Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Yes, Gordor it is in fact 2006, not 1986. The use of the term "face" died with Michael Jackson sequined gloves and Flock of Seagulls haircuts. It was more of a time when Jump, Jumping to Criss Cross was contemporary. This, fortunately is not that time. And your denials, your evil, evil denials of perpetuating this crime against sanity are now disproven this this shocking piece of evidence. May the truth shine upon your lies, and expose your love for the '80's.
Ok, so now I have a temporary solution to my screen malfunction, one that is quite suitable for me for now. So hopefully that will not consume my time, and distract me from bringing you the highest quality in bloginess. The ultimate solution did take some time away from the game last night, but I did get to have a little bit of fun here and there. Some of that fun came at other people's expense, in fact at one person's expense, even if unintentional. Poor, poor, Lilkahty, I MPKed you well... LOL Ok, so it was a total accident, but I did MPK Lilkathy. I was hanging out while EP and Omoi were leveling DRG and BLU together on Colibri. I was about to leave, so I pulled a Colibri and stood next to them, ready to Mijin Gakure onto it so that could kill it afterward. The only problem was that Omoi and EP took too long to kill their Colibri and Lilkathy, being the nice person she is, healed me and took hate while I was distracted. And it killed her... LOL Yeah, total MPK. I felt so bad about it that I took a picture of her dead body in rememberance. I think that Tama yelled at me for a while for that one. XD

After that, EP finished up getting some XP with Omoi, then Omoi wanted to level some more after that so we grabbed Ice, Vesp, Eji and Kalgar and headed out to the Mire. The Mire was almost empty when we showed up. It was so nice and clean and empty, and then slowly they poored in, more and more of them, the never ending groups of parties, the slowing of XP, the annoyence of stolen mobs and the converse, the overclaiming BRD that gets their party wiped and then begs for a raise. This is the world we live in now, I wonder if people even check what the zones are like before the go to them. I mean 50 people in the mire is about at absolutely best 20 people too much, and yet they keep coming. Well, we stuck around until Omoi got 69 on her DRG. One more level and we will be sharing gear. LOL. Good thing she bought me all that good gear. :) I got my 8th merit in this party. I dont know what I am going to do with it yet. I might go STR. I might go Katana, or Great Katana, or Archery, or maybe even Polearm. I doubt I will do Polearm or Great Katana because I dont need it really, because its already an A+ so I can either eat meat already or I will still need to use Sushi. I just dont know yet, we will see. I might put it into Overwhelm or other SAM merits, but since I want to go mostly SAM/RNG I might not do that either.

After that Omoi needed to leave so we regrouped and headed out to Mt. Zhayolm to fight Trolls. Higher base XP but its going to be hard to get above chain 5 most of the time. Oh well, XP is XP. I got to switch over to SAM because Izman stepped in on his PLD. I was having fun with my Soboro, 3 weaponskills per mob is really nice. And I have finally readapted my macro set to work well with the new SAM abilities. I can tell you this, haste is something that I like alot with my Soboro, and Hasso provides in spades. I am now itching to level my RNG, to get it up to sub level, then I will need to level Archery alot. Its only a little over 100 right now, and I need to get it to 230, which is also a good reason not to put merits into Archery because those 16 levels would only bring me to 246, just under a B rating. I just dont know if it would be worth it. I will just pile on ranged accuracy gear and pray that Sidewinder lands LOL.

Oh and I had another run in with Feiwong. Apparently he has purchased Riverwind too. Too bad for Feiwong that I knew Riverwind, because he was in Versus for a while before he gave away/sold his account the first time, and apparently it has been sold again.
Feiwonged for your enjoyment.

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