Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm awake, I'm awake!

Actually, I have just been busy at work, and last week I tried to get Dragoon On the Cheap done but that didn't go as planned. With the excuses out of the way, lets see what has been going on for the last couple of days.

The luckiest person I have been around recently has been Ninjafox. Last week he got a Freya's Mask, and this weekend he got Freya's Gloves. Even with these though, he still doesn't have the 25 to make them yet so we are going to try to get them from the bosses in future runs. The Zhayolm Boss can't avoid two different people that need boss drops. :( The other insanely lucky person is Omoi, who has received another Usukane 35 piece, the feet, from a pop happy bee Rampart in Bhaflau. And here is the crazy part, everyone else already had the Usukane pieces or the completed piece. So we killed the rampart at about 65% after it had popped 2 bees that dropped the Usukane feet.
Outside of Salvage and normal events, we did a little bit of skilling up, and for it Pot let me use his Kraken Club, and I was getting insane skill ups with it! That Kraken Club is super-sweet, and Pot is definitely lucky to have it, and I was lucky to be able to skill up with it. :) After that we did some ZNM's, Nuhn specifically, which is probably the weakest of all of the tier 3 ZNM mobs, and also drops some great gear. The first one was popped by Omoi and she got exactly what she wanted, the Oracle Pigaches for her BRD (which also happened to hit level 75 yesterday, yay!). They are not only great feet for BRD and have great MP on them, but like I have mentioned before they are also great for resting MP. Very lucky for her to get them on her first drop but Omoi is pretty streaky on things like that. Either she gets something on the first drop or it takes forever for her to get something. The Nuhn's also both dropped Enkidu's Mittens one of which went to Samuraisoldier, the other went to me. I was going to give them to Ninjafox because he can use them for his THF, but he told me not to worry about it, so I have them now, and I will be able to use them for my NIN! :)

In game news, the talk of the town is the level sync system, which is on-balance really good for the game. The benefits are obvious because it makes people not have to worry about being unable to build a party. The main detriment is that it may make it harder for people that are seeking on unpopular jobs to get parties because there is a wider range of levels to find better jobs. I think this is countered somewhat by the fact that people are probably going to basically use this with friends, or they are going to use it to get levels closer together not to complete build parties with crazy level ranges. And unpopular jobs are unpopular, so its not like they are going hurt that much more really. There are other complaints but they are generally wrong-headed. The first is that people will be inviting 75 BRDs to level at all levels now. The simple solution is to just say no to those invites. This is one of the those complaints where people lose all perspective and say something is bad because it might slightly annoy them while it is hugely beneficial to everyone else. The second complaint that is at least partially wrong is that it will hurt crafting. Assuming you mostly set the level sync at the lowest level, then there will still be one person in the part that will need the gear that crafters will be using. The only way that it would hurt crafters is if the number of people leveling decreased, and this will likely have the opposite effect. In a party with 5 level 75's and 1 level 35, the 35 will still have to have level appropriate gear, while the 75's won't need the 35 gear anymore, but they wouldn't need it anyway, because they are already past level 35. It might actually have a positive effect on crafters depending on how good level 75 gear is compared to level synced gear, and people that are leveling with lower level friends might choose to buy better lower level gear. The only place that it will hurt crafters is people that buy gear for level capped stuff, but most people either rent this stuff from the AH or they already have it in storage. It's not really an active part of the economy.

Off to work on Dragoon On the Cheap.


Ninjafox said...

Lol at me being lucky. Though I have had a streak of good luck this past week :)

Anonymous said...

no on the cheap series please

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm kinda looking forward to the "DRG on the cheap" series. (X.X)