Wednesday, August 06, 2008


When you are fighting a mob, and you have no treasure in the pool then the treasure menu option doesn't even appear. But when you kill a mob there is a moment when the battle menu is still up but the mob has died. If that mob drops something, there is a moment that you can see the treasure tab before the battle menu disappears. And since some mobs can either drop something or nothing, if you see the treasure tab pop up you can know that it drops before the text even scrolls by. Last night, I wasn't even really paying attention to the battle menu, but calmly and surely Izman said "Treasure" and about a thousand questions raced through my mind. Were there any cells that people didn't lot? Does this guy drop a 15? Could it just be Alexandrite? I already knew the answers to these questions before I asked them to myself, but I asked them anyway to just confirm that it really did happen. And it did. The mob in question? Hammerblow Majanun. The "Treasure"? I don't really know how I finished the run with a mess in my pants. Probably more later. :)

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