Thursday, August 07, 2008

More Izman.

There. Iz said that the blog needs "more Izman" and now it has it. ^_^ He's going to punch me now, probably in the face, with a baby. :) Anyway, yesterday was another pretty boring Wednesday but we did some ENM's and then I did some leveling of my Leathercrafting which ended up at 45. It's still a little profitable, but not as much as when I was NPCing Corsettes, but the Ram Mantles are now 4 levels away and they require less Ram Hides to craft which is beneficial for my skill ups. After Ram's I will have an 11 level gap to get to anything that I want to craft because of price and availability of the materials to bridge the gap. So I will be spending a good amount of time when I am crafting in Sandy. :(

Well, at least today I can go over some of the other things that have been happening recently. As I have already mentioned I got my Hikazo Kabuto which rounds out all of the pieces I need for my Usukane Somen, but I still need the over 2 million gil for Orichalcum Ingots. I could buy... 1 today. LOL But I like having a little bit of money honestly, which I have for the first time in a while. I am also helping to donate some money to help Omoi finish off her Ares body, which she has been working at for quite some time, but has stalled out a little bit because she has been leveling BRD quite a bit to help out with Salvage. I think that she has or is going to have enough gil for two more ingots soon, which will put her at 9 ingots.

Of the things that I have skipped over I think getting my Faith Torque is the most substantial drop that I have gotten that I have not mentioned. This is a better piece than I think I originally estimated, because of the additional attack and base damage bonuses (I think still LOL). I am now even closer to my perfect MNK set-up, just need to complete Usukane Somen, need to get the 15 and 35 Usukane body pieces and finish that, get a Smart Grenade, get an Ethereal Earring and then some day in the distant future upgrade my rings. The other piece of gear that I kind of skipped over because of it's lesser importance so I kind of just phased it out of my mind, but I finally got my Ninja Tekko +1 made. Finally, a decent hands piece for Blade: Jin during the day! Now you can see why I wasn't that pressed to get them done. :)

Tonight is going to be fun that is for sure. Sea, Einherjar, Limbus then Salvage. Fun and really, really busy. Looking forward to it. Off to work on Dragoon on the Cheap.

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