanna say Iz really saved the day, he was awesome at back up tanking, one time saving Skur while he was kiting and three times quickly collecting LBC so that Smoosh and I could get hate back quickly. We had a ton of time, and by the time we got everything pooled and ready to leave we didn't even see the 10 minute warning. I am thinking that next time we do this we will rush through the first couple of floors then try to do the 10 Archaic Gear and if we get the Dormant Rampart to spawn we will do that also, depending on time.

Our drops even completed a set! Ninjafox turned in his pieces last night for his Skadi's Jambeaux after we got a set of Freyr's Ledelsens from LBC last night, so he will be able to pick them up today. He gt his Freya's Ledelsens just recently from Archaic Chariot and I have no idea where he got the 15 feet but we have never even done Dekka so it wasn't with us. Crlmsonking got the Ea's dastanas so all she will need is a good drop on Archaic Chariot also to get the two hardest parts for her hands. 15's are so easy to get that I don't even consider them in planning until after we get the 25 and 35 for the set. Can't wait for Saturday for our next run! :)

As I mentioned above, LBC was broken again last night, but it isn't just LBC, its many different mobs. I used to think that it was just Impossible to Gauge mobs, but this just happened this weekend. Yeah, there are no other actions between those two TP moves, and they happen back to back. This is not normal, and most of the time I think that people don't notice it, or think nothing of it but when you are instantly killed by two Firespit's you notice it pretty quick. There is something really messed up in the game mechanics, and I can't believe they haven't noticed it yet. One of these days it's going to happen at a big mob and in a place where other people can witness it, and there will be an outcry. This is all before you consider the absolute ridiculousness of Despot right now. You can't even tank it right now, you have to bind, gravity and nuke.

In other news we did two Early Bird Catches the Wyrm KK99's yesterday. It was our first run as an LS and we pretty much destroyed it. :) I was surprised with how easy it was actually. We chain-stunned it once it started flying but I don't even know if we needed to do that as we were able to do the requisite damage to bring it down in time. I don't see why we need to even two hour it next time. We may need another healer but the amount of damage we did in such a small amount of time was well more than enough. And we didn't even get off a skillchain either time we did the fight, Hellz missed on the first one (LOL) and Glacian got Terrorized mid-way through his two-hour skillchain. Anyway, we didn't get much at all in the way of decent drops. >.< I think the best drop that we got was an Unsho. We didn't even get any of the good crafting drops. Kinda hurts the incentive to do KS99 when there are fewer and fewer good decent drops in the pool. Anyway, in classic Versus style while everyone is up and happy, I am dead on the ground.
Now, those pictures I should have had earlier but didn't put up! First is Sam's lust-worthy Askar Korazin. Second is our double leg drop from the last Omega. Raikoh and Smoosh, congrats on your new PLD pants! LOL Third, our first Jailer of Hope, which dropped nothing of importance. LOL I think I will be able to talk about the project I have been working on tomorrow, lets see how much I get done and how it looks before I post about it.


Skurlover said...

Yeah, Ailee not wanting to kill someone after an event is definitely a major accomplishment. Her level of insanity is usually a good indicator on the state of the event. ^.^

(P.S. I'm dead, Ring, you can have my stuff)

JESS said...

....your projrct is about 'zerging LOL
...calling it now ;P

omoikitte said...

I don't know that you can call 2 MNKS only in the fight as a 'Zerg LOL.

And is it me, or did the Salvage sound like The Ringthree Oscars for Excellence *grin*

Great job though folks, in all seriousness! Pulled through well.