Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Morning in Vana'diel: According to our records...

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I am notoriously well know in my group of friends for never taking a chocobo if I don't need to. Honestly I don't always see the point. If I am not in a rush to get anywhere I am quite happy to walk and I save myself some gil, if I am in a rush, invariably there are faster ways to travel to where I am going.

Of course a lot of my behaviour stems from when crag chocobos were a very expensive commodity. The reactive shrinking of the prices between individual usage took a much longer period of time and so it was not uncommon to be renting a chocobo for 1-2k in gil each hiring, which I just refused to do on principle of the fact that I liked my gil in my own pockets and not in the coffers of the Chocobo Union.

Of course, there are exemptions to this rule, I always get a chocobo if I am going to go raise someone, after all time is of the essence at that point. I will also always get a chocobo if I am heading to a party, after all it is just polite to make sure you get there as expediently as possible. You are not just bumbling around on your own at that point, you are affecting 5 other people.

I am aware that this selectivity causes a huge amount of frustration and amusement in equal measures in certain people around me *cough* Ringthree *cough* although I still think it is irrational, even with the affordability of chocobos now. Movement around Vana'diel has become far more comprehensive than ever before, with a bit of effort on your part, you can avail yourself to Outpost warps, leaps through to Whitegate via the Wildcat registration scheme, a plethora of rings and devices to transfer the player from point A to B, and if all else fails, a desperate /sh in a busy district of Jeuno or Whitegate to attract the attention of a good samaritan willing to teleport/recall/warp or trace you around the world, whether for free or a bit of remuneration.

Vana'diel has never been more accessible than it is now, finding the quickest route around is not always as obvious as you would think, but like those escapes to Bastok from Korroloka its fun finding out and doing a bit of exploration on the way.


Evilpaul said...

I object!!! You used "renumeration" instead of "remuneration"!!!

(I'm kidding. :-P)

I really agree about the Chocobo thing. I've got memories of going to some awful level 70s or merit party in Bibiki Bay and having to spend 4k on a freaking bird. Invariably have someone else refuses to rent a bird and walks (wasting the rest of the party's time and gil). And then we get there and the camps are all taken/crowded and kind of sucked anyway.

I set my HP in Bastok Mines nowadays and can get pretty much anywhere quickly. I do always bring my Chocobo Whistle for when I have to get somewhere even faster (and can ride a Chocobo there) though. (I hate to keep people waiting at KV.)

Omoikitte said...

Oops, lol my apologies for my tardy spelling *edits*