Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Passing the torch.

Our normal Sunday Salvage run was epic fail. It was going fine, and all of a sudden everything went wrong and it just started sucking. None of that matters though, because nothing dropped anyway. To make up for the crappy run, I suggested that we do another run last night to make up for it, because we got done with events early and Omega had given us two Homam heads. *stabbles* Anyway, we went in with 9 people which is a little more than we normally do Arrapago with but the party was very well balanced. It did get a little bit hairy during the beginning because we didn't get a second magic cell for quite a while and the mobs seemed to love using Poisonaga. After that though, things really picked up, and we had enough time to clear the entire wing on the third floor and then kill the QQTH without much concern. But then we hit another road block, none, not a single one, of the gears on the fourth floor dropped a sub job cell. So we had to kill the big Bhoot with just two people with a sub job cell, the second of which we got from a steal from the QQA previously. But things went swimmingly, and the Bhoot finally gave us what we wanted. And that was it, Omoi had a complete set of Ares gear. Well, she still needs to come up with the cash for the O. Ingots still, but the hard part is done now, she is the first person of my two groups to complete an entire set! It is honestly an amazing accomplishment, and it definitely makes Omoi totally bad ass. And even though we completed the set for Omoi, we still had to finish the run. Salvage isn't just about skill, which does have a lot to do with success, knowing what you are supposed to do, knowing how to conserve MP, knowing when to go all out, knowing where you are going and what needs to be killed and what doesn't, but it is also about luck. You have to be there when things drop, and in that respect, Omoi and I have been pretty lucky, but I think that after Omoi completed her Ares set, Salvage decided to pass the torch onto someone else... Iz! After we killed the Bhoot, we moved on and killed the Archaic Chariot, then back to kill the QQA and there it was for Iz, his first 35 piece of Ares gear. So both of the Ares pieces from this zone dropped in one night, and congratulations to Omoi and Iz! We then went on and killed the QQTH's on the sixth floor with no result and then the boss dropped two pieces we actually needed. To Ninjafox the Skadi 25 legs and to Iz the Ares 25 feet. Amazingly good run really, and it was a great rebound from Sunday night's debacle. Here is the best part though really, because in the end, when something is going to drop, it's going to drop no matter what. LOL Iz did mention that he likes his new armor more than his Haub.
Well, on to Sea and Einherjar tonight. :)

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