Thursday, November 19, 2009

POL News: FFXI Collection on Steam.

So my first reaction to this was... what is Steam!? LOL, after a bit of investigating on the rarely explored EU version of POL, it is only NA specific. Ok, my curiosity is piqued, so I checked out the Japanese portal for FFXI as well, very interesting. Generally I only ever look at the NA version of the site as it provides me with all the information and Europe tends to get gyped on the "fun activities" front.

ANYWAY, I digress, if you feel the need to buy the whole game over, or want to start from scratch you can now get your hands on it digitally via Steam. Which appears to be a downloadable content website and community.

Seriously what is it with every site these days having to invent it own version of facebook/myspace/twitter, I don't use any of the aformentioned, its bad enough that I invest all my time in an online game, and while I love the community I am involved with online, I don't want to create a more empty version of that elsewhere.

Just feels like every website you sign up for now wants to "create a community", which kind of ends up spreading you a bit thin doesn't it, although its impressive to what level people will go to generate that. Oh well /end rant. ^.^ Its available for $19.99, which is pretty darn cheap for everything.

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