Tuesday, November 10, 2009

POL News: The Version Update

So, it would seem as though the updates for FFXI are now going to look more like nouvelle cuisine, looks pretty but leaves you kind of hungry after eating, and probably seeking the nearest WoW junkfood vendor to fill the hole.

Soo, what did they release?

More quests for Wings of the Goddess, which is nice, I like the quests, I have been striving to do them all but I am not stuck at the Jeuno pass and haven't managed to progress beyond that as of yet. Although seriously, between working and running events I also haven't had that much time to invest in it either.

They have expanded some of the options in the Moblin Maze Mongers so you can enjoy that further if you ever participate. I think I did it once? maybe. Again I just don't have the time to start messing with it any more. Too many other things vying for my attention.

The previously mentioned chocobo circuit rewards have been plumped up to make it more interesting.

You can play dress-up with your adventuring fellow even more if wearing certain kinds of gear when you call it! Did you ever play with dolls when you were a kid?

They've added synergy but you can't use it! Woot, have to wait on that one.

A whole slew of new NM's have just ravished the landscape in virtually every zone we have.

The job updates for SMN, BST and RNG have taken place: although they dropped the -enmity buff they were going to give ranger, and beefed up the BST release to be a little more effective from the get-go. On the theme of job-related changes, they have rather predictably closed the loophole on the SCH JA Modas Veritas that allowed you to chain DOTs for a ridiculous amount of damage.

Then a slew of little system changes, like corrections of spellings, additions to the auto-translator, new items, recipies and furnishings for us to fiddle around with.

The biggest by far of the download was the release of the mini-me expansion Shantotto's Ascension. Early days on this particular release, but the addons do seem to have increased in quality as they went along and this was by far the most eagerly awaited so we will see!

Enjoy the update, like a plastic whistle from a cracker the novelty will probably wear off fast.

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