Thursday, December 13, 2007

Anonymous said...

LOL, Well, I have my first truly negative comment left on the blog. Shall we discuss? Lets. This was left yesterday, by our aforementioned friend Mr. Anonymous:

you do not need Bahamut 1 to do Ouryu you fucking retards.
Now the first half of this incredibly succinct and illuminating comment does provide some semi-useful information. I, in fact, did not know the minor detail that Bahamut version 1 was not required before doing the Ouryu fight. Does this mean that we, as an LS, did not need to do Bahamut version 1 for the members of my LS? Hardly. It is still required for two future events, Apocalypse Nigh and for Bahamut version 2. Thus, the need to do Bahamut version 1 for the LS would have still existed if I had known this fact ahead of time or not. I have no problem admitting that Mr. A is correct in his assertion that Bahamut 1 was not required to do the Ouryu fight, no matter how completely irrelevant and useless his comment may have been. It is always nice to gather new information because it may be helpful in the future for planning events. So, Mr. A, thank you very much for that. But Mr. A, your vision (along with your grammar skills) appears to be incredibly limited, almost to the point of being blind. Bahamut v.1 may not be necessary to do Ouryu, but I ask you Mr. A, what are we doing Ouryu for if it is not to move onto Bahamut v. 2? Are we to believe that you think our goal should be to collect Tutelary's and DRK JSE materials? Is there a distinct reason that we should not do Bahamut v. 1 first? I know that you can do Bahamut v. 1 right before Bahamut v. 2, but Mr. A, is there a reason that you are so adamant about providing your information? Is there a reason that we should not do the Bahamut v. 1 first? Of course there is not, but I am sure that if Mr. A's level of intelligence can be equated with his grammar skills that this thought is well beyond their mental capacity.

Now, lets focus on the second half of Mr. A's comment; and I even have to use "comment" loosely because that string of words barely fits the term. "you fucking retards" is not a very nice thing to say. Honestly, if Mr. A had just left the piece of informational material about the requirements for the Ouryu fight I would have happily accepted it and might even have been able to use it beneficially. But, I sense a tiny bit of anger in Mr. A's comment. This anger could come from any place really. Perhaps they are a disgruntled former member of Versus? The plural nature of "retards" suggests this might be the case, but again the elementary verbal skill displayed in the comment does not give me a lot of faith in any kind of grammatical interpretation. It could be a reader of any of the forums that I generally post on, where in many cases, bluster and herd mentality is favored over thought and reasoning. I definitely do not want to group and tag all of the posters in the forums with this idea, but those that are capable of having a decent discussion will do so, and those that can not end up leaving comments like Mr. A's. It is never the intelligent posters on those forums that cause problems, but rather those that cling to the intelligent posters that they admire and take their points as gospel without independent thought or really any understanding of the arguments being made. I enjoy forums because in many cases I can engage others in the constructive practice of evaluating differing views, strategies or gear selection. Also, it could be anyone that I have personally angered or wronged over the years. Even though I have done very little to intentionally harm anyone in this game, I know there are some people will dislike me for whatever reason that they have fabricated for themselves to justify their anger and divert their attention from the issues that are their true concerns. I suppose I tend to be a lightning rod for this anger, and I accept this fact just as I accept other inevitabilities that I do not like in a world that I do not have control over, even if I wish it would not be that way. Finally, it could just be a blog stalker that truly thinks that not knowing the irrelevant factoid about the requirements of the CoP Wyrm BCNMs makes me and whoever else they choose to dislike that associates with me "fucking morons."

My quick psychoanalysis? Mr. A is likely not the kind of person that makes discoveries such as the requisites for these fights on their own. Generally, people like that take actions to provide the information because they are the kind of people that will take the lead to find the information first. So, likely, this person is just a person that tends to glean from others what they can, but their own inferiority issues forces them to then use that information to make them feel superior over others. Often times this kind of person will even claim that they were the first to something or find some bit of information, when they know that they are not, just to further prop up their own lagging self-worth. This kind of person will tend to let others do the hard work for them while being greedy and selfish about the rewards they incur, and then claim the work of others as their own. They are likely to be rather boastful and full of bluster but in the end very needy for attention, all the while fearful of the repercussions of their actions when others are not around to validate them. Also, it is more than likely that Mr. A has a small penis, but hey, Freud said that, not me.

My analysis could be completely wrong, but it was fun to engage in a bit of conjecture.

So, to you Mr. A, I leave you with three thoughts.
1. If you are going to leave moronic comments, I would suggest that you at least make them relevant and insightful, or at the very least, use punctuation and grammar above the skill level of an 8 year-old.
2. It's probably not a good idea to leave moronic comments in a place where you have little to no rejoinder. You are only setting yourself up for a fall, as I get to spend a whole blog entry making you look like an utter douche bag with a small penis.
3. I may or may not be correct about your penis size, but if you make moronic comments and don't sign your name, then I am positive that you are a gigantic fucking pussy.

Perhaps next time you decide to post the diarrhea that spews from your mouth you could at very least make it poignant. Hell, yesterday I was complaining about game mechanics, and even the mentally retarded would have latched onto that to leave an obnoxious comment. "Fail Moar," "Learn to play," or a plain old "You suck because you can't beat LBC so you are blaming the game," would have been a much better criticism than pointing out the most incredibly irrelevant point of the entire post.

I am now eagerly awaiting the wonderful responses from Mr. A which will likely include nit picks about how I have some typographical errors in my post or that I must be gay because I am obsessed with talking about their penis. Perhaps a tirade in which they proclaim their encyclopedic knowledge of the game, how they have soloed every HNM in the game and how I must suck because I have not done the same. Or maybe we will see nothing at all because this is a place were they have no friends to validate themselves.

What we will probably not see is Mr. A apologizing for leaving the moronic comment, admitting that their comment was so irrelevant as to define inane, or signing their name.

In the end though, I have to thank you Mr. A because I was on the game for less than 10 minutes last night and I was going to have just about nothing good to post today. Without you, this post wouldn't have been half as exciting. Thanks! ^.^/


Skurlover said...

You fucking retard.

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JESS said...

TO Mr. A: me in the game so I can snap you like a twig and push your shit in with my huge e-peen.
Choke on that.


Iz said...

Ok it was me I am Mr.A. you got me. ; ;

Glac said...

Wow. . . Mr. A is now immortalized in Ring's blog as the biggest douchebag. Guess he got what he wanted. . . Attention >.>

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Anonymous said...

damn you just wasted time elaborating on what you think Mr. A. Contributed rudely on your blog.


Ringthree said...

Wasted time? LOL Do you know how hard it is to come up with daily content for a blog? Mr. A was a god-send. LOL

Anonymous said...

lol if you put it like that :P

you hoping into prodding him to comment more often then? lol