Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Black Mage.

Recently I made the decision to switch from perfecting my RNG to perfecting my BLM. The problems I have had with RNG are two-fold. First, I was having problems coming to grips with the difficulty involved with getting some of the final pieces of gear that I needed to complete my RNG. The Mekki Shakki was one of these issues with it's low drop rate, it's difficulty in obtaining and being rare/ex (as opposed to something like the Organics). Also, getting a Hope Torque was pretty high on my list but because of scheduling I have been unable to attend events to get it.

Second, RNG is a hard job to control. The problem is that when it is well played you will quickly gain so much hate that it becomes very difficult to play your job properly. I suppose that is part of playing the job well, and I do try to find the break point and then hold it under that, but it is a little bit frustrating that a job that is designed to put out this much damage is more limited by itself than other factors. I had started looking into getting a variety of enmity reduction items that wouldn't effect my damage all that much but in the end, I have put that on hold because I can use those points to be more useful on BLM.

BLM is a ranged DD as much as a RNG is, but it does have an inherent limitation that RNG does not have that works to limit it's hate gain. Simply, that is MP. I can burn through everything I have then I have to rest for MP. Even if I have a ton of refresh, I will inevitably get to a point where resting to full is more efficient than just trying to wait for the next cast. Of course over time you can build enough hate to become the target of an angry dragon's rage, but it doesn't feel like it is going to inevitably happen after the next Sidewinder.

There was a simple breaking point at which I decided to go full-bore BLM and leave my RNG as it is. Not to long ago, I was able to pick up a pair of Herald's Gaiters for my BLM, and I was torn as to whether I should take them or save my points for a Faith Torque I might never see. I mulled this over until we did a Silver Sea Remnants in which I got the last piece for my Morrigan's Slops which I needed to complete my Morrigan's set. This bit of luck locked it up for me. It wasn't like I felt that it was a sign (it totally was, God told me so), but it was going to be a lot easier for me to finish my Morrigan's set (lies, all lies) than it was going to be to get what I really wanted to be able to better commit dragon-assisted-suicide.

All of this is pretext to the real cost benefit analysis for BLM. The question now that I have decided to go with gearing up my BLM is what should I do next. My Morrigan's Slops are already made, but I still need to finish my Coronal and even more expensive my Morrigan's Robe. The most efficient way for me to get my Morrigan's Robe would be to use my points to buy gil packets which are a great deal that my LS offers it's members (we used to get a normal pay out too but our bank got nuked as an RMT bot... yeah, that's a bitch-fest for another day). It will take a while to get all the gil I need, but it will definitely help out to getting this thing done in a reasonable amount of time. The problem with spending points is the opportunity cost involved. I could save the points and get a Novio Earring. Now that is the first real question about BLM I have in the short term.

Oh, and the picture at the top of the post? Yep, I got my Sorcerer's Petasos last night. Does this qualify me as a real BLM now? :)


Drakus said...

Any thoughts on RNG/NIN when Innin becomes available?

As for being considered a real BLM, I believe the XBox Achievement requirements state you must die a thousand painful deaths before BLM will appear in your job list... :)

Tuufless said...

/nods approvingly

Anonymous said...

First off a big congrats <('-'<) \( '-' )/ (>'-')> on the gaiters, morri slops, and relic hat. Achieving these three amazing pieces is astonishing (especially within the short time frame).

Once you go gaiters you never go back. I hope you're wearing these now 99% of the time and macro'ing in others when needed.

As for gil or novio, I suggest you choose whichever has the chance of coming to you sooner. Do you think saving up gil will be faster than seeing an adulation drop?

[Yep, I got my Sorcerer's Petasos last night. Does this qualify me as a real BLM now? :)]

Cosmetically, yes.

Another great read, thanks!

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