Tuesday, June 01, 2010

No One Cares about MMM... STILL!

Look guys, give it up. Sure, sure, we know that the JP's love MMM, but us over here on this side of the pacific, we just can't be bothered. It's for shut-in's and soloers. I knew this was coming. They even said they were expanding it again in at VanaFest, so it was a surprise. Then again, everyone knows that death is coming inevitably, but everyone just ignores it because it sucks. I ignore MMM for the same reason. MMM update days are like eating your vegetables so your parents would let you have ice cream. I know that some really amazing stuff is coming in this update, but I also know that the JP's and shut-in's need their MMM.

It doesn't mean that I don't want them to go die in a fire any less.

Ok, I sound like a broken record on MMM? Sure, I do, but I do have a new concern about MMM. What if they turn MMM into a real event? What if they give it drops for jobs that I actually care about? Shudder to think.

The update notes today are not encouraging for me. There are new mobs, hard mobs that are going to be available in the randomness of MMM. New mobs that drop new loot. Hopefully it will be just like the loot from the past MMM updates. Good for jobs like BLU and PUP, but nothing that any real job is going to care about. But I do have a fear that at some point SE is going to add something to MMM and I am going to have to do the event. Collecting marbles or something, maps and map pieces, and now getting my membership card. I swear that MMM has to be the most convoluted contraption ever created in the evil minds at SE.

There are already too many events in FFXI, please for the love of god, don't make me do MMM. I would rather level BLU. Shudder to think.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately one of the ways a sq.enix interview said blu was getting the HNM spells might be MMM. Hello, this might be it.

So even if you do BLU you can't escape MMM!

iceblazek said...

MMM sucks

Eldelphia said...

MMM for xp is supposed to be good. A few of my shell members have mentioned it recently. However, I really can't quite care enough for more than a couple of weeks...

On the other hand, this system might be more fun... you never know!

yjhuoh said...

it's a lot different from when it first came out. there's a system where a person who has collected runes can create a maze and have it copies made. you can buy these prebuilt mazes from an NPC for 500 gil. when the system first came out, nobody had any of the good runes (nor did they know what would combinations are good) and it just seemed like a big waste of time.

now that people know what mazes are good, you can get the full benefits of maze mongers without having to do any rune collecting or marble farming to actually make good use of the system.