Monday, October 30, 2006


Feeling less sick, but my computer took a dump last night. Working things out, then posting more later.

Ok, back.

Yeah, so I am feeling alot less sick. I actually ate food today, which is an improvement from over the weekend, but I am now definitely losing my voice. After personal health, their is computational health, which is not going so well. The screen in my laptop is currently dying, it will only work on the lowest brightness setting and then sometimes it still dies and I have to restart my laptop. The gambit of emotions that shot through me last night after my screen failed was quite similar to those of a wild hyena. I was displeased, and also vividly aware of the tenious strength of my life line to the world of Vana'diel. So today, I oredered a PS2 copy of ToAU and a new computer. :)

My screen still works on a very low light setting, which just sucks really bad. I figured it was time to get a decent desktop anyway, I had been looking at them for a while, and I got a 21" Widescreen Flatscreen HD Monitor. So the snapshots for the blog will only get better. :)

Ordering my new computer and dealing with stuff at work has been kinda consuming all of my time today, so I am sorry about the lateness of this and I will make up for it by posting again tonight, then again tomorrow. I had a decent weekend, up until last night, and I have alot to go over.

See you tonight. :)

orz So I just tried to get on again, and my screen died again. And I lost this post again... for the third time.

So the quick recap.

Exp party, 30-32, JP. Ultimately normal JP players are better than normal NA players. Say what you want to defend NA players but if you are just in a regular xp party, JP players are 9 times out of 10 going to be paying more attention to what is going on. Truthfully that is what makes all the difference in an XP party, paying attention, as the little differences will make a bad party good and a good party great. Omoi helped me solo (yes, I know how do you solo with a PL LOL) to get to 33.

Assaults, many. Ok, so I finally have enough missions done to get to level three, but I need the Warhorse Hoofprint to get to start them.
This is the walls mission, this one is getting to the point where its just easier to beat down all the walls. The Qiqirn we being annoying and not dropping bombs, so the first mission we literally just had to knock down all the walls. Oh well, it was still fun. On Sunday we also did the Mamool Ja tier 2 which is fun, its just like a burn party. Kill all the Mamool Ja and you win. An easy 700 points.

Aht Urhgan mission, a few cutscenes. I am getting pretty intrigued at this point with what is going on in the storyline. The puppetmaster seems to be a bit more important than I orginally thought. And Gessho is making a more pronounced appearance since the fight on the Black Coffin. With the puppetmaster spying on us, I was beginning to believe that her plans for us were more sinister than they first appeared. And then I catch them doing this... and the term sinister just doesn't seem to do the job anymore.
... Yeah.

RSE. So I was going to get my RSE legs for my RNG and COR, headed on down to the Gusgen Mines. Yeah, you may not think its creepy, but with the sound on, man that place is just weird. Ghosts, weird noises and that siren... enough to drive a man crazy. And when you finally get a key, and you finally find the chest, this is what you find. A kitty! <3 Kitty!

We also had a nice field trip out to Fei'Yin to help Kirameki get mission 5-1 done. Now... one would think that Omoi would have some of this barding things down so far, but... some one forgot to sleepga the skellies. Hehehe, well, after the first try things went alot smoother, and interestingly enough the teleport that we got to Vahzl was from Ashira who also needed 5-1 done, so she tagged along and Chummy came too.

After the 5-1 mission, Vesp wanted me to help out getting him some spells, we started in the new areas on the Wamoura for Cannonball, which he needed to be able to self-chain Light. So we headed over to Mt. Z and beat up on some Wamoura. Here is what I have concluded about learning Blue magic, and this may not come as a surprise to those that already know it, but if the mob uses the spell you need, if you kill it immidiately afterward you will have a much higher chance of learning the spell. Afterward, we headed over to fight some of the puddings to get some random spell he needed. It was pretty cool because the volcano was erupting and it was nice. I got a really nice screenshot of it but that will come later, in the mean time here is a nice picture of us taking down a Pudding.
Finally, Omoi was dying for her Dark Mezraq, which she is now totally attached to. Lukeboxwalker synthed it for her, and I must say she looks mighty fine with it on.

I covered alot of what I did very quickly today but I did want to show you two more screenshots that I made over the weekend. I like them alot because they really nice and are part of my collection of nice pictures.

Mt. Zhayolm:

Tomorrow will be better as I finally have my computer situation all resolved :)

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