Monday, November 09, 2009

Real Life Happens to Other People: Allakazham Pumpkin Carving competition.

Since Kallo has dropped off the face of the planet, I have decided to pick up the slack on his posts. The buzz in the community as and when I actually go and look heeh ^.^

This particular one is one of those premier site events endorsed by SE, designed to encourage more fan interaction with the people who provide the information and the fan base itself in a slightly more positive direction than merely angry rants on forums.

I have to admit pumpkin carving is something that interests me, we have Halloween in the UK of course, but it isn't any where as close to the kind of event the US make out of it, including this strange temporary artform of pumpkin carving.

Now I will admit I don't visit this website very much, although I used to find it had the best quest layout information back in the day. These days I tend to find its navigation a little heavy handed and cumbersome, but to enjoy the level of dedication people will put into carving FFXI related images into a squishy gourd, I will persevere. It always impresses me what people come up with.

If you want to check out who won the competition you can take a gander over at their website, while I think my personal favourite was this one...

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