Friday, October 27, 2006

Dead again.

Still not feeling well, and apparently it is spilling over to the game:
Good day in Sky, I actually went home early from work because I was so sick, but I did manage to get online a little before we were supposed to go to sky. I was still messing about a little bit with some Aht Urhgan mission CS's when I get a tell from Elfaria saying that Zip was up and no one was around. After wondering for a second why Elf was already in sky scouting, I got ready to go and rushed up to Sky. We were able to wait for it because it looked like whoever was in Sky at the time were just at Ulli, no need to rush when there is no competition. After we got Zip we got MG, then headed down to Ulli. Faust was up, so we took him, but during this time Ulli popped and the RMT of course got him. God, they need to fix this. SE needs to stop "studying" and just ban them. The reasoning is so ridiculous, it almost appears like SE is run by sado-masochists at times. Or maybe just sadists, and we are the masochists. Anyway, after Faust, we got SC on the first pop of the second detector. It was kinda funny because SC popped as I was still pulling the detector back to camp.

After that we did a Suzaku, Seiryu and Genbu. All had pretty good drops. W. Hands, S. Kote and A. Hands being the mentionable items. No money drops, which kinda sucks, considering the fact that I am running low on gil and its getting harder and harder to make gil with the economy so screwed up. I know I shouldn't expect my income to come from sky drops, but it is nice to supplement my normal (non-existant) income with sky drops. On Suzaku, we were having trouble with something, dont know if it was an undispelled Feather Barrier or just Suzy being Suzy but after about 50% it took a while to get it down, and that was the point at which I died in the pretty picture you see above.

I did mention that I was doing some mission CS's before going to Sky, and one of them was just hilarious. Considering how easy the new TAU missions are I dont think I am spoiling anything by posting pictures of the CS's but in case you are not this far along, I would suggest that you skip the next two pictures.

Well, apparently Shantoto is in Aht Urhgan checking things out in much the same way that Trion was also snooping about. My guess is that Volker will be next, if not Cid himself. I could see it being Cid coming to check out the new magics of the empire or something. Volker just doesn't seem right for the role in this storyline because he is much too somber, while Cid is much more bubbly and with how the storyline has a humorous edge to it, I can see him being a much better player in the story arc so far. Shantoto showed up with one of Windurst's own "automatons." The Cardian's definitely appear to be more indepedent than many of the puppetmaster automatons. Even the ones that appear to be independent in the palace. The Cardian's though appear to be less intelligent in general than the automatons, but the King certainly is capable of kicking a little ass when necessary. That definitely looks like someone that got their level back after deleveling. King of Hearts probably needs to switch off of merits (*cough* Iceblaze *cough*).

Well, after Sky, I was determined to get at least a couple of levels on my RNG, but I wasn't too hopeful after the last two parties or so in the jungles. I was still stuck at 27 which is right in between the jungles. Well, I got an invite pretty early on and headed to join my party. It was a 25-27 spread which wasn't too bad because we were able to fight Goblin's in the first jungle. We stayed there for two levels which was surprisingly not bad, considering the level spread and the level of the mobs. After the tank hit 27, we headed over to the other Jungle were the xp was much better, and I was able to get to level 30. Only seven more levels before I am done with RNG for now. I actually like it quite well, and I may pick it up again soon. Its weird, I am getting pretty good at judging distance and also figuring out when I could just stay in melee range and fire from that point.

Oh and once I got to level 28 I was able to equip my Archer's Knives. The made a TON of difference in my accuracy, I can't believe that they were so cheap. I am still going to need to get a couple more things for my COR but the farther along I got on RNG the more of the stuff overlaps with COR. Like the Noct gear, which is pretty good, and I would like to get my RSE legs which will help out with a little bit of AGI and DEX. Once I got 30 though, things really started getting crazy. I got Barrage, which gives me 75TP return and does as much damage as Eagle Eye Shot. As you can see here. And that was just the first time I used it. I can see why people use a WS, then use Barrage, then WS again right afterward. Its just ridiculous the amount of damage you could do in an incredibly short amount of time.

Well, that is it for today, I am going to try to get a bunch of things done this weekend. Like hopefully getting my RNG to 37. If I was able to do that I would be incredibly happy and I could start leveling up my Archery for my SAM. I can't wait to try out SAM/RNG in a burn party. It is going to be ridiculous.

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