Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Help me help you.

Yesterday was a Versus Bomb Queen run. We had 5 people that wanted to pop, and an extra person that was trying to collect the last Bomb Queen Ash at the run, so ultimately we were going to end up doing six runs. Bomb Queen is treated very much like Mother Globe, with a few exceptions. First, you can melee the Bomb Queen without getting stunned for 5 seconds on every hit and second, the spawns like to blow up in your face. Luckily, the even if the babies explode they dont do much damage and as long as they are pulled by an outside party they wont do any damage to the main alliance as long as there is no hate linkage between the two groups (ie outside healing or support). So we all headed on down to Ifrit's Cauldron, some how managing to aggro everything from the zone to the spawn point 100 feet away from the entrance. After we got set up we popped our first Bomb Queen. The fight went very smoothly considering the only skillchain was Izman doing Savage Blade to yours truely doing Wheeling Thrust. I still much prefer going to Versus events as Dragoon, I enjoy them alot more that way. I was subbing SAM for the first time in Sky, and I found my TP build to be ridiculously good. I was, at times, out TPing Izman with a Joyeuse with just Hasso and no food. I really like SAM as a sub for Sky now. It will make it even easier to build TP on Gods, than with WAR sub, and I haven't really noticed that much of a damage hit.

We won easily and were about to get 6 Bomb Queen Rings for those that needed them. Leanaci, Venussama, Kylara, Kalgar, Eternalpain and Charlet got them. Several of our tanks have been in need of the BQ ring for quite some time. Bgalvin also pointed out to several of the members of the LS that the -75 Fire Resist does not increase the damage that you take, but the ability to get a resist on spells cast, so that using it on Suzaku is fine because you are not going to get a resist on a fire spell from Suzaku unless you have something like +100 Fire resist. So, yes, you can keep that Bomb Queen ring on while fighting fire based mobs, as long as you dont plan on resisting any of the spells or abilties they are going to use.

Interestingly enough, we were able to also go 3/6 on Avengers while we were there. I have never even seen them drop before, but I have one been on one other Bomb Queen run. I believe this is the full drop set: So Glacian, Vesp and Bg all ended up with a set of Avengers, and they are very nice considering the fact that our MNK's already have Destroyers which destroy all of the other competition. As we were finishing off the 5th Bomb Queen it started summoning one of its baby bombs, but it was killed before it could summon the baby, so we ended up with a dead Queen summoning nothing after it was dead. It was quite funny to see.

After finishing up the Bomb Queen run, Skur asked if I could help doing the Ashu Talif assault fight for a couple of people that needed it. So I switched over to NIN and I was going to be the one that was going to kite the mobs for the fight. I barely even got my shadows taken by the Fomor mobs, while everyone else ripped them apart one by one. The second set popped and I tried to kite them but I didn't get initial aggro so that required pulling them off of other people, but it was still really easy, and they were able to kill the Captain pretty quickly. So those are a couple more people that will be able to do the new Ashu Talif assaults, where the Barbarossa's Zerehs drop. I would like those for my DRG and for my future WAR. They will also be nice for WS on my NIN until I get Byakko's Haidate or the Shura Haidate.

After that Skur, Ailee and Fuzzball were going to go do some Assaults and they let me tag along as SAM73/RNG26 with a 100+ archery skill XD. Basically I just had to not get in the way, shoot arrows every once in a while, and not have any weapons equiped. So thats what I did. I was able to get a couple of shots of on Lamia No.13 but over all I just kinda tried to stay out of the way and kited when I got hate. It was a little rough, but still pretty easy. Both Skur and Fuzzball are close to getting new items from the zone so I was very pleased that they decided to let me come anyway. ^.^/

After that I decided to go and start up the next CS's for the Aht Urhgan missions. I headed and talked to Naja again, and we went to the Palace to see the Empress. It was a very long and interesting cutscene and revealed some very interesting information about the Empress, the Vizir and even the automatons that are employed in the palace. I am beginning to wonder if they will even be a third zone in Al Zahbi because their doesn't seen to be area on the map for it, and because it seems that the gate just leads a solid wall, it does not appear to be a gate like the rest of the blockage gates in Al Zahbi. We after the meeting I received then promptly was swiped of my Glory Crown. It now appears that I am more of a cog in the story that is unfolding, unlike CoP were I was more of the main figure for the events that were occuring for at least a portion of the storyline. The title involved even seems to indicate that I am more of a message boy at this point.

Shortly after I did the cutscenes I bugged Ice to powerlevel my RNG. I did get to 27 on it, but Ice was tired and it was already really late so we went to bed. I dont know why it has been such hard going to get my RNG to at least 37. I mean I was able to get to 27 in something like 20 minutes. I just need to dedicate some time to it. I would like to be 37 by the end of the weekend. I think I can do that.

The whole time that I was doing this I was getting more random unsolicited /tells from Blazes, who admitted to being Feiwong. I dont know if there is much to comment on, I think you will enjoy them as much as I did. I have not editted anything, the only cut is because I couldn't fit everything onto one screenshot.
And then later on, he wanted to come back from his away status, and further engage in this hilarity. Also included as a bonus is the GM conversation I had immidiately afterward. Enjoy!

Oh well, I am all hopped up on goofballs today. Dayquil becaues I am getting sick, so if this post is a bit incoherent at times think of it more as the imperfections that make something home-made better than something you buy from the store. So basically, today's post is kind of like your grandmother's apple pie.

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Omoikitte said...

It is quite possible that you are just a 'cog' in the grand scheme of things, certainly it would seem that several factions are all keen to exploit our general willingness to do anything for their own ends. However if you remember in CoP you didn't start off as a main player, AND at one point you did have the title 'Nag'Molaga (sp?) Underling. So I wouldn't get too comfy with the idea of just being a cog yet. There is a lot of potential for thrown off the shackles of cogness and being a bit more of a main player. I suppose in a way its a lot easier to get lost in the vastness of the storyline as an individual. Afterall, in CoP you were pretty much dealing with individuals and spirits long dead. Where as in this you are now dealing with a whole empire, and all the complexities therin associated. ^.^