Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Darkness named. And its name is Feiwong.

Guess who is back? Our favorite idiot. Gil buyer extrodinare. Casino rip off artist. Cassie Earring obsession embodied in the form of shouted annoyance. Yep, Feiwong is back. Here is the funny story, and perhaps is an illustration of the distance that this dude will go to get attention from people. I had just gotten back from another Swift Belt run (which I will go into in a bit) and was about to head to Sea to check out Skur's LS fighting Faith, when I see people shouting about someone that was trying to buy a Cassie Earring. My first thought of course is that it is Feiwong back again, with a new character, which is was. Blazes appears to be his name this time, dont know if its a purchased character or its a whole new character. So after making this quick determination, I laugh about how its Feiwong back again, then head to Sea. I get to Sea a bit late and Skur's LS had already beaten Faith, so I headed out to Onzozo to help Kitty get his friend Vai an Assault Jerkin. As we are killing Toroma's I get this wonderful tell: Of course I contacted my friendly neighborhood GM, and I didn't hear from the new Feiwong after that, but my guess is that he is going to be banned faster than last time because he hasn't even been back for a week and he already has a warning against his account.

The subtle use of metaphor in Feiwong's insult bring a tear to the eye. The prose, the tenor, the style. It is truely breathtaking.


After that had been dealt with we killed Toroma's, preventing the RMT's from getting mobs which warmed the cockles of my heart, until we got Ose. We had been messing around so Kitty and I had two different gobs at the same time while Vai had a Toroma and Ose. :) So we killed all the adds, and killed Ose pretty quick and got Vai his Assault Jerkin. I got the Ose Whisker because no one else wanted it. I remember when they were 100k a pop. Now they are 30k. Again, more RMT ruining the game, because idiots like Feiwong buy gil like they are drinking water. I will web-stab anyone that I learn buys gil, I just need Vesp to get on that invention, and I would stab the RMT too. Right in the face.

Now back to the Swift Belt run. It went well. Very, very well. 5 Codexes, 5 Swift Belts. It was really sweet. We got everyone a belt that had brought a Codex, no disappointments, no having to immidiately plan a run to keep everyone happy. LOL We just decided to /random for who was going to go first and pop the hume and mithra because they are easier fights. Az, Venus, Izman, Eternalpain then Eji all got their Swift Belts. It was a really good day and Azy's TH2 was working in over drive.
While we were in the Sacrarium, we also tried to do the mission there for those that needed it. I forgot my keys (I always forget them >.<) so we decided it would just be easier to kill Keremet again to get the key, and we would get the other keys from the Fomors because we needed to build up Fomor hate to pop the Swift Belt NM's. So we headed to the back room of Sacrarium and killed off all the trash skeletons that lined the hallway to Keremet's room. We quickly killed off Keremet, but I got charmed and started beating up on Venussama, hehehe. Then she got charmed too, and we both got put to sleep, while Izman and Glacian finished it off. We then got the first CS for those that needed it, but didn't have time to get the mission done, and couldn't find the right room to pop the ghost NM.

Now, I would like to say that I am trying to progress in the Aht Urhgan missions with some speed and the new Assault Missions on the Ashu Talif have some really good drops, so over the weekend I managed to sneak in some time to get the first BCNM done. We headed out to the boat where the BCNM is and got a kinda weird cutscene with a spooky mithra. This lends more and more creadence to the idea that the end-game area in the new areas will be more oriented toward the undead or at least to Fomors. Fomors are undead but dont have the negative melee effects that bones do, so I could see this being the way that things are done.

Well, after we get ready to fight Gessho shows up to save the day. Gessho is kind of interesting because he doesn't seem to have a large role in the storyline yet, but I can see him getting to be more and more important as the storyline advances, it just seems like it is the way that SE tends to do storyline development. And then again we may never see him again. LOL After the CS we went into the BCNM, it was Omoi, Illy, Dia, Ceal and I. We probably didn't even need that many people, we just had the RDM kite the mobs (after and unsuccesful sleepga) around the ship while we killed off the Fomors. After the first set was dead, the second set of five popped. This time we just had the Ceal kite the Fomors while we killed the Captain. It was funny because the Captain only tried to use Vulcan Shot one time, and Gessho stunned him with some drop kick move. LOL The NPC AI is so much better than it used to be, almost too good.

After we beat the Captian, this COR in really cool AF showed up: I didn't get exactly what the motivation was at this point, I mean understand the Corsair's conflict with the empire but it seems that things are running a bit deeper than just international conflict. I mean you dont get zones of nasty fomors if you dont have a really good reason to be sticking around into the afterlife. Well after this easy as pie mission was done, we got another great CS with Gessho and the Qirin's in Nashmau. Poor little birdy, he doesn't like to be plucked. LOL.

Well thats it for today, I hope you all have good days and you dont have to see Feiwong. That dude is a douchebag.


Nivaud said...

Blazes is old school Resurrection. Like, REAL old school, we started together in April '03 along with Bitcloud.

Res died and most people either sold their characters or just dispersed to other LS's.

Omoikitte said...

You never mentioned how good looking the mysterious corsair is!!! *grin* Or how all the girls in your pt were drooling over him teeheehee ^.^

Kevin said...

Feiwong is now the Basket Case known as Feimetsu on the Siren server. Where did this real piece of work come from?