Wednesday, November 18, 2009

POL News: The release of the Do-It-Yourself Wedding Kit.

As previously promised, SE have finally released the website that will allow FFXI players to design and create their very own weddings in this new fully automated service.

Giving the player base the power to select objects, create messages and personalise the event to your hearts content. As well as the outfits and rings, players also gain a wedding certificate to hang up in their moghouse, just like real life.

The website does give pretty detailed instructions on how to make sure everything goes to plan, all you have to make sure is that you aren't left at the altar, but be you the twitchy groom or the blushing bride, you can enjoy this special event.

I can't actually be too snarky about this, LOL as I did get hitched ingame to Ringthree ^.^ And I still have all the pictures to prove it.


Evilpaul said...

But can we get gay married now?!??!

Omoikitte said...

That situation hasn't changed since their press release on it the first time round, where they said they didn't want to come off the fence and advocate one type of marriage over the other, but they were only going to allow opposite sex marriages in their game. Call me picky but that sounds like coming down off the fence to me and putting your feet quite firmly in a certain camp. However, would you want to deal with the fanaticism of those people who would lynch you for allowing it in a computer game? They still want a member base that isn't banned by their parents for playing.

Jeff said...

I was at that wedding, it was fun, however i am drunk now, so my memory might be a little faded.