Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome back.

To me! Well, I am still shifting things about but I am back to being able to have pictures to post and stories to tell. Hell I might even spin a yarn or two! Let's see, let's see, shall we talk about how I still don't know if Cursna works outside of party or not even though my WHM is now level 75! :) I finally finished off buying up most of the WHM spells that I still needed last night, but I still don't have Holy, because it's really expensive, and I just don't really need it immidiately. I think I am going to bring my WHM to some Campaign after I skill up my club and staff a little bit. I think that is going to be pretty easy now, because Pot said I could borrow his brand new Kraken Club to skill up on my Monk! Congrats to Pot for being so lucky and also for being cool and keeping it for his WHM! He has been trying to get it for a long time now, and I am glad he got it because he really is going to use it. Pot is definitely pretty lucky for his WHM, but so was Elfie who managed to get Enlil Crackows along with the 25 feet from the very next run that we did. I have yet to get a pic of Elfie with his new Marduk feet, but he was very pleased to have them and it was his first complete piece from Salvage! On the very next Salvage run, which was to Bhaflau Remnants, we saw six NM bees, two of which gave us some Skadi bits the first of which went to Ninjafox! He still needs the 25 piece from Long-Armed Chariot which we will be picking on the next time we head to SSR. The second Skadi mask is going to rot for a little while because I was the one that got it and I still need to complete my Usukane Somen first, and I need to start storing up gil for the Wootz Ingots that I am going to eventually need for my Usukane body when the 35 piece finally drops. Iz had recently gotten his Ares 35 body drop and now I have a pair of spikey shouldered body guards! RAWR! Go Team Shoulder Impalement! We are starting to get quite a few completed pieces in Versus now, and as soon as Omoi gets enough gil to get her O. Ingots we will have our first complete set! I hope she gets it done soon. Speaking of Hope we did two yesterday, hoping to get our the first Hope Torque ever. And we did! Highlife was the lucky lotter and it is one of the last pieces that he needed for his RNG! Congratulations to Highlife, especially considering his consistently high level of involvement and commitment to the LS and the fact that Omega is a bitch and will never drop Homam legs for Izman and Highlife! >.<

Thats the update in one long and pretty continuitous paragraph. I am going to start working a new series of articles if I ever get a chance to finish out the On the Cheap series. I think people will like it, but one thing at a time. :)


Arwocky said...

Ranger on the Cheap can be fun . . . if that's even possible lol.

Still, keep up the good work, man. Love the blog!

Iz said...

Hell I can do ranger on the cheap right here and my ranger is 13 so you know I that I know what I am talking about. Use a boomerang. lol I'm so bored D:

iceyb said...

less on the cheap series plz