Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Beholder's Eye: Castle Oztroja

Welcome to Beholder’s Eye, a column dedicated to the beautiful vistas and interesting events in FFXI. This column brings us pictures from all over Vana’diel, from the people of Vana’diel. From the most mundane spots to the most inaccessible places, there will be pictures of it all. If you have a great picture then send it to us and we will use it!

If you travel through the savanna lands of Meriphataud Mountains, through the dust filled landscape of chasms, gullys and hidden dips till you reach the end of Drogaroga's Spine far to the east, rising up from the mountain wall is the yawning maw and spires of the Yagudo stronghold in Vana'diel.

Of the strongholds, perhaps one of the more sophisticated constructions accessible to the battle-hardened traveller than the more elusive and secretive world of the Moblins, this vast fortress with its sprawling network of corridors, secret contraptions and trapdoors for the unwary is as much a temple of worship designed to protect the holiest of the Yagudo prophets deep in the core of the castle, as it is a rallying symbol of Yagudo might in Vana'diel.

A race deeply motivated by religion and adhering to a strict social hierarchy within its avian ranks, these warlike creatures have been know to pop up as both adversary and ally in the unlikeliest of places, intelligent and territorial, only the most foolish of adventurers would venture into their nest unprepared.

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