Monday, August 11, 2008

To completion.

Omoi is quite proud of herself now, but she is still a huge cheater. When you want to parse you don't leave Hasso on full time and eat Red Curry without telling anyone else before hand! XD The reason she is so into parsing as of late is because she has finally managed to finish her Ares's Cuirass! Her TP gear is now very nice, and probably better than any gear sets I have on any of my jobs. I think there are only a few pieces left that she is missing, like Homam hands and Ares's Mask. We are currently debating if she should be using Ares's Cuirass coupled with a few gear piece swaps instead of Hecatomb Harness, though we both agree once she completes the set there is nothing better than a full set of Ares's for WS. Speaking of which, she is one small piece and just a few Orichalcum Ingots from completing that full set now. Omoi was able to quickly complete her Ares's Cuirass from her 7 ingot stall with a little help from Iz and I and some hard work farming. :) We are all really proud of her and are really looking forward to Omoi being the first person with a complete set of Salvage gear! Iz was even so great as to contribute to my O Ingot collection for my Usukane Somen, much to my displeasure and disapproval. LOL We generally tend to be pretty sacrificing when it comes to helping each other with gil and gear, and Iz kind of outdid himself this time! Omoi and I will get him, oh yes, we will get him. o,..,O;

In other news, I was able to get my WHM to 74 this weekend, putting just one more level between me and the end of this long trip to get a mage job to 75. There will be two more gear changes for me then a few tweaks to make my macros correct for end-game usage of WHM. WHM is going to take some meriting because some of the tier 1 merits for it are exceptionally good. I was thinking about something for WHM recently, and that if they added a new merit that decreased the cost of a Cure spell by 5% as a merit capping at 25% for 5 merits, that would be something that would make WHM much more viable for places that people generally demand RDM or SCH. Also, if that is done and a WHM subs SCH they would be able to get it up 35% off of the MP cost of each cast. If you think that is too much then set the decrease cost to be something a little smaller. The point is that the MP pool is, in large part, part of the reason that people prefer RDM over WHM for XP. WHM has its role in other places, but even then these merits would be beneficial without being massively overpowered for WHM.

Lastly, I finally got my code entered to get my Harpsichord and I have placed it in my Mog House, and every 22:00 I get to have a little bit of a tune from it and it is quite peaceful.
Actually, that wasn't lastly because I did want to talk a little bit about my crafting which I have hated in the past but as of late I have been very much enjoying and I can't really figure out why. Well, maybe it is because I have a little bit of gil that I have made myself for the first time in a while. Normally, I don't like blowing things up when I am crafting, I find it very frustrating, but I have found a place where I just don't care that much about it because it is cheaper to do than to try to find a replacement. Currently I am level 49 in my leathercrafting, and I generally like to skill on things that are actually reasonably balanced in cost, effort and skill up potential, but there is a big gap that I am looking at from the Ram Mantles that I used to get to 49 and the Tiger Leathers that I want to get to 61 on. So I have just be collecting Tiger Hides and praying to the great leathercrafting gods in the sky. :) And so far it has been going quite well, as I have only used 10 Tiger Hides, but have gotten .8 so far and gotten 3 Tiger Leathers out of it to boot. This might not seem like a good deal, but when you think about it, it is actually quite hard to .8 out of 10 synths, but in reality its not 10 synths. I break a whole lot as evidenced by only having 3 Tiger Leathers, but in fact I break far more than that, but I am only losing crystals, tea leaves and water, all of which are insanely cheap. To do this reasonably, I have had to go to Sandy to get advanced snyth support to make the gap only 8, but in the end that is a much more decent gap, and after .2 more I will be able drop it to a 7 level gap and that should mean I don't break nearly as much but still get those huge .2+ skill ups from having such a large level gap. :)

Maybe some more crafting tonight, I think, but definitely some Limbus and Assaults. :)

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