Thursday, October 26, 2006


In the Tibetan philosophy, Sylvia Plath sense of the word, I know we're all dying. But you're not dying the way I am. I am so sick right now, I have to question my sanity for coming into work. My throat is so closed up I dont know how I am able to breath. o.o Oh well, the show must go on.

Yesterday, I had a newb party. A real newb party, as in please ignore my level 6 WHM sub for my 27 RDM, or please ignore my level 8 MNK sub for my WAR. Sure, I can understand if you dont have the correct sub job, like WHM and MNK are fine for that level as subs for those jobs, but seriously kiddies, lets level those sub jobs. Back when I started I never ever had a gimp sub job. I would always level them in advance. I did do other silly things like I leveled with a polearm while still leveling WAR to 30, and before that with just a sword and eventually a shield that Corinne gave me. LOL

Anyway, we had a good party set up, but you could tell that we were going slower because of all the underleveled subs and lack of understanding. I didn't mind but I didn't even manage to get 5k xp in something like 2 hours. Still it was fun and trying to get all the newbs together to actually start fighting things was kind of interesting. I am something like 500 xp to 28 were I will get some Archer's Knives. That should help my semi-miserable level 27 accuracy. Then at 30, I will get all new gear, which I will keep for when I start leveling COR in ernest.

I had my first Limbus run with DeadBody last night. It is a kinda small linkshell so far, we will see how it goes to see if I will stick around. It does have a nice set up though, because we basically just treated last nights run like a burn party with 7 people. 3 NIN, WAR, RDM, BRD, WHM. It was actually quite fun. We did Temenos North, if I remember correctly. It has seven floors each with a different set of Beastmen. The first floor was Moblins. They were pretty easy, just needed to worry about frypan and keeping shadows up. We were able to clean this floor completely I believe, and took the time chest.

Next came the Gigas. Again not to difficult, though one was a MNK which we just disengaged from then slept until we could fight it again. Also there was a BST mob on the floor which charmed one of the NIN's. I had a little bit of fun debuffing him. We also took the time chest on this floor, even though we almost definitely didn't need it, considering we were at close to 45 minutes of time left at this point. I didn't mind being conservative at all, because we wanted to make sure we got the win and the chip to be able to advance.

After the Gigas were the Sahagin. Nothing to write home about, they weren't very difficult, we took the treasure chest on this floor, and got MNK materials which no one really wanted. We didn't kill all the mobs on this floor because some were MNK's and we didn't really need to kill them for anything.

Floor 4 were the demons. This floor is actually pretty silly because the demons just ran up and down the halls like crazy before we pulled them. We did have to kill a SMN which like most NM SMN will summon a different avatar to try to kill us than the one that we already have slept. It knocked us down a fair bit but no one died so we were fine.

Antica were on the 5th floor. They were much easier because they come in weaker jobs, but as you can see here when they are Invincibled there is nothing really to do besides taking a load off until we can actually do some damage against them again.

With the Cryptonberries on the 6th floor we had a little more trouble. There were like 2-3 SMN's on this level and they all liked to use Astral Flow. I think two or three of us died to one of them, but it really didn't cost much time at all, and the second SMN didn't do much damage at all with his Astral Flow. We took the treasure chest on this floor too and got DRG AF, which was actually quote popular because 4 of the people in the DeadBody have 75 DRG.

And the run came full circle on the 7th floor when we had to fight Goblins again. This was again very easy, just sleepga and kill them one by one.

I ended up with 5 coins from the run, apparently not that great (like I would know) because the LS THF didn't show up in time for the run. That brings my grand total to 8 for my Brutal Earring. At this rate I should probably start thinking about buying up some coins, because I haven been putting off that brutal earring for so long, it would be nice to finally have something decent to put in that second ear slot. We got an Ivory Chip and another MNK AF material that no one wanted. The Ivory Chip is used to do another higher level run in the future.

I just wanted to say that I am trying to take some more pretty pictures for the blog. I liked the one that I took yesterday of me aiming on Lamia No.13 as it was running away, and I kind like this one. I just snap shots when I can that I think will look nice, I might just make a post of some of my favorite shots so far eventually. LOL A gallery of my work.

Well, after Limbus, Vesp seemed a little bummed out. So I asked him what he needed done, and he said he needed a couple of things including unlocking Savage Blade for his BLU. He also needed an Assault Jerkin, which lead us out to Onzozo. This was also beneficial to me as I was able to level my sword a little bit with Vesp because we could only make a level 2 skillchain, as BLU's dont get access to Swift Blade. So we ended up making Red Lotus Blade to Flat Blade LOL. I wasn't able to stay up very late because I was feeling very sick and exhausted. So I just went to bed.

Hopefully today I can get to at least 30 on my RNG, because I am heading home from work now. I will probably sleep till Sky though.

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